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On this page we have collected publications both in English and in other languages:

• GEO Saison - Sailing through an Icy Wilderness - about EUROPA's expedition to Antarctica

• Yachting World - EUROPA in Antarctica - Photobook 'Cold'

• National Geografic Adventure - Paradise Bay - Antarctica

• A Tall Ship encounter on Lake Superior - EUROPA on the Great Lakes

• Lonely Planet 'Antarctica', 4th edition - editorial by Todd Jarrell

• Weblog by Matthew Maples on board Europa: 'A Young Man and the Sea'

• Club 21 Travel - Slow boats in Wild Lands

• Polar Times - Canvas and Ice: On a Tall Ship to Antarctica

• IAATO - Steve Wellmeier - Travelling safe and environmentally responsable to Antarctica


• German publication about EUROPA's travel around Cape Horn - Yacht - Jenseits von Amerika

• German publication - GEO Saison - Antarktis, Unter Segeln gen Südpol

• German publication - An Bord - 100 Jahre EUROPA

• German publication - Mobil - Segeltörn ins ewige Eis

• German publication - Arte - Der Verborgene Kontinent

• French publication - Voile et Rêve - Antarctique, Le grand Sud à la hune

• Danish publication about EUROPA in Antarctica - Antarktis set fra Europa

• Italian publication - GEO Saison - Il viaggio su un veliero ai confini del mondo - EUROPA to Antarctica

• Spanish publication - GEO Saison - Travesía por el reino de los hielos perpetuos - EUROPA to Antarctica



• Cold - Photobook by Thijs Heslenfeld (very successful photobook of EUROPA in Antarctica)

• Sprakeloos Landschap by Wim Bannink (Although in Dutch, most pages show great photos of Antarctica)