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Antarctica expedition January 16th 2019

Welcome to the community page Antarctica expedition January 16th 2019

Welcome on board Europa for our first Antarctic expedition in 2018!

Some people become interested in the North and South Pole after reading about the voyages of Willem Barentz and Shackleton. Others are more fascinated by the rich wildlife or the beauty of the unspoilt natural environment. Antarctica is one of the oldest continents on our planet, but man has always been unable to live here because of its extremely cold climate. It is the last great wilderness on Earth. A couple of thousand researchers spend the southern summer living in several research stations. During the southern winter, that number dwindles to less than 1,000. When winter grips this great, white desert, tourist activity is no longer possible.

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Tineke · 1 week

What a wonderfull video! So many thanks, Sami and Illka. Maybe we meet in Finland :-). Greatings Willem & Tineke

Tom · 2 weeks

Thanks for sharing your beautiful video, Sami. I've watched it dozens of times and it brings back many happy memories of the voyage. I'll put photos up on Google soon.

Sami · 3 weeks

Hi everyone! Here's a link to the video I made: Cheers, Sami

Frederika · 2 months

Hi frederika and jozey from Holland, also a bit late with our post. We arrived in Ushuaia yesterday and really looking forward to this trip. Just saw the message about the gathering the bar in the arakur hotel tonight. See you there.

Martin · 2 months

Hi to All, we are very late to this chat forum! I'm Martin and I'm already in Ushuaia with my partner Jane - really looking forward to meeting you all. We're from UK, near Bristol and have spent the last week exploring Buenos Aires, and today walked to the fantastic Laguna Esmerelda. We will come and meet you at the hotel tomorrow as well.

Tim · 2 months

Amigos, we’re almost there! Just a few days left and getting more excited by the day. I’m now residing in BA and flying out Tuesday early morning to Ushuaia. See you at the unofficial kick-off :)!!

Carlos · 2 months

Hi to all! I am also getting closer to Ushuaia, actually I'm in Rio Gallegos (the southern most city of continental Argentina) enjoying daylight until almost 11pm. Tomorrow I will cross the Strait of Magellan to reach Tierra del Fuego island and then Ushuaia! See you soon and have a safe trip to Ushuaia!

Bill · 2 months

Hi intrepid sailors. My name is Bill, naval engineer, retired, and lover of sail and polar regions. Arriving in Buenos Aires Monday 14th from UK with daughter Fiona (26) for overnight stop. Both looking forward to meeting all in Ushuaia (arriving 15th), hoping to squeeze into the “party” brewing at Arakur hotel at 7.30pm. Accommodated near harbour that evening.

Katriana · 2 months

Just arrived!!! Ushuaia is incredible!!!!

Rebecca · 2 months

Guys I'm leaving Doha in the morning.... 20 hours to buenos aires... 🤣 🤣 🤣 Am so excited!!! Just hope I can change airports in time and without hassle... That is step 1..see you all soon!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

Sami · 2 months

Hi Everyone! Such an interesting bunch of people we have! Can't wait to get on the boat, it's been such a long wait. I'm also from Finland, I'm the son of Ilkka who already mentioned me a couple of messages below. Been living in New York for the past six or so years and desperately in need of some nature and fresh air! See you on the 15th at Arakur! Cheers, Sami

Rita · 2 months

Meet in the bar with the best views of Course!!

Rita · 2 months

Oops the post below is also for Paul, Charles, Alex and Stefan

Rita · 2 months

Meeting up Ushuaia 15th January 7.30 - 8.00pm ARAKUR hotel (looks like the poshest in Town) Carlos, Rebecca, Ilkka, Julia, Katriana, Chris, John, Carlos, Tineke, Sophos, Tom, Elke ....hope I got everyone!!! A taxi ride or walk out of town but wonderful views and a bit of luxury before we start our journey.

Ilkka · 2 months

Hi all fellow sailors. My name is Ilkka and I'm currently living in Finland close to Helsinki. I fly via Amsterdam to Buenos Aires January 12. and meet my son Sami there. We are flying to Ushuaia 14th January. We live in Ushuaia in Hotel Arakur Resort & Spa until we embarkation. I’m looking forward to meet you all on the Bark Europa after some day. I have little experience for sailing with small one sailing boat (Oceanic 475 etc.), but not with bigger tall ship and this will be a great chance to learn. I have never been in South America not to mention in Antarctic. Snow and minus degrees in winter is normal in Finland and I’m expert of this 😉. It’s great joy to meet all of you in Ushuaia. Ilkka Hi all fellow sailors. My name is Ilkka and I'm currently living in Finland close to Helsinki. I fly via Amsterdam to Buenos Aires January 12. and meet my son Sami there. We are flying to Ushuaia 14th January. We live in Ushuaia in Hotel Arakur Resort & Spa until we embarkation. I’m looking forward to meet you al

Rita · 2 months

Would any of you like to meet up on the evening of the 15th for a drink and or dinner? Anyone got any ideas about a good place just post it here!!

Julia · 2 months

Hello Katriana, I am arriving to Ushuaia on January 12th at 10:30am, staying at Ushuaia hotel.

Katriana · 2 months

Hi all! I am very late to the party but my name is Katriana Garcia and this voyage is the culmination of a lifelong dream for me. When I was a kid I set a goal to set foot on every continent before I turn 30- and at 28 I will be completing that goal. I'm writing a book as well and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Sorry I haven't joined in the chat earlier but it's been so hectic over here! I'll be arriving on the 12th and I'm hoping to see Lake Esmerelda and Tierra Del Feugo before I go. Let me know if any of you would like to meet up beforehand! Katriana

Rebecca · 2 months

Oh also I am landing in Ushuaia on the morning of the 14th - flying direct from Doha via Buenos Aires! Anyone else with flight details and hotels to share?!

Chris · 2 months

All packed and ready to go. Will probably pack three more times before departure. Anyone else travelling on the 4am (ish) flight from BA on 15th?

John · 3 months

Hello fellow sailors! Regrettably I have suffered a bit of an injury and it's uncertain at this stage if I will be fit to sail and join you all on the January voyage. I'm very hopeful that I'll be recovered in time but also need to consider my options. I wanted to ask if anyone had a friend or family member that might be interested in purchasing my berth? If so please let me know. Regards John Colvin

Carlos · 3 months

Hi to all! I've been talking with Günther because he had some questions but I think maybe many of you have the same doubts, so I will share the information I collected to him. Since it is too long for a single post, I add it as a photo and here you can find the links mentioned: Park 1 Museum 2 3 Top of Martial Glacier 4 Reference prices 5 Travel agencies 6 Official tourist information 7 Changing Airports 8 9 10

Tineke · 3 months

Hi, we are Tineke and Willem from the Netherlands. We live on a ship throughout the year. We sailed a lot, but not on a tallship yet and not in Antarctica, so.........exciting and a real new adventure for us.

Rita · 3 months

Well if there are airline strikes none of us will make it so we will all be in the same boat!

Chris · 3 months

Thanks for that info Carlos. Wish I'd known about possible airline strikes before I booked my flights as I am not arriving until the 15th Jan (anyone else arriving on the early morning flight and want to share a taxi to town?). Hope I make it!!!!!

Carlos · 3 months

Hi to all, there are several nice hotels, some in downtown, some on the hills and others outside the city, like farms. I would recommend to stay close to downtown, unless you want to be in a really quiet place, because in downtown you can take a walk on the waterfront, go to shops, bars, restaurants, museums (they are all in downtown), also the travel agencies (in case you want to take a tour to the park or lakes). If you are further you'll need to take taxis or transfers to move around. (usually the tour operators pick you up at the hotel on the day tours). Plan to arrive a couple of days before, the airlines are having problems with the union and can make strikes without notice. If you have any question let me know! I'm not an expert but I've been in Ushuaia (and Patagonia) before. Cheers!

Rita · 4 months

hi Bex. Nothing planned for accommodation yet. Still looking into that. has anyone on this page found anything they could recommend?

Rebecca · 4 months

Hey, I think this page is not allowing replies!! Where are people planning to stay in Ushuaia?!!

Rebecca · 4 months

Hi Everyone! I also managed to get a cancellation only a few weeks ago, however Antarctica has been on my Must See list for at least a decade. I am English but currently living and working in Qatar, worked in the oil industry for 10 years so offshore sea life will not be new...however sailing will be brand new! I have not even thought about flights and equipment and goodness knows...knowing me it will be a week beforehand! Looking forward to meeting everyone, extremely excited! Bex

Carlos · 5 months

Hi! I'm Carlos, I got the last berth last week! I'm very happy to join this adventure! I'm from Argentina, but from the center, the flat and green "Pampa", far away from the sea and the cold patagonia, but now living in Buenos Aires. I don't have any experience sailing, but this will be a great chance to start and learn! If you have any question regarding the country (places to visit, to go) or whatever, let me know! See you soon!

Rita · 5 months

Hello everyone. I’ve just managed to find my boots for the journey so too late to hire them as now offered. I’m travelling from Harwich the home of two of the British Ant Arctic research ships that are now on their way for their summer research. I’ve tall shipped before and I think it might be addictive. Looking forward to meeting you all for some challenging and exciting times. Just off to buy my merino wool vests before they all sell out!

Bark EUROPA · 5 months

Dear sailors, Although we can imagine that this offer will be too late for you, we have a new service to offer! We have started a new cooperation with New Headings who rent out active outdoor gear to prepare travellers for their trip of a lifetime. Bark EUROPA Antarctica Gear rents all the outer layers necessary to stay protected against the wind and the water during your Antarctica Expedition. You can place your order on the website and they will make sure to deliver the gear to you on arrival on board in Ushuaia and collect it again on board Bark EUROPA at the end of your voyage. You can place your order until 5 days before arrival in Ushuaia. Please have a look on the following website: Please note that New Headings is the party to answer any questions or handle complaints. You can find their contact details on the website

Sophie · 5 months

Hey guys, we are Charlotte (34) and Sophie (28). We are friends from the Netherlands and we know eachother from another Dutch tall ship. We are looking forward to explore "the end of the world"! We just finalised our flightschedule, looking forward to meet you all! Charlotte & Sophie.

Tom · 5 months

Can't wait!

Elke · 6 months

Hubert Hello to all the sailors. My name is Hubert, I am a pensioner and I discovered this sailing trip at the ITB 2017 in Berlin. My wife Elke, she is a general medicine doctor, has been wishing to sail around Cape Horn for many years. Then I booked this tour, which had to remain secret until her birthday. The surprise was perfect. We are very curious what to expect. It will definitely be different than a Caribbean cruise. The joy is great to meet all of you in Ushuaia.

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear Sailors, We noticed a few errors in our travel documents that are provided in the community page. We have now updated all files under ‘travel information’, please have a look to check it out! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via TEAM BARK EUROPA

Paul · 6 months

Paul and Debbie here. We first heard about Bark Europa to Antarctica on a voyage across the Atlantic last year on another tall ship; Oosterchelde. We are very excited to be joining you on this adventure and have been planning for months.

Charles · 6 months

My name is Charles Colvin. I live in Perth Western Australia. My son, John, who lives in France and I are looking forward to meeting our fellow ship-mates and to the adventure of sailing on board Bark Europa to Antarctica. We heard about the Bark Europa from Jelte Hibma who I met on another sailing adventure on a Scilly Isles pilot cutter in southern England in 2017.

Alexander · 6 months

Hi fellow sailors My name is Alex and I'm living with my family close to Berne, Switzerland. My friend Erwin and me decided to go to Antarctica together more than 8 years ago. Now it really looks, that our dream seems to come true. I'm looking forward to meet you all on the Europa in January. I've got a bit respect from all the tasks on the bark, for I don't have a lot of sailing experience but at least ?im used to low temperatures… See you in Ushuaia, Alex

Steffen · 6 months

Hi fellow sailors, my name is Steve and I'm currently on the Big Island of Hawaii awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Lane. So far so good. I'm a recently retired geophysicist, a profession that took me all over the world. Antarctica, however, has been beckoning most of my life, and I'm so looking forward to this journey with kindred people. See you all in Ushaia!

Chris · 6 months

Hi All fellow sailors. My name is Chris and I'm currently living in Tasmania. I first went aboard Europa some years ago when she docked in Hobart - little did I know then that I would be travelling to Antarctica aboard her! So excited to do this trip and to sharing it with all of you. I'm a soil scientist (retired) by profession and enjoy nothing more than travelling the world seeing new places (the wilder the better) and meeting new people. Currently winter here in Tassie and I'm cold so I might have to organise some warmer gear before I leave. Looking forward to meeting you all in Ushuaia.

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear sailors, welcome to the community page! This community is for all of you joining us for one our January 16th Antarctica Expedition. We look forward to welcoming you on board! Please use this page to get in contact with each other before you come on board. Under the travel information you will find several documents with information to help you with your preparations. We are currently working on a detailed packing list, which we will post as soon as possible. Enjoy! Team Bark EUROPA

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