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Travel information

The expedition starts in Argentina in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in South America, located alongside the Beagle Channel. From here, the ship must cross ‘the Drake Passage’, renowned by sailors the world over. Albatrosses and petrels will accompany the EUROPA on her way to the Antarctic paradise. After passing the Antarctic Convergence Zone, the ship sails between the icebergs to the South Shetland Islands. The wildlife is overwhelming: seals, sea-gulls, cormorants and petrels use the Antarctic summer to raise their young. In the Antarctic waters, the EUROPA will anchor in sheltered bays practically every day. The crew will take groups ashore in the dinghies to see glaciers, mosses and lichens, seals, birds and penguin rookeries. The ship will sail further south. We expect the most loyal visitors of the Southern Ocean: enormous Humpback whales; Minke whales and even Orcas or Killer whales may will come close to us, curious to see who ventures into their waters.

Please feel free to share your comments and questions with the other trainees in this community. Welcome on board!

Visa and travel documents

All trainees are required to have a valid passport for the voyage. All passports will be collected upon embarkation and returned at the end of the voyage.

In a separate email we will send you a voyage ticket for bark Europa, which you can present to the authorities upon entering the country via airport or the port where Europa is berthed.

Embarkation and disembarkation in Ushuaia

Embarkation in Ushuaia: 7th of February 2018, 17.00 hrs

EUROPA will be berthed at the pier of the Puerto Comercial in Ushuaia. Please go to follow the ship on the day before embarkation to see where the ship is exactly berthed.

Disembarkation in Ushuaia: 28th of February 2018, 09.00 hrs.

Transfers between airports in Buenos Aires

For many of you the flight in and out of Argentina includes a transfer between the international and national airport of Buenos Aires. You can get from Ezeiza International Airport to Jorge Newberry National Airport or v.v. by bus or taxi. You can buy tickets at the Tienda Leon Transport Company located inside the terminal building. When arranging your tickets please allow enough time between flights to make the switch between airports.

Voyage information

The most up to date voyage information is available in the top left corner of this page. 

More information