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Medical care

Shipping company bark EUROPA makes every effort to ensure the safety of every person on board. It is expected from our trainees to assume responsibility for their own safety. Insufficent physical or mental health may create undue risks, not only to yourself but to all those on board. 

When undertaking a long ocean voyage where you are several days of sailing away from the inhabited world, it is important to realize that extensive medical care is not available. Transport to the mainland is often impossible. On board there are crew members with a medical training. There is a small emergency hospital with a number of medicines and wound dressings.

If you are in doubt about your fitness for a sea voyage on a sailing and rolling ship you are requested to seek your doctor's advice first. It is also possible that one of our shipsdoctors will get in touch with you or with your doctor to advise on your participation.

To ensure the safety of all those on board we ask you to fill in the health statement attached to the booking form. Please keep in mind that a questions answered with 'yes' does not automatically mean you will be refused on board the ship. However it can be that one of our shipsdoctors will get in touch with you or with your doctor to make a plan for your participation.

All bookings are subject to the approval of the shipping company and captain based on the completed health statement. 

As a diabetic we are affraid it is not possible to join our ship for an oceancrossing or on a voyage to a remote area. Participation on one of she shorter voyages will be on advise of our doctorsteam.


If you have a disorder or sickness for which you use medication, we expect you to bring these on board yourself. If you are susceptible to certain things like cold sores or cystitis, please bring your own medication with you. As well, we ask you to inform the office of the Bark EUROPA about this condition. Because we live close to each other on the ship, colds or influenza are easily passed on to others. If you have questions about a specific health problem, we advise you to get in touch with the office of the shipping company. They can put you in contact with one of the ship’s doctors.

Please inform the office of the Bark EUROPA about any (change in) condition and keep in mind to bring your own necessary medication with you.


A sailing ship at sea in strong winds is much steadier than a motor vessel. Most of you will get used to the motion of the ship after a few days. Being relaxed when you come on board, a nutritious diet and sufficient sleep are the best ways to overcome seasickness. If you fear that you might be susceptible to seasickness, you can take pills for seasickness. Please buy these before you leave home. We do not advise anti-seasickness patches placed behind the ears due to possible side effects.