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Antarctica expedition 15th January 2018

Welcome to the community page Antarctica expedition 15th January 2018

Welcome on board Europa for our first Antarctic expedition in 2018! 

Some people become interested in the North and South Pole after reading about the voyages of Willem Barentz and Shackleton. Others are more fascinated by the rich wildlife or the beauty of the unspoilt natural environment. Antarctica is one of the oldest continents on our planet, but man has always been unable to live here because of its extremely cold climate. It is the last great wilderness on Earth. A couple of thousand researchers spend the southern summer living in several research stations. During the southern winter, that number dwindles to less than 1,000. When winter grips this great, white desert, tourist activity is no longer possible.

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Sherman · 3 hours

Greetings everyone! My name is Sherman and I live in the US (Virginia). I had the pleasure of sailing aboard Europa from Boston to Prince Edward Island Canada last summer and can't wait for the voyage to Antarctica! Like the rest of you, I have been assembling warm clothes for a long time to prepare!! I plan to arrive in Buenos Aires on 10 Jan, which oddly for me will require some summer clothes, but I am excited about seeing the city for the first time. If any of you will be there then and want to connect please let me know. I will be in Ushuaia on the 12th to have a few days to explore before we depart on Europa. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing this amazing experience! Happy Holidays!

Harry · 22 hours

Hello fellow sailors, my name is Harry. I am from the Netherlands. I am also looking forward to enjoying this trip, because in my opinion this is one of the few opportunities for real adventure in an original environment these days.

Petra · 1 day

Hello all, I think I am the last one to introduce herself. My name is Petra I live Amsterdam and I am looking forward to join you with Jeroen on this very special journey. We bought all the warm stuff and in my withe and black jacket I look like a penguin. So I can really melt in with all the family’s we will meet. The Bark Europa looks like a really great boot. With everything on it. Except for small snacks ;) So we have bring a lot of chocolate? Are there some more recommendations?

Rian · 1 week

Hello all, Iam Rian and I will go to Antarctica from december 23 till januari 13. For this trip I bought Muck boots. I bought the Muck boots arctic ice tall women, black with a little bit pink, size 39/40. I have size 38/39 but bought 1 size bigger so I can wear 2 sock. The fit really good and also walk pretty good. But after the trip I will not use them anymore so if anyone is interrested please let me know. I bought them for €200 so was thinking about selling them for €150. Saves you €50 and traveling with them. Please contact me by email because Iam travelling already and not so often om this site:

Jeffrey · 1 week

Hi everyone! My name is Jeff, my wife Lisa and I will be celebrating our honeymoon with you on the Europa! We live in Los Angeles where Lisa works as a finance executive for LiveNation and I work as a writer and filmmaker. We love to travel (you can check out my travel blog at ) and have been planning this trip for several years!! We look forward to meeting all of you! (Lisa wanted to give a special shout out to you, Julie, since she saw the horse in your profile picture and loves to ride!) :) See you all soon!!!!

Sybren · 1 week

Hi there, fellow sailors-to-be. My name is Sybren and I hope to sail with you lot from Ushuaia in January. We're in the midst of the voyage preparations, buying items I've never needed before. Very curious how it will be, not only going to Antarctica, but also sailing on a ship like the Europa. We (I will travel together with Martijn) will depart from Amsterdam on Friday 12 January, and hope to arrive in Ushuaia one day later. See you all on board in six weeks.

Martijntje · 1 week

Dear all, I am Martijn(tje) from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Together with Sybren, i enjoy on this Antarctic adventure. Time passes quickly now and with that we get more enthousiastic en excited. We both bought our boots and the cristmas lists are full of warm needs. So nothing will miss to have the time of our live with all of you!

Christina · 2 weeks

Hello from Toronto! I am Christina and I am very excited to have been able to get a last minute cancellation spot for this voyage. I am heading to Galapagos for three weeks so my sea legs will be ready for this adventure. I cannot wait to meet all of you!

Carlo · 2 weeks

Hello fellow travelers! I'm Carlo and will be joining on this trip with a friend of mine (Santiago). We are from Spain (sort of, at least he is) and are looking forward to the trip with great enthusiasm. I also wanted to ask, a part from the Packing tips section of the website, is there anything else that we should take into account towards what we have to bring? Thanks for the help, See you all aboard!

Bark EUROPA · 3 weeks

Dear Sailors, We had a lively discussion in the Bark EUROPA facebook about tips and tricks for packing for Antarctica and we wanted to share them with you: In general: Muck boots are amazing to bring. Watertight and warm Merino wool thermals are better than synthetic ones. Bring at least 2 pairs of gloves, Lindsay says: ‘Gordini Gore Tex Down gloves would be my pick!’ Ski goggles Indoor warm shoes or slippers for bellow decks Bring a backup possibility for your photo’s Lotions and chap sticks And the most mentioned item: bring more chocolate!!! For the ladies: Bring conditioner or anti-knot spray if you have longer hair, the wind will tangle your hair extremely. Best wishes, Team Bark EUROPA ps: the photo was made on november 22th, the first snow of the 2017/2018 Antarctic Season!

Bark EUROPA · 1 month

Dear Sailors, We hope your voyage preparations are going well and that you are exited for your voyage! In the last couple of weeks we have received a lot of questions concerning what gear to bring to your Antarctic voyage. With the hope to help you all, we have extended the packing list we have on the website, so please have a look for some more tips! Team Bark EUROPA

Katrin · 1 month

Hi, my name is Katrin from Germany. I am not on the January trip, but on the trip before yours starting Dec 23rd. I am on a 7-months-holiday that started last week. For the antarctica expedition on Bark Europa I bought rubber boots Size 41 which I unfortunately have to carry around Brazil and Argentina before getting on the ship. On our return to Ushuaia on Jan 13th I don't need them any longer for the rest of my trip through South Am­erica. So I was wand­ering if there is so­mebody on the next voyage, your voyage, who might take them for 30 Euros. They are green and have a warm lining and I bought an extra warm insole. My usual shoe size is 39. Please let me know here or at Thank you and kind regards, Katrin

Bark EUROPA · 1 month

Dear Sailors, We hope you are doing well with your voyage preparations. We would like to inform you that we have added two new documents to the Travel Information Section of this Community Page. Please read them before your embark on the Bark EUROPA. If there are any further questions, please feel free to ask! Bark EUROPA

Bert · 2 months

I am Bert from the Netherlands. I look forward to meet you all in Ushuaia.

Julie · 3 months

Hey everyone! So I had the privilege to tour the ship a few months ago for work, and took a few (mostly blurry!) pictures. I just uploaded them in the Photo gallery section, just in case some of you wanted to see what the inside of the ship looks like, the living quarters, the beds, the dining hall, etc. It's quite small/cozy but very nice overall, and the crew is super friendly!

Jeroen · 3 months

with 'this' time I obviously mean the time of our trip :-)

Jeroen · 3 months

Hi There. This is Jeroen. I'm excited too and look forward to the trip. Does any one have any info on how the weather usually is this time of the year where w're going?

Cyril · 3 months

Hi, I am Cyril (Netherlands) and realy excited about this trip. Looking forward to meeting you all in Ushauia soon!

Daniel · 3 months

Getting more anxious/excited/nervous/pumped as the January date gets closer! Looking forward to meeting you all and experiencing this amazing opportunity. Daniel from Michigan, USA here :)

Nicole · 3 months

Hi you all! I am really excited to make this trip in january. My name is Nicole but everyone is calling me Nicky. I am from the Netherlands and I wander where are you all coming from?

Julie · 4 months

Hi everyone! I'm so pumped, and can't wait to meet all of you! :)

Elizabeth · 4 months

Really excited!

Cristina · 4 months

Hello! Looking forward to the trip!

Bark EUROPA · 4 months

Dear trainees, welcome to the community page! This community is for all of you joining us for one our Januari 15th Antarctica Expedition for Ushuaia. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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