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Travel information

After leaving the Beagle Channel it is time to cross the Drake, visit the Antarctic Peninsula and depending on ice- and weather conditions the Weddellsea. The sails are hoisted for a serious sail to the beautiful island of South Georgia. We will spend about a week here and have a daily routine of moving the ship from one fjord to the other and make landings, enjoying the wildlife and hikes. We’ll find the remains of a former whaling station at Grytviken and see the grave of Shackleton, one of the most heroic pole travellers. It is an old tradition to drink a glass of whisky near his grave.

Heading back to sea course is set for Tristan da Cunha: the most remote island of the world. Here, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a small community lives on top of an active volcano. Let’s hope that the swell isn’t big enough to prevent a safe landing. On Tristan you can play golf on the most remote course of the planet or go fishing for lobster with the local fisherman. The final leg of this long voyage is a beautiful sail of about 10 days to Cape Town. 

Visa and travel documentation

All trainees are required to have a valid passport for the voyage. All passports will be collected upon embarkation and returned at the end of the voyage.

Canadian Citizens arriving at any point of entry into Argentina will be required to pay the entry fee which MUST be paid online in advance. Fee: Canada USD 92,- (valid for 10 years, multiple entries or until one month prior to the expiration date of the passport). You can arrange the payment of the reciprocity fee on this website. Please remember to print the receipt and carry the printed receipt with your passport, as this is the only way to prove payment. Please check the specific visa requirements for South Africa for your country here. All our trainees are required to bring their passports when embarking the Europa.

South Georgia landing fee

Before reaching Antarctica, we have first scheduled some landings on South Georgia. This season, the fee for landing on South Georgia is £205 per person. We will send you a separate invoice for this cost, to be paid in advance before the start of the voyage.

Tristan de Cunha landing fee

Heading back to sea, we course for the most remote island of the world. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a small community lives on top of an active volcano. The landing fee on Tristan de Cunha is £30 per person. We will send you a separate invoice for this cost, to be paid in advance before the start of the voyage.

As you will be leaving the country by sea we will send you a letter from the shipping company a few weeks before your trip to show to the crew of airlines or customs in case they want more information on your trip back home.

Ushuaia - Cape Town

Embarkation in Ushuaia: 3rd of March 2018, 17.00 hrs

EUROPA will be berthed at the pier of the Puerto Commercial in Ushuaia.

For many of you the flight into Argentina includes a transfer between the international and national airport of Buenos Aires. You can get from Jorge Newberry National Airport to Ezeiza International Airport by bus or taxi. You can buy tickets at the Tienda Leon Transport Company, located inside the terminal building. When arranging your tickets please allow enough time between flights to make the switch between airports.

Disembarkation in Cape Town: 23rd April 2018, 09.00 hrs

It is important that you have booked your return flight from Cape Town before you embark on board, as this is obligated for entering into South-Africa. If you have plans to travel within South Africa for more then 7 days after disembarking EUROPA, the office will need to make special arrangements for that. Please send an email to with your full flight details, date, time and flight number and a short message on what your plans are after disembarking Europa.

Voyage information

The most up to date voyage information is available in the top left corner of this page. 

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