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Welcome in the community for: Cape Town - Rouen 2019

Welcome in the voyage community: CAPE TOWN - ST HELENA - ASCENSION ISLAND - AZORES - ROUEN

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Trainees joining us from Cape Town to Rouen are in for an adventure of a lifetime. With close to two months at sea and 7700 nautical miles to sail, this voyage is for those who seek the real sailing experience. On the way to the Azores we will visit both St. Helena Island and Ascension Island, giving trainees the chance to explore these remote Atlantic islands. Between these stops, you will learn all there is to know about tall ship sailing and life at sea from experienced crew members, and make friends for life with your watchmates, with whom you'll share sunrises and sunsets, rainy days and starry nights. Let the adventure begin!

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Laura · 2 weeks

Hi everyone, I am doing the Horta to Rouen trip starting 30th May. Really looking forward to the adventure but a little nervous too! The first and last tall ship trip I did was about 20yrs ago from Cape town to Carribean and always sticks in my mind as being an amazing experience I would some day come back to. Hope that some of you on the trip will post on here.

Andy · 2 months

Hi all! Looking forward to this immensely! I did Cape Town to Boston last year on Europa. Returning to St Helena & Ascension will be great, but the journey itself is the highlight for me. Nothing quite beats the 4 to 8am watch. Stars, dawn, breakfast & bed!

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