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Dear Sailors,

It has now been a few days since you disembarked from the EUROPA in Cape Town after your trip to Antarctica, South Georgia, and Tristan da Cunha. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your time on board, and look forward to hearing from you about your personal experience of the voyage, as well as your suggestions for possible improvements. If you have taken pictures during the voyage, please feel free to upload them here in the community gallery, for everyone to take part of. If you have one or two photographs which you are particularly proud of and which you would be happy for us to use on our different social media platforms and website, please send them to, and do not forget to include a short story about the picture or the voyage in general.

We would also like to invite you to become part of the EUROPA community to support us, keep your own memories and friendships alive, and inspire others.

Sailing Schedule

In case you are already planning your next voyage on board, or if you are just curious about the future plans of the ship, we would like to remind you of our schedule for the coming year. As you know, the EUROPA finished her Antarctic season with the Cape-to-Cape voyage, which you all took part of. After a short maintenance period, we will now soon set sail to cross the Atlantic Ocean once again, to meet up with other tall ships in Boston for the 2017 Tall Ships Rendezvous. From there, we continue on to Canada, where we will spend the summer exploring the east coast and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, before making our way back to South America and Antarctica.

Follow the Ship

There are a number of ways in which you can keep up to date with the latest EUROPA news. On our website, you can read logbook entries by crew and trainees, track the current position of the ship on a chart, and subscribe to our newsletter (available in Dutch and English) for the latest updates and future plans. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news and stories from life on board.


Spread the Word

The best way in which you can support the EUROPA and keep her sailing around the world is by spreading the word about her voyages. By telling your story about the voyage in the local newspaper or doing a presentation in your sports canteen or school, you can serve as a source of inspiration for others to join the adventure. Perhaps we can even welcome your friends or family on board sometime in the future! If you are planning a presentation, we would be happy to provide you with photo material, information about the history and future plans of the ship, and movie material. Please contact us for more details.

Friends of the EUROPA

As you would have noticed during your time on board, sailing and maintaining a ship like the EUROPA requires a lot of hard work and investment. While all the money made from our voyages is needed to maintain the ship and keep the old lady sailing, we would like to be able to offer young individuals the opportunity of joining us. Therefore, some of our former trainees started the “Friends of EUROPA”-club, a fund dedicated to giving unprivileged youngsters the chance to sail with us. Thanks to large contributions from a former trainee, we are in 2017 welcoming two young students to sail with us from Cape Town to Boston, an unforgettable adventure. Learn more about the fund, and how you can contribute here.


Captain Klaas Gaastra: "I know for sure that the Friends of the EUROPA-club is something that will be supported by many former guests. This initiative, started by two of our former trainees, is like a crown on all the hard work and effort put in by all crew and office staff to keep the ship sailing over the seven oceans of the world”.  


On behalf of all the EUROPA crew, we thank you for joining us, wish you fair winds, and hope to see you on board again in the future!


Best regards, 



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