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Montevideo - Falkland Islands - Ushuaia


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Travel information

The final leg before the start of another Antarctic Season goes from Montevideo to Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands. The crew will welcome all new sailors on board and everybody will be assigned to the watch system. After about 15 days and a little bit over 1000 miles the ship is expected in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands, where you will be rewarded with the possibility to explore the Falklands. 

For guests staying for another leg from Port Stanley to Ushuaia, Argentina there will be a 2 day stop over from 16th to 18th November. Although the crew will be busy with maintenance these days, it is possible to stay on board during these days on a B&B basis, which is included in the combined fare. The B&B option is only available for those who will combine the two legs. 

On the 18th November the adventure continues when EUROPA set sails from Stanley towards South Georgia. During this leg EUROPA can usually take advantage of the prevailing strong (and sometimes stormy) westerly winds making for a good crossing to South Georgia. You will be able to experience all the aspects of seaman’s life, including watch keeping, climbing the masts and classic navigation. In sailing the EUROPA, teamwork is the keyword. On board you learn the names of the hundreds of different lines and 30 sails. Everybody will experience the voyage differently; The horizon will sail with the ship day after day, wandering Albatrosses, dolphins who play in the bow wave, a waxing and waning moon.. and so on. 

Please feel free to share your comments and questions with the other trainees in this community. Welcome on board!

Visa and travel documents

All trainees are required to have a valid passport for the voyage. All passports will be collected upon embarkation and returned at the end of the voyage.

Travelling into Uruguay: You need a valid passport to enter Uruguay, where you will get a tourist visa for 90 days. Most nationalities do not need a visa to travel into Uruguay. In case of any doubt please contact your local consulate. 

Travelling into the Falkland Islands: Citizens of countries not listed under the visa-exempt countries will need to obtain a visitor’s visa prior to arrival in the Falklands. Visitor’s visas must be obtained from the nearest British Embassy or Consulate in your own country. Please check the specific visa requirements for your country here.

Travelling into Argentina: Canadian Citizens arriving at any point of entry into Argentina will be required to pay the entry fee which MUST be paid online in advance. Fee: Canada USD 92,- (valid for 10 years, multiple entries or until one month prior to the expiration date of the passport).You can arrange the payment of the reciprocity fee on the following website: Please remember to print the receipt and carry the printed receipt with your passport, as this is the only way to prove payment.

As you will be leaving the country by sea we will send you a letter from the shipping company a few weeks before your trip to show to the crew of airlines or customs in case they want more information on your trip back home.


Montevideo - Falkland Islands

Embarkation in Montevideo: 1st November 2017, 17.00 hrs

EUROPA will be berthed at either the commercial port of MONTEVIDEO Puerto de Montevideo OR the port of PIRIAPOLIS, located between Montevideo and Punta del Este. The exact location where Europa is berthed will only be known for certain a few hours before arrival of the vessel in port, expected on October 30th 2017. Please check our website on 'follow the ship' to see where the EUROPA is. 

Disembarkation on the Falkland Islands: 16nd November 2017, 09.00 hrs

After arrival in Port Stanley you will have a couple of days to spend on the Falklands before your return flight, as the flights only leave on Saturdays. For suggestions on accommodation and activities, please have a look here

Flights from the Falkland Islands 

There is a weekly flight to Punta Arenas in Chile, operated by LAN Chile every Saturday. For booking information, please see this page on the Falkland Islands Tourist Board website. On this page, there is also a flight mentioned going via Ascension Island, but please be aware that the airport here is not in operation at the moment.

Falkland Islands - Ushuaia

Embarkation on the Falkland Islands, Port Stanley: 18th November 2017, 17.00 hrs.

Flights to the Falkland Islands fly every Saturday from Punta Arenas, Chili. On the embarkation day there is also a flight, which lands at 13:00h. This leaves enough time to reach the ship that same day, on time of embarkation.
Flights can be found at:

In Port Stanley, the EUROPA will most likely be docked close to the Falkland Islands Museum. Please go to follow the ship on the day before embarkation to see where the ship is exactly berthed.

Disembarkation in Ushuaia, Argentina: 21st December, 09.00 hrs. 

For many of you the flight out of Argentina includes a transfer between the international and national airport of Buenos Aires. You can get from Jorge Newberry National Airport to Ezeiza International Airport by bus or taxi. You can buy tickets at the Tienda Leon Transport Company, located inside the terminal building. When arranging your tickets please allow enough time between flights to make the switch between airports.

Voyage information

The most up to date voyage information for both legs is available in the top left corner of this page. 

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