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Welcome to the community page Antarctica Photography Voyage

Welcome on board Europa for your sailing adventure with the Antarctic photography expedition! 

This specific Antarctica voyage is meant for people who have an interest in photography. The basis of an expedition with the bark EUROPA is participating in helping to sail the ship. However, during this voyage there will be an additional focus on (wildlife)photography and on how to get the best picture under all circumstances. Our team of natureguides will be completed with 2 professional photographers who will guide you during your expedition through the white continent and to help you shoot the best pictures with your own camera gear! We will chase the best light, catch opportunities to observe wildlife and of course, use our beautiful Bark Europa as a perfect model among the beauty of Antarctica!

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Jeffrey · 3 months

Many thanks to Josiah for the beautiful video he created. I've shared it with many friends. It really gives a nice sense of the voyage.

Theo · 5 months

Anybody staying in Brescia? Would-be be nice to have diner together. I am arriving late this evening My tel nr +31653347978

Britta · 5 months

Dear mariana, could you please add my number to the Whats app group? my number is 004917650496544 . Thank you very much. britta (I met Saskia at the airport at ushuaia) Its raining at the moment and have already seen the europa Britta

Bernadette · 5 months

Hi everybody, our amazing trip is almost starting. I am very excited about it. I ll be arriving tuesday afternoon and ll stay in hotel Posada del Fin du mundo. Looking very much forward to meet you all. Bernadette

Theo · 5 months

Looking forward meeting you all. Will be in Ushuaia at the 5th staying at Hotel Brescia. Theo

Josiah · 5 months

Hi guys, getting more excited as the trip approaches! I am looking forward to learning from everyone onboard! I had the opportunity to visit Ushuaia last May when it was winter. It'll be nice to see things in a different season. Picture of the port in Ushuaia

Mariana-Silva · 5 months

Hello everyone! I propose to create group Bark EUROPA on WhatsApp for easy communication. I will arrive in Ushuaia on 3rd of February afternoon and I would like to visit Tierra del Fuego Park and/or Martial Glacier. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

Sid · 5 months

Hi, I am arriving in Ushuaia several days before we sail and plan to hike a bit. Maybe to Martial Glacier or the Tierra del Fuego Park . If anyone is interested

Saskia · 5 months

I was trying today if everything fits in my backpack, wel not! When i put in the boots it was almost full. :-( What kind of bag do you take with you (how many liters) and do you put in the boots as well?? Or do you put them on in the plane (very uncomfortable i think) Hope to hear from you.

Nilla · 5 months

If you need a way to stay in contact while you are away (Work(!), loves one(s) etc, I thought I would recommend the Garmin In Reach Explorer. I have used this for years on expeditions in remote places. It works on the Iridium sat network and has a 100% coverage. Its a combined PLB (location beacon) and communications device, which lets you communicate via email and text messages for a subscription of 60USD per month for unlimited use. As its a indispensable tool for me when away for long periods of time in places no other communication is available I thought I would share this tip with you all for our upcoming journey.

Julian/Anne-Laure · 6 months

hi everyone ! I have a question about the boots... I already have musto southern ocean sailing boots but apparently the grip on snow and ice is too low. So here's my question : can i use thing's like that (pic) or do I have to buy a new pair ? thanks Julian

Red · 6 months

I know we are not to bring jewelry, but would it be possible to get my ear pierced as we crossed the Cape Horn or afterwards. Thanks Red

Fred · 6 months

The accompanying photographers asked to post my favorite/most loved picture I ever made. That's one of te most difficult questions, for I have special 'feelings' for each photograph. I like architecture and nature most, but in particular I'm fascinated by line structures.

Fred · 6 months

Hello Bark Europa team and sailors, This is our first message. So let´s introduce ourselves. The eldest on the photograph is Fred de Koning (67) and the youngest is my son Wouter (35). Wouter is the 'sailorman' and I'm the 'photographer'. We are looking forward to meet you all in February on board!!

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear sailors, we have received a message from one of our guests who will be on the January voyage and she has some boots she would love to sell after her trip. Maybe this could be of interest for anyone of you embarking on the February expedition. Hi everyone! I am Patricia from Spain, travelling to Antarctica from Jan 15th to Feb 5th. I bought the super confortable and original Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Tall, Woman EU37 - US6 - UK 4, at their own website for 135€ (160U$). I won ´t need them after the trip to Antartica, so I sell them for almost half price 68€ (80U$). Save money and space on your lugagge. If you are interested, please contact me at Thank you!

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear sailors, on the travel information page we have now attached a new document with tips and tricks from our photographers Valery, Frits and Daniel. We hope this information is of use for your preparation of the voyage. We are looking forward to see you in February on board! And don't forget to use the hashtag #Antarcticaphoto2018 if you share photos of your preparation on Instagram!

Claudia · 6 months

Dear Bark Europa team and dear photographers who will accompany us on the Antarctica photography voyage, it would be really great to get some advice on what kind of photo equipment to bring. I am currently revising my stuff and thinking about buying some extra equipment, but I am not sure if I should. Your help would be very much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you - and of course to the exciting journey ahead!

Richard · 6 months

It is hard to pick a favorite photograph (as we are all attached to every photo we took) but this one is most definitely up there. It is not that that related to what we are going to experience on the voyage but it brings back so many memories. In 2014 I climbed a peak in the Himalayas. On the way to the mountain we stopped for a rest day in a small village. This little Sherpa boy got hold of my camera and he was playing with it until he depleted the battery. I got it back from him when it turned itself off and he lost interest in it. From experience I knew, if I turn it on again they might be just enough juice left for one more photograph. I am glad I was right. That is how I got this shot.

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear Sailors, Only two more months left before your voyage starts on board Bark EUROPA! We hope you’re all looking forward to the photography trip. Did you already practice making pictures of different landscapes, portraits or wildlife (a dog could be a good substitute for practice)? We would like to introduce our three photographers to you who will join the trip. Please find attached a document with the introduction of the photographers under 'Travel Information'. As this voyage is specially focused on photography we would like to ask you all to post your best/favorite/most loved picture you ever made on this community platform. This way we can already get to know each other’s work and style of photography. We look forward to see all your beautiful pictures in the Community!

Pieck · 6 months

I am on the 6th in Ushuaia

Mees · 7 months

I will arrive in Ushuaia on Feb 6th and will stay at the Linares hotel. That gives some time to undertake activities, since we cannot board Europa before the end of the afternoon Feb 7th. Is anybody staying in the same hotel and interested in undertaking a short trip to Tierra del Fuego?

Daniel · 7 months

Hi everyone! Excited to travel to Antarctica! Me too :) That's a dream journey, and I'm glad that we have a dedicated photography voyage this year. Please post your photos, questions, expectations here :)

Saskia · 7 months

Hi all! I'm curious what kind of photo stuff you all take with you. And do you take a second camera with you, just in case off... I'm taking my SLR with me and my zoom lens, 50mm lens. I'm wondering if i should take my macro lens as well??? I'm looking around for a small back up camera, not too expensive, but still one that make decent pictures. (if some one having recommendations, i like to hear them) and also like to get a wide angle lens when my budget still allows me. :-) Of course many memory cards, two batteries. What about a back up system for the many pictures we take? Usually i don't back up at all and leave all the pictures on the sd cards. Maybe our photoguides Daniel and Frits can also give us some more information and tips? Groetjes!

Pieck · 7 months

Ik weet echt niet waar ik aan begonnen ben. Heb geen enkele ervaring met fotografie laat staan dat ik ooit gezeild heb. Maar op de één of andere manier heb ik er erg veel zin in.

Bark EUROPA · 7 months

Dear Sailors, We had a lively discussion in the Bark EUROPA facebook about tips and tricks for packing for Antarctica and we wanted to share them with you: In general: Muck boots are amazing to bring. Watertight and warm Merino wool thermals are better than synthetic ones. Bring at least 2 pairs of gloves, Lindsay says: ‘Gordini Gore Tex Down gloves would be my pick!’ Ski goggles Indoor warm shoes or slippers for bellow decks Bring a backup possibility for your photo’s Lotions and chap sticks And the most mentioned item: bring more chocolate!!! For the ladies: Bring conditioner or anti-knot spray if you have longer hair, the wind will tangle your hair extremely. Best wishes, Team Bark EUROPA ps: the photo was made on november 22th, the first snow of the 2017/2018 Antarctic Season!

Nilla · 8 months

Hi Everyone! Nice to see such a varied group on our adventurous voyage. Im looking forward to meet you all. I work as a mountain and glacier guide in Iceland and Greenland and also as a mountain guide on sailing trips in north east Greenland, however my sailing skills are close to non existent at the moment :-) I do a lot of photography in the Arctic regions, but not a pro by any menas :-) Cannot wait to document the white continent and its wildlife close up, a dream I have had since as long as I can remember.

Bark EUROPA · 8 months

Dear Sailors, We hope your voyage preparations are going well and that you are exited for your voyage! In the last couple of weeks we have received a lot of questions concerning what gear to bring to your Antarctic voyage. With the hope to help you all, we have extended the packing list we have on the website, so please have a look for some more tips! Team Bark EUROPA

Bark EUROPA · 8 months

Dear Sailors, We hope you are doing well with your voyage preparations. We would like to inform you that we have added two new documents to the Travel Information Section of this Community Page. Please read them before your embark on the Bark EUROPA. If there are any further questions, please feel free to ask! Bark EUROPA

Mees · 8 months

Hello everyone Looking forward to meet you all. Glad to see that there is such a mixed group onboard (age, gender, nationality). I have no sailing experience at all, although I made a fototrip to Spitsbergen on SV Antigua.

Julian/Anne-Laure · 9 months

Bonjour everyone ! We are also wondering what we need to bring for this trip. We already have sailing jackets (Musto), overalls (Musto), some merino and synthetic base layers, puff jackets, warm sailing gloves and undergloves. We plan to buy sailing boots with neoprene linings, fleece jacket and hiking shoes. As regards photography stuff, we have two hybrid panasonic cameras (one with fix lens and one with interchangeable lens). We also plan to buy waterproof protection and a dry bag (to carry on the dinghy). But we think we are overpacking too... And you guys ? What do you plan to bring on board? Have you already buy some stuff ? Looking forward to read your answers and excited to meet you all :-). Julian & Anne-Laure

Irene · 9 months

Hallo allemaal! (This is almost all the Dutch I know, from my job) I'm also thrilled to be going on this trip, and excited to meet you all! Currently practicing photography some and trying to figure out what all I might need to buy (photo wise and clothes wise). My new plan is to scour the Europa's instagram and examine what people are wearing...

Red · 9 months

Hi all, took pictures of the kids as they were growing up and sailed on the Willamette river once. Getting really excited for the adventure we are going to undertake and can't wait to meet my shipmates. Anyone got a good ideal on what to pack? I'm pretty sure I'm over packing. LOL

Saskia · 9 months

Hi everyone! Already making some preparations for the journey?? Is see i'm not the only one with no sealing experience at all. How about your photograpy scills?Like to hear about those! Looking forward to get to know you all :-)

Marta · 10 months

Really looking forward to meet you all and start this incredible journey ! Currently in Panama :)

Richard · 10 months

Hello, fellow sailors and photographers. Richard here, currently in Australia. Cannot wait to get going :)

René · 10 months

Hi Harold, I confirmed my trip last week and I'm also realy looking forward to this voyage. During the weekend I will update my profile. Furthermore, I hope that team members will find the community page to introduce therselves.

Harold · 10 months

Wow !! Exiting adventure ! Today I confiormed my definitve booking. Looking very mich forward to this beautiful adventurous trip !!

Bark EUROPA · 11 months

Dear trainees, welcome to the community page! This community is for all of you joining us for the Photography voyage in Februari 2018. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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