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Welcome to the community page Montevideo - Ushuaia

Welcome in the voyage community: Montevideo - Ushuaia

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Bark EUROPA will visit this beautiful white continent for a new season of Antarctica voyages. This will be the first voyage to Antarctica. It will be a beautiful journey with some unique stops on our way from Montevideo. After the departure we will arrive in South Georgia after 10 days of sailing bliss. This remote island has a unique ecosystem with lots of birds and sea animals. After this special visit we will head towards the Antarctic peninsula to make a few landings.

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Peter · 2 months

Hi all. thanks for your companionship on board. Hope everybody got home safe or have arrived at there next destination as you travel onward. I have misplaced my noise cancelling Bose earphones and would be very happy to be reunited with them. Would be happy to pay all costs involved in sending them to me. They are in a small zip up material bag. I was in cabin 10...yep the one with the "atmosphere" of olfactory overload Have a great new year. Thanks again cheers Pete

Latha · 4 months

Hello, is it OK if we bring any local fruit on board?

Maria · 4 months

We will bring luggage down about 4pm as doing washing before we get on board! Sorry about that! Cheers Matia and Bill

Maria · 4 months

This is us on our way here!

Maria · 4 months

Thanks Bark Europa! We will pack and drop bags after 11:30am today then leave you to get ready and we will wander around lovely Montevideo. What a electic place. Thank you very much Maria and Bill

Bark EUROPA · 4 months

Hi all, Your baggage can be dropped off on board the ship after 10.00 O'clock this morning. The crew is busy getting everything ready for your arrival at 17.00. They will be able to take your bags earlier and will put them safely in your cabins. please let us know if we can answer any more questions! Have a nice day!

Bark EUROPA · 4 months

Bark Europa's position in Montevideo harbor. Follow instructions to the ferry terminal and you should be able to see her tall masts! To get acces to the docks, please show security your voyage ticket. Have fun with embarkation at 17.00! Let us know if we can help with anything,

John · 4 months

John Guider. I’m staying at the Cala Di Velope. Not sure where to go to board the Europa?

Latha · 4 months

Hey all, any plans to meet tonite? I arrived earlier today, the rain made me feel right at home 😉 hoping to take in couple of sights tomorrow b4 boarding our ship. Latha

John · 4 months

John Guider I’m in Montevideo having a great time. For anyone interested I’m a photographer. My website is john Looking forward to meeting everyone on board.

Raymond · 4 months

Hi arrived Montevideo last night from Sydney, met Peter from Perth at Santiago Airport, who is also doing the voyage. Plan to do the 11:00am walking tour today Mon from Plaza Independencia. Claire, the bar mentioned, couldn't find La Rhondo only La Rhonda on Cludadela. Is that the one?

Eric · 4 months

Hi, very late post as well, I'm Eric, 44 year old Swiss that was able to grab a last minute berth 10 days ago. It has been quite the rush to get everything together on such short notice, but I'll arrive in Montevideo sometime this afternoon and will try to join you at La Ronda tonight (12th)

Claire · 4 months

Four of us met at La Rondo bar this evening. It’s a cute little bar and pretty centrally located. We’ll go back again tomorrow night 12 Nov at 8pm if anyone is interested.

Tim · 4 months

Hi, apologies, probably the last to post. Will leave UK on Monday 12th to Buenos Aires, fly onto Montevideo late on 13th. Will be at Sofitel Carasco for Breakfast on 14th. ?? Same hotel as Peter and Bruce. Hope you all enjoy looking around Montevideo. Will catch up on the quay on 14th.

Peter · 4 months

Hi Everyone. We Bruce Male and myself (Peter Cosier) are arriving on the 7.55pm flight into Montevideo on Monday 12th as well. We're staying at the Sofitel Montevideo Carasco. Hopefully we can all catch up on the Tuesday night.

Per Christian · 4 months

And so begins our adventure! Safe travels everyone, and see you in Montevideo :D

Robert · 4 months

Hi everyone, I'm also arriving on the 11th in the evening. Might not make it in La Ronda at 8pm like some others. Maybe La Ronda at the 12th (as well)?

Marijke · 4 months

Hello everyone. We arrive in Montevideo in the evening on the 11th so we won't make it to La Ronda either. Have to wait until the 12th as well.

Andrew · 4 months

I just checked my flight times into Montevideo, and I don't touch down till 7.55pm, so I might not make La Ronda on the 11th.

Cecile · 4 months

Hello fellow crew members! looks like we (Anja & Cecile) are the latest to arrive in Montevideo, 13th late afternoon. Staying hotel Esplendor, Soriano 868 in the old city. Excited to meet you all life & get on board. only 5 days to go...

John · 4 months

Hi, My Name is John Guider. I'll be heading to Montevideo, arriving on the 10th. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Wieger · 4 months

Hello everybody, full of expectations for the trip. Nice to meet each other in Montevideo, will arrive 11th late, too late for La Ronda bar. Possibly the 12th? Staying in Hotel America Rio Negro 1330

Maria · 4 months

Hi everyone! Bill (William Sutherland) and I (Maria Riedl) are arriving in Montevideo on the 11th and staying at the Alma Historica Boutique Hotel. If anyone wants to meet up on the 12th for a drink of any sort let us know. I have all my gear out on a bed, as does Bill and we pack it all into our bags this Saturday and hope it all fits and is under 23kgs! We have never been to South America so it will be an adventure. Hope all of you arrive safely with your gear and if we don't meet you before see you on the 14th which also happens to be Bill's birthday!!! my email address is: if you wish to contact us when we get there as I assume there is email at the Hotel. Wow 39 days on this spectacular tall ship-unbelievable honour. I saw it in Hobart in 2013 and set our goal to voyage with her. Hello to not just all of you but the fantastic looking crew and yes to our Captain!!!!! Interestingly the tall ship Lord Nelson at berth in 2013 Hobart also had a female Captain! cheers Maria+Bill

Marijke · 4 months

Hi all! My husband Sven and I (Marijke) would be happy to meet you to get to know each other a little bit before our trip. We will also arrive on the 11th. See you soon!

Jessie · 4 months

Hi everyone, my husband, Allan Hart, and I (Jessie Inman) will be joining the EUROPA in Montevideo on November 14th. We visited Antarctica ten years ago and are looking forward to returning to the most beautiful place on earth! We are very excited about seeing the EUROPA and meeting everyone. Jessie and Allan

Claire · 4 months

My husband Peter and I (Claire) will be arriving in Montevideo on 11 Nov. we are keen to catch up with fellow sailors before we board. If anyone is interested please let us know. Getting excited now.

Wieger · 4 months

Hello dear sailors, I am Wieger from the Netherlands and I am looking forward to the trip and meeting you...

Bark EUROPA · 5 months

UPDATE: we now know for sure that we will be docked in Montevideo (NOT Piriapolis). This is updated in the documents in under 'travel information'. A few days before the voyage we will send an update with the exact location in the port of Montevideo. You can also follow the ship on our website:

Bark EUROPA · 5 months

Dear sailors, Although we can imagine that this offer will be too late for you, we have a new service to offer! We have started a new cooperation with New Headings who rent out active outdoor gear to prepare travellers for their trip of a lifetime. Bark EUROPA Antarctica Gear rents all the outer layers necessary to stay protected against the wind and the water during your Antarctica Expedition. You can place your order on the website and they will make sure to deliver the gear to you on arrival on board in Montevideo and collect it again on board Bark EUROPA at the end of your voyage. Because the delivery needs to be shipped to Montevideo, you can place your order until October 26th. Please have a look on the following website: Please note that New Headings is the party to answer any questions or handle complaints. You can find their contact details on the website

Peter · 5 months

Hi Latha, not sure what others are doing but I am buying some rubber (GUM or Muck boots in Montevideo at a hardware- work wear store . Im sure they will suffice. Can help with gloves but I have purchased some safety Goggles for the wild weather at a quarter of the cost of Ski goggles. Antway see you soon, Cheers Pete

Latha · 6 months

Hello All, Not long to go! I am still trying to find a pair of sailing boots. Any recommendations based on your experience or purchase for this trip? Also any advice on gloves, have got ski gloves, but need to find some waterproof ones for use during rope work. thnx Latha London

Maria · 6 months

Hi everyone, Bill and Maria (that's me) have got bags out and sorting gear into it and figuring out what else we need. Looking forward to learning about the oceans, the Antarctic region and meeting the rest of you. Did a week on the gaff cutter Eda Frandsen in July/August 2018 around the small Scottish Isles so have had a little intro into sailing. Beautiful area of the world Scotland and the Faroe Islands. Not long to go, we hope you all arrive safely! Cheers (Bill) and Maria :)

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear Sailors, We noticed a few errors in our travel documents that are provided in the community page. We have now updated all files under ‘travel information’, please have a look to check it out! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via TEAM BARK EUROPA

Titus · 6 months

Hi everyone, me name is Titus and will be sailing with all of you. Visited the ship in Scheveningen last week and it looked mighty impressive! The amount of ropes is stellar. Looking forward to the departure which is coming closer every day 👍

Chris · 7 months

Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I will be joining you all in Montevideo for this incredible adventure. I live in Lincolnshire in the UK. For the last six months the whole journey has seemed a little dreamlike but suddenly we are now just three months away and it is becoming more and more real to me. It will soon be November!

Ildiko · 7 months

Hi fellow adventurers...I am joining this trip with my partner Mick. We are currently living in Australia. Was wondering whether anyone could recommend an insurance company for the trip? We were looking at World Nomads. Thanks for any advice...Regards, Ildiko

Lee · 9 months

Another store for Aussies is whitworths marine and leisure

Andrew · 10 months

For the Aussies - Aldi snow gear goes on sale next weekend (19th May). They have decent gear, including merino thermals. I have used Aldi snow gear, its certainly not top of the line but its very good for the price.

Peter · 10 months

Hi Guys, is this site still live? cheers Pete

Bark EUROPA · 11 months

Dear Sailors, As we can imagine that you are already starting to prepare your trip to Antarctica at the end of this year, we would like to introduce to you our updated Antarctica packing list including a small video of one of our guides Sarah. She guides you through the layers of clothing that she wears to Antarctica. Please have a look here: Best wishes, Team Bark EUROPA

Peter · 11 months

Hi Guys. just going back a bit, thanks Andrew for your advice regarding buying to much expensive gear, and your right the high end Musto gear is exorbitant . However I did manage to get some good deals on this item on line. About half price with delivery to Aust. Happy face here. I got musto BR2 jacket and bib pants.

Marijke · 11 months

Hi all! This Dutch girl is also joining the awesome adventure at the end of this year.

Latha · 11 months

I am thinking couple of days in Ushuaia and couple in Buenos Aires to get some sun :-)

Latha · 11 months

Anyone planning to stay in Ushuaia for few days after the trip. Find land legs and may be do some hiking?

Claire · 11 months

My name's Claire. My husband and I will be coming from Australia for this fabulous adventure. See you all then.

Philip · 11 months

Hi everyone. I’ll be coming from the UK and will probably be in Montevideo from the 11th November. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Per Christian · 11 months

I made a Facebook event here if anyone wants to join:

Per Christian · 11 months

Anyone staying in Montevideo a couple of days before the voyage that wants to meet up? I think I'm arriving November 11th or 12th.

Cecile · 11 months

Hello everyone, Cecile coming from Holland and Anja born in Germany now living in Holland. second Bark Europa trip. am going to practice on all the pin- & sail-names (:-)!

Latha · 11 months

What prep work are you all doing for this trip? Are most of the people old hands at this or new bees to this like me. This will be my second tall ship trip

Latha · 11 months

Hi All, made the final payment today. No turning back now :-) I am traveling from London. Just had a mini arctic sailing experience over the weekend in Solent!

Bark EUROPA · 11 months

Dear Sailors, we have updated the travel information downloads, please have a look! We are working on an extended packing list with pictures and a short movie, which we will also post as soon as we are ready. Best wishes, Bark EUROPA

Robert · 1 year

Hi everyone! I am coming from Holland for this journey! Needless to say, but I'm really looking forward to this journey. I'm also curious where everyone is from!

Peter · 1 year

Thanks Desmond, good tip. Will look into a 3 in one sailing jacket cheers P

Peter · 1 year

Hi Desmond and Lee. As you guys are also travelling from Aus, can you let me know what artic wear you are thinking of getting. Bit hard in W.A to get cold weather gear. Am thinking of getting a freezer jacket. Any suggestions cheers Pete

Desmond · 1 year

Hi all. Coming from N.Z. Like the rest of you, really looking forward to it

Per Christian · 1 year

Is anyone interested in joining a discord channel for the voyage? If interested, drop me a comment and I'll add you. A good way to get to know eachother :)

Lee · 1 year

We are also coming from Australia, can't wait, it is going to be an awesome adventure

Per Christian · 1 year

Heyo everyone! I'm travelling from Norway for this amazing adventure! Where are people from? Looking forward to meeting you all ^_^

Peter · 1 year

Hi all, Hi all, im coming from Australia for this wonderful adventure and was wondering if anyone could help me with some information. Not wanting to lug gum boots and enormous jackets all the way, i ask has anybody any ideas on buying recommended clothing in Montevideo? Thanks for any ideas cheers Pete

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