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Antarctica expedition December 24th 2018

Welcome to the community page Antarctica expedition December 24th 2018

Welcome on board Europa for our first Antarctic expedition in 2018! 

Some people become interested in the North and South Pole after reading about the voyages of Willem Barentz and Shackleton. Others are more fascinated by the rich wildlife or the beauty of the unspoilt natural environment. Antarctica is one of the oldest continents on our planet, but man has always been unable to live here because of its extremely cold climate. It is the last great wilderness on Earth. A couple of thousand researchers spend the southern summer living in several research stations. During the southern winter, that number dwindles to less than 1,000. When winter grips this great, white desert, tourist activity is no longer possible.

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Claes · 1 month

Hello all! Back at work, and believe it or not: I am all the sudden a bit seesick ;-) that it's over now! Have to earn money again for my next holiday's and trips. At Fiona: thanx for making emailadresslist. I did not found it yet in my e-box. Perhaps I made a mistake when writing it down. This is it: Bye, bye!

Rena · 2 months

My shared photos: Any other questions/picture you wanna send me or whatever: email me at

Aaditi · 2 months

Hi all, if anyone would like to join for lunch, please meet at the tourist information center by the port at Sunday/12:30pm , Monday/12pm. : )

Johanne · 2 months

hello there i am in Ushuaia. My phone with whatsapp is +15819910658 if i did it rigth with the appplication. It would be a great idea to have lunch together before going to the ship. We could meet at the tourist information center. It is in front of the port. Aaditi i just send you a message. See you XXXXXXXXXX

Aaditi · 2 months

Hi all! Is anyone interested in having lunch together on Christmas Eve (before we board that evening)? We could meet at a central point at 12pm and go for a wander to find somewhere to eat. (The central point will probably be by the ship/port.) On WhatsApp, I'm at +64 022 4062158, if anyone would like to hang out or eat on Sunday. Cheers!

Joanne · 2 months

I’m in Ushuaia and it’s pretty sunny and warm so far (!) just watched bark Europa docking from a restaurant called chez manu high up towards martial glacier .. what a sight’

Barbara · 2 months

Yesterday just before landing in Ushuaia

Gina · 3 months

Hey Crew - Just a quick check in - I'm going to visit the Iguazu Falls before the trip Dec 17-21 - just in case anybody has similar plans :-)

Gina · 3 months

Hi - good questions Johanne and Aaditi. I was also wondering how many electricity OUTLETS there are per cabin pls?

Johanne · 3 months

hello There, i was wandering as Aaditi too, what kind of shoes to wear inside the ship? Thank you for answering. Bye Johanne XXXX

Aaditi · 4 months

Hello team! Could someone please post a link/photo of the type of 'everyday' shoe you would wear while on the ship? Would I want separate shoes for on deck vs in the room areas?

Bark EUROPA · 5 months

Dear sailors, Although we can imagine that this offer will be too late for you, we have a new service to offer! We have started a new cooperation with New Headings who rent out active outdoor gear to prepare travellers for their trip of a lifetime. Bark EUROPA Antarctica Gear rents all the outer layers necessary to stay protected against the wind and the water during your Antarctica Expedition. You can place your order on the website and they will make sure to deliver the gear to you on arrival on board in Ushuaia and collect it again on board Bark EUROPA at the end of your voyage. You can place your order until 5 days before arrival in Ushuaia. Please have a look on the following website: Please note that New Headings is the party to answer any questions or handle complaints. You can find their contact details on the website

Heidi · 5 months

Bark Europa in Scheveningen!

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear Sailors, We noticed a few errors in our travel documents that are provided in the community page. We have now updated all files under ‘travel information’, please have a look to check it out! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via TEAM BARK EUROPA

Aaditi · 6 months

Hi all! What companies are you using for travel insurance? I'm considering World Nomads but haven't bought yet.

Joanne · 7 months

Hello shipmates I am REALLY looking forward to this amazing adventure! I live in Alice Springs in the desert of central Antarctica will be quite a contrast. I arrive in Ushuaia on 20th December and am happy to connect with any others a bit before the voyage. I plan to do a bit of birdwatching and general chilling out.

David · 9 months

Unfortunately Jennifer and I have had to cancel our Antarctic adventure due to a family medical complication that is going to extend beyond the voyage timetable. Good luck to everyone, and happy sailing. Perhaps at a later time.

Johanne · 11 months

Hello everybody, I'm Johanne from Québec, Canada. I am very excited to be a part of this experience. This is a life time trip Antarctica. Wow!

Xiaoyang · 11 months

Hello everyone. I'm Xiaoyang, originally from China and currently living in New Jersey U.S. I came to know Bark EUROPA in my trip to Argentina around new year of 2016 and fancied sailing to Antarctica since then. Still can't believer this is really going to happen...

Rocky · 11 months

Hi everyone! I'm Rocky from NY originally and currently in arizona! I'll be traveling with my friend Robi, and I can't wait to get down there and meet everyone! I've started gathering all my gear . . . next up is flights! I think Robi and I are looking into arriving a few days early to explore ushuaia and the area around there (and make sure we don't miss the ship!) If anyone else is arriving early we'd love to know and maybe meet up before we all board!

Benjamin · 11 months

Hello everyone! I'm Ben from the UK (currently in Washington D.C). I'm married to that there Katie from Yorkshire. I've never sailed on a tall-ship before but I enjoy cold weather so I'm sure I'll cope!

Barbara · 11 months

I got a flight without airport change in BA (Venice-Istanbul-Buenos Aires-Ushuaia). Turkish airlines+Aerolineas Argentinas.

Richard · 11 months

Hi Everyone. Richard from UK here. It will be my second voyage on Europa, the last was 2013 Cape to Cape. This time sailing a short Westing rather than a long Easting!. Jan asked about flights to Ushuaia. They are filling up fast and most of the cheaper ones from Buenos Aires with Aerolineas Argentinas are sold out from 21st Looking forward to another great experience. See you in Ushuaia

Candela · 11 months

Hi everyone! This is Candela from New York and I will be sailing with my friend Rena. We are both Chinese and have lived overseas for many years. Looking forward to meeting everyone in December!

Bark EUROPA · 11 months

Dear Sailors, As we can imagine that you are already starting to prepare your trip to Antarctica at the end of this year, we would like to introduce to you our updated Antarctica packing list including a small video of one of our guides Sarah. She guides you through the layers of clothing that she wears to Antarctica. Please have a look here: Team Bark EUROPA

Jan · 11 months

Hi all, I am wondering whether fellow travellers whose journey starts in Amsterdam have already selected a flight to Ushuaia? I am considering a 2-stop flight with an extra day in Buenos Aires (traffic can be horrific I am told) and arriving at december 23rd in Ushuaia. Interested in your considerations!

Lauren · 11 months

Greetings! I'm Lori, from San Diego! It's been a dream of mine to sail to Antarctica, and I can't wait to go! I look forward to meeting you all!

Bert · 11 months

Hi fellow passengers I am Bert Kroonenberg from Amsterdam. Unbelievable it is really going to happen, sailing to Antarctica

Jan · 11 months

Hi all! I’m Jan from Haarlem, the Netherlands. Looking forward to Antarctica and meeting you all!

Bruno · 11 months

Hello, we are inspired by Shackleton and Wild! I'm joining with my daughter Fiona.

Claes · 11 months

Hello Everyone! Here Claes Dick and I'm Dutch! I live in the north of this tiny country. Looking forward to meet you all. Great adventure ahead.

David · 11 months

I still watch this frequently, even though it was 10 years ago.

Jennifer · 11 months

Hi Everyone! I'm Jennifer from Ontario, Canada. I'm so excited to start this journey with my father (David below) and all of you. This will be his 2nd trip but for me this will truly go on my "once in a lifetime" adventure list!

Sabine · 11 months

Hi everyone, this is Sabine from Germany. Can't wait for this incredible journey to start and to meet all of you!

Aaditi · 11 months

Hey all, I'm Aaditi - from Chicago, currently in Auckland. Getting the email this week about this new community page helped prompt me to book my Ushuaia flights and room, so that's a start. Shopping's left to do though. : ) Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Katie · 11 months

Hello! I'm from Yorkshire (England) but currently living in Washington, DC (USA). I've sailed quite a bit in the North Sea and English Channel, but neither of those places have icebergs or penguins!

Heidi · 11 months

Hi, I’m Heidi! I’m living in the Netherlands and travelling with my boyfriend Kevin and 2 friends: Roy & Saskia!

Barbara · 11 months

Hi everyone, Barbara here, solo traveller. Can't wait!

David · 11 months

I'm David Eyles, from Ontario, Canada and I sailed on Europa on the 2008/09 Christmas/New Year voyage to Antarctica. Time to return, this time with my daughter Jennifer. Fabulous sailing and phenomenal wildlife and landscapes. Can't wait!

Lisa · 11 months

I'm Lisa Ellis, and my husband Rick and I are joining the crew from San Francisco(ish). Are y'all geared up already, or am I the only one who is just too eager to wait?

Paul · 11 months

Hi Paul and Trisha Calver from the Gold Coast Queensland Australia. So excited to be joining Europa crew and friends at Christmas time this year

Bark EUROPA · 11 months

Dear sailors, welcome to the community page! This community is for all of you joining us for one our December 24th Antarctica Expedition. We look forward to welcoming you on board! Please use this page to get in contact with each other before you come on board. Under the travel information you will find several documents with information to help you with your preparations. We are currently working on a detailed packing list, which we will post as soon as possible. Enjoy! Team Bark EUROPA

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