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Montevideo - Falklands - Punta Arenas 2019

Welcome in the community for Montevideo - Falklands - Punta Arenas 2019

Experience all that sailing a square rigger has to offer when you sail from Montevideo to the Falklands and on to Punta Arenas. An exciting combination of multiple weeks of challenging sailing, exploring the Falklands, sailing the Strait of Magellan and the Chilean channels.    

This voyage combines the best aspects of a sailing expedition on Bark Europa. Enough days at sea to really learn the ropes and feel comfortable setting the sails. Time to fully dive into the sailing theory with the permanent crew and bring this to practice on the tough and unpredictable weather and sea conditions in this remote area. And so many days of exploring the Falklands!

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Michael · 1 week

Hello, I am Michael, looking forward for this trip on the southern hemisphere, I will make 2 voyages and stay on the boat to explore also Antarctica

Sally-Ann · 4 months

Hi. I’m Sal. Thrilled to be coming back on board Europa.

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