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Welcome to the community page Cape to Cape 2019

After departure from Ushuaia, Argentina we make our way through the Beagle Channel to the Drake Passage for the sail to the Antarctic peninsula and all across the Atlantic Ocean towards Cape Town, South Africa. This is the ultimate Cape to Cape voyage! 

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Siewert · 3 days

Hello to all, I'm Siewert, Dutch, 60 years. I only know for three days that I will be joining you on Bark Europa. I was stationairy on the waitinglist for the Cape to Cape. I've just arranged my flight to Ushuaia en back from Capetown. I'll arrive in Ushuaia on the morning of the 7th of january. Now searching for a place to sleep in both towns. I have some expirience on tall ships but that was a long time ago. No artic experience. Hope to see you soon, perhaps also a drink on the 7th?

Clair · 2 weeks

Sorry about the upside down huge photo that I thought would be in the small circle........ Just realised we have 52 days to give you recommendations........ anyway you might want to book a couple of things.

Clair · 2 weeks

Hello everyone, I am Clair and my husband is Sid, we will be joining you all on this great adventure! Looking forward to meeting you all very soon! Although we are from the UK originally we are based for half of the year in Cape Town so have a few recommendations below if you are interested: 1. Obviously Table Mountain is awesome, but so is hiking up Lions Head 2. You must all love nature so you must head to Cape Point nature reserve 3. Driving around the coast and stopping off at Kalk Bay, Simons Town (a must if you are like me and can’t get enough of Penguins), Scarborough, Kommetjie and Noordhoek. Driving Chapman’s peak drive should also be on your to do list! 4. Visit the Winelands, closest ones are in constantia and I can let you know the best ones when we meet, though if you are staying a while and love wines then you are going to be very happy!!! 5. Restaurants: Harbour house in Kalk Bay, chefs warehouse at Beau Constantia which you will need to book before we leave. Test kitchen need to book

Blue · 3 weeks

Hello Bark Europa staff! :) I just wanted to ask (I find myself in a position now of needing to purchase a camera, but knowing I'm not the best at taking photos) whether there is a dedicated photographer/'tour guide' on board, as it appears from all the previous Cape to Cape videos on YouTube? I figure that it might just be a coincidence :) Not to assume that they will be taking all the pictures of course, but just to know that there is someone there with a level of experience with cameras? On a completely separate note - I don't see any information about women's sanitary products in any of the travel documents (niche, I know!). Of course we're trying to be as environmentally friendly with everything we bring on board the Europa - is there an official line on the ships preference for women's sanitary products specifically and disposal etc.?

Liz · 1 month

Hi everyone, As someone suggested in an earlier message it has been proposed that some of us meet for drinks and food on the 6th Feb at the Dublin pub. Everyone welcome and looking forward to meeting you all.

Ben · 1 month

Hi everyone. I'm Ben, originally from the UK, currently in Chicago. Never sailed on anything with more than one mast before, but looking forward to the experience. Will be in Argentina from Jan 26th, looking into the possibility of doing the Dientes de Navarino trail the week before joining the Europa (advice and/or hike-mates welcome!).

Peter · 1 month

Dear all, As Estee suggested. I have now started a Google doc with a contact list for those who would like to meet up with someone from the voyage crew in Ushuaia before embarkation. If you send me a "direct message" with your email, I'll put you as "shareholder" on the document and you can add the information you want to add. So far, I'm the only one on the list ;-)

Estee · 1 month

Hi future friends! Anybody interested in exploring a bit more of Patagonia one or two weeks prior to sailing?

Angela · 1 month

When is the earliest date and latest date that we would land in Cape Town? South Africa demands a booked flight out to enter the country.

Blue · 1 month

So it looks like, as a UK citizen, I don't need any visas (yay!) for South Africa or Argentina. However, it does sound like we need a valid permit to land in Antarctica which it says here:, can be obtained by our travel company. Can I just check that the Bark Europa will be doing this? :)

Adrian · 2 months

Hi everybody! I'm Adrián, from Spain, i'm going to be your ship's doctor for this adventure! I'll fly to Buenos Aires at the end of december and plan to trek along Patagonia for the next month, so we'll probably meet in Ushuaia before the departure. Looking forward to meet all of you!

Peter · 2 months

Is there a way that we paying trainees on board the Cape to Cape voyage can communicate as a group without letting the rest of the world knowing what we post on the website? What I would like to start is a (voluntary) list of names, arrival dates and accommodation in Ushuaia, and mobile / cell phone numbers for people that would like to meet in Ushuaia before departure. But a list that is only accessable for us. Would that be possible? bw Peter (arr. at Ushuaia on Feb. 6th.)

Ron · 2 months

Hello everyone, I am Ron and I am from the Netherlands. This will be my first trip on Bark Europa and I am very excited! I will arrive on the 6th of February in Ushuaia, so anyone who will be there around the same time, I would love to meet up there. I am staying at Hosteria Patagonia Jarke. I am looking forward to get to know you all. If you have any questions for me, please don't to hestitate to contact me.

Stephen · 2 months

Hi I'm Stephen from Northern Ireland. This will be my third trip on Europa, the last a couple of months ago with my wife. Hoping to catch up with a few penguins that I met in South Georgia last year. I'll be in Ushuaia a few days before the trip hopefully to meet up with some old voyage crew from last time. Any info on the trip that I can help with, please message me.

Blue · 2 months

I'm so excited to hear about everyone and to meet up! Eeee :) So, I'm going to be in Buenos Aires from the 4th - 6th February (if all travel plans go well) and then Ushuaia from the 6th - 8th. I would absolutely love to visit their gorgeous Tierra del Fuego National Park (specifically on the End of the World Train) and wondered if anyone would like to go too? It would be amazing to get a group going!

Philip · 2 months

We are from Sudbury in Suffolk, UK. Dawn is a retired RAF Engineering Officer who now has her own aeronautical engineering company. I’m a retired Army Air Corps helicopter instructor and now concentrate on my work as a photographer, specialising in African wildlife. Both of us have had eventful military careers and enjoyed various adventurous activities including skydiving, scuba diving, skiing and motor racing. We’ve always wanted to sail in a Tall Ship, and to visit the Antarctic, so the chance to join the Bark Europa on such a spectacular trip is a fantastic opportunity, and we’re both very fortunate to be allocated places on board. We’re not sailors, but we’ve bought all the gear (and have no idea!) We both look forward to meeting you all, and sailing with you on this great voyage. We’re in Ushuaia for 2 nights before embarking if anyone would like to meet up and practice knot tying!!

Walt · 2 months

Okay, I found it! The info about Yellow Fever vaccination is on this site, in Travel Information, Downloads, Ant 4 Final Voyage Information. I thought I read everything but missed that statement.

Walt · 2 months

Regarding immunizations...I wanted to pass along some information I have discovered. I thought I would need a Yellow Fever vaccine booster shot to enter South Africa from Argentina (since S. Africa requires a booster if over 10 years since initial vaccine). I called Bark Europa to see if previous voyage crews required the Yellow Fever vaccine and just received this email response: "Thank you for your telephone call and your attention. There indeed is a regulation for travellers to South Africa that requires a yellow fever vaccination, when coming in from a yellow fever country. Even when both sailing ship and its travellers have not been in a yellow fever area in Argentina, only in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. However, as we will be at sea for almost two months and incubation of yellow fever is 10 days, this requirement is not applicable to sailors arriving in Cape Town on board Europa. So, no need to get a vaccination for yellow fever." USA suggests the Typhoid vaccine for both Argentina & S. Africa, too.

Erik · 3 months

Hi, I am Erik and like all of you I assume in the middle of preparations for the great voyage soon to come! I For me it will be the first time on Bark Europa and also the first time out there on the Ocean. I am so happy that my application was accepted after planning already for more then 2 years! I will enjoy a sabbatical early next year from my job as environmental and energy consultant for global consultancy. I am thrilled by pristine and Artic places and I had the privilege to visit of view of these for work. And with Nelleke, my wife, we travelled by camper from Seattle to Anchorage. And now with this voyage from Cape to Cape and setting foot on Antarctica a dream becomes true. I tasted the atmosphere of Bark Europa already a little bit when if embarked in Harlingen and Scheveningen this year. That where the picture is taken. I really look forward to meet all of you in Ushuaia.

Walt · 3 months

Like me, I am sure you are all excited and in the midst of lots of prep work for this upcoming Cape to Cape. I have made all of my flight & hotel arrangements. I have some of my clothing purchased. So far, looks like 14 out of 44 of us training crew are on this blog, with great diversity, too. I am still hoping to meet some of you ahead of our voyage. I am new to Argentina and plan on taking taxis. I will be in Buenos Aires, staying at the Arc Recoleta Hotel from 02 Feb to 06 Feb. Any not-to-miss things-to-do, restaurants, nightclubs in BA? I arrive in Ushuaia 06 Feb staying at Tierra de Leyendas Hotel for 2 nights before embarkation. Been looking at places we could meet up for a drink or lunch/dinner. Any recommendations from those that have been here before (like Taberna del Viejo Lobo or Dublin Pub)? In Cape Town, I am staying at The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa from 31 Mar to 03 Apr. Any recommendations for CT activities/eats? Any others want to go Great White shark cage diving???

andrew · 3 months

Hello everybody, I'm Andy from the UK. So looking forward to all aspects of this trip, especially meeting and voyaging with you all. I'm getting into Ushuaia on the 5th Feb and wonder if any of you have a hotel recommendation, or fancy meeting up for a meal/drink in the town before we embark?

Thijs · 3 months

For people booking with Norwegian air. If you use the norwegian website you can probably save about €30.

this is explained on the following website

I had my dates mixed up. I'm traveling on 6 febr and will be in Ushuaia by 7 Febr. Anyone else using the same flights can probably spot my carrying a red sailing jacket with bright yellow hood.

Walt · 4 months

Hi fellow sailors! I am Walt from the USA. I am 64 years old and a retired former AT&T engineer, living in the village of Suttons Bay, Michigan, next to Lake Michigan. I am new to Europa and the South Atlantic. I am so looking forward to joining you as shipmates for this voyage of a lifetime! I am hoping to meet some of you before we set sail either in Buenos Aires or Ushuaia. I am flying into Buenos Aires on 02 February and plan to stay 4 or 5 nights before flying to Ushuaia for 2 to 3 nights. I only have the one flight reserved so far. Let me know if you want to meet up. Looking forward to meeting you. Cheers and bon voyage!

Patrik · 4 months

Hi all, I'm Patrick. I'm Swiss/French. It's my first trip to Antartica. I've been crossing oceans by cargoships but never by a sailing boat. I'll arrive in Buenos Aires 31st of January. Actually I'm checking the travel options to Ushuaia - by plane or by bus. Looking forward to meet all of you.

Peter · 4 months

Hi everyone, I'm Peter. I'm Danish, living in Copenhagen where I work and teach at the Veterinary School. This tour is going to be my first time of very many things: e.g. visiting Antartica and southern ocean islands, sailing with Europa, crossing an ocean onboard a sail boat, taking two months holiday break from work. And I'm really looking forward to it all, including meeting, working and enjoying good company with your onboard Europa in February. I'll arrive in Ushuaia on Feb. 6th. :-)

Matthias · 4 months

Hey everybody, I'll arrive in Ushuaia at the 2nd of February. How about the rest of you? Any plans where to stay? If someone else is coming earlier, maybe we could share something? Greetings, Matthias

Bark EUROPA · 4 months

Dear Sailors, We noticed a few errors in our travel documents that are provided in the community page. We have now updated all files under ‘travel information’, please have a look to check it out! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via TEAM BARK EUROPA

David · 4 months

Hi all, I'm David (Dave) from Scotland, and the Cape-to-Cape journey will be my 8th voyage on the beautiful Bark Europa (starting from 2006). It will no doubt be my biggest adventure so far and, I expect, my biggest challenge as well. I'm looking forward to meeting you all, and enjoying the sailing, scenery and good company. I'm sure we'll end up with lots of incredible memories from this amazing experience!

Angela · 4 months

Hi! Looking forward to meeting you all and spending 2 months! together :) I've sailed some years here in Scandinavia, and the beauty of it all is like a drug, just can't stay away.... even though i get sick the first days :P I'm booking all my flights this week, taking also Norwegian as Thijs, but some days after. Which date are you all using for flying out of CapeTown? or are you leaving it open? Angela

Robin · 5 months

Hey hey, my name is Robin and I'm from Australia. I'm just starting to look at flights. I've been on Europa once before in 2012, sailing from Cape Town to Mauritius.

Matthias · 5 months

Hi everyone! I`m Matthias from Germany and I`m looking forward meeting all of you. I`ll be in Ushuaia more or less one week earlier. If anyone wants to share some time before the voyage starts, let's meet there. See you, Matthias

Thijs · 5 months

I've done some looking around for flights to Ushuaia
For me the best option is to fly to Gatwick on Thursday 31st January and take the Norwegian Air from 19:20 to Buenos Aires, Landing at 8:10 and slowly make my way through buenos aires to the other airport for my 15:30 flight to ushuaia. Arriving in ushuaia at 19:10 after which i'll find a bed somewhere and be well rested to board the Europa the next day

Tip: when booking flights make sure to check if baggage is allowed as this is frequently sold as an extra

Amsterdam - London Gatwick airport - Easyjet - €80
London Gatwick airport - Buenos Aires EZE - Norwegian Air - €520
Bus from EZE to AEP - Tienda Leon - € 7
Buenos Aires AEP - Ushuaia - Aerolinas Argentinas - €156

I'll make the bookings in October so the prices will fluctuate a bit. but it might give you all an overview of possible cost of getting to Ushiaia
used websites:

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear all, it has come to our attention we uploaded two wrong files under travel information. The right one's are available now so please have a look at them. We would like to inform you of the following (which you will also find in the new documents): If, based on your nationality, you need a visa for South Africa, please use the following dates upon your application. Arrival date: 26 March 2019. Departure date: April 5th 2019. Most visa's are for a maximum of 10 days, which means you need a pre-booked ticket out of South Africa, not later than the 5th of April. Any questions will be answered by the shipping office at For all those who do not a visa you will also need a pre-booked ticket out of South Africa. If there are questions, please contact the office! Best wishes, Team Bark EUROPA

Liz · 6 months

Hi, I'm Liz and I live in the UK. I am so excited about our voyage, this is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. i have been on the Europa before and loved it, we are lucky to be going to Antarctica on such a fine ship. Quick question has anyone looked at insurance yet?

Carolin · 6 months

Hello, I'm Carolin, 37 years old, from Germany. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. It's my first time on the Bark Europa, my first time in Antarctica and my first time doing an ocean crossing. I'm very excited to be part of this journey :)

Christine · 6 months

Whoops - not very good at posting photos!

Christine · 6 months

Hi fellow crew members. My name is Christine (usually known as Chris) and I live in Sheffield in the UK. I'm very excited about coming on this amazing voyage, my first time in the Antarctic and my first time sailing on Europa. If anyone has plans yet for where to stay in Ushuaia for a couple of days before the voyage please let me know.

Thijs · 6 months

Hello everyone, my name is Thijs (pronounced as tice), I'm 31 years old and from the Netherlands. This will be my third voyage on the Europa and my first time arctic sailing. I'm looking forward to meet you all in 2019.

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