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Ocean-crossing from Lunenburg - Salvador- Montevideo

Welcome in the community for: Ocean-crossing Lunenburg - Salvador - Montevideo

The adventure continues! After a short maintenance period in Lunenburg, Canada, the EUROPA will set sail south again towards South America.  Are you ready for some serious hands-on sailing in a relaxed atmosphere?

The first part of this voyage will offer over a month at sea, including an equator-crossing and meeting with King Neptune before arrival in Salvador, Brazil. From there, we will continue our journey south with a 17-day crossing to Montevideo, Uruguay.  Voyages with plenty of time to learn all there is to know about tall ship sailing from experienced crew members, starting with the basics. 

Please feel free to share your comments and questions with the other trainees in this community. Welcome on board!

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Thijs · 3 months

I've had a change of plans. Apparently my reservation got cancelled at my hotel. So I booked a room in Lunenburg for Sunday. I'd like to join the first group with the taxi to Lunenburg. I'm willing to pay my share for the taxi that Ineke and Jan now have to split. That taxi I arranged to have Ineke picked up at 8:00 and then pick up Jan at the commons Inn.

Tyson · 3 months

Hey Guys, Looking for any pointers when it comes to clothing- As we are crossing the equator, I'm expecting mostly warm weather- How much 'cool' clothes packing is everyone doing? Any pointers would be helpful here-

Ronald · 3 months

Hello everybody. I'm Ronald, from the Netherlands. I sailed on the Europa once last year, and on some other ships over the years. I am 52 years old and enjoying early retirement. I will be arriving on the 3rd, early evening, and I won't ber able to join one of the other shared taxi's. It seems I'm also the only one in the Mariner King Inn. No problem, I will see you all on monday morning! Looking forward to it! Kind regards, Ronald

Tyson · 3 months

Hi Everyone, my name is Tyson and I'm coming from Vancouver, Canada. I'll be staying at the Rum Runner Inn in Lunenberg on September 3rd (and somewhere else in Halifax on the 2nd) Please let me know if you're staying there and perhaps we can meet before boarding- Cheers, Tyson H.

Jan · 3 months

Hi fellowtravellers My name is Jan zaanen, I will arrive in Halifax 2 Sept. 19.40 via Icelandair. A taxi will take me around that time to Lunenburg so if someone wants to join me around that time we can share the costs. Regards and you can reach me+31651526981.

Paul · 3 months

Hi All, Just confirming that we have arranged minibus transport from Halifax to Lunenburg. Initial pick up point is Commons Inn at 10am on 3rd Sept. Currently there are 6 of us, ( myself, Dornford, Martina, Michel, Kris, Gustav)the vehicle can take a maximum 11 person so there is room for others to join us. The cost for the journey is only $200 !

Colin · 3 months

Hello everyone! My name is Colin and I will be arriving on Sept 3 and 11:00am. I'm hoping to get included in the group that will be sharing transportation from Halifax to Lunenburg. I don't have a phone number but I can be reached at or via whatsapp at +1 512-200-9246. Any help in coordinating this would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and taking this trip. Best regards, Colin

Gustav · 4 months

Hi everyone! My name is Gustav, i am 20 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden. This is my first time on Europa. My plan is to arrive in Halifax the 2e of september and would like to accompany the rest of you travelling to Lunenburg at 10:00 on the 3rd, if still possible. I guess I made my booking a bit "last minute" but I am looking forward to meet all of you. Regards, Gustav!

Thijs · 4 months

I have created a spreadsheet in google documents so we can keep track of who is traveling to Lunenburg and when. Feel free to add any information you think is important.

Michiel · 4 months

@Paul, and others! I will arrive in Halifax the 2e september and will book a room at Commons Inn, I suppose. I would like to share for the trip to Lunenburg in the minibus, if posseble, on the morning of the third of september, and I will book a room in Lunenburg. Really looking forward to meet you all!!! Greets, Michel

Paul · 4 months

Hi All, @ Dornford, Martina & Kris . I have spoken to a couple of taxi firms. One has a suitable vehicle that can take 4 persons + luggage at cost of $120. The journey takes just over an hour and I suggested we may wish to leave about 10 am thus giving us sufficient time to walk around Lunenburg. Let me know what you think , if you wish you can text , call or WhatsApp me +447932151313. However , I have also spoken with another taxi firm that can supply a minibus that can take 11persons + luggage at cost of $250. To make this option financially attractive then we need at least 8 persons - so, Thijs, Ineke, Michel & Loek ( Jan , you are only arriving late on 3rd )if you have not made travel arrangement yet and are willing to leave Halifax on the morning of the 3rd then let me know , I can then book the minibus. Wait to hear from you ,Cheers, Paul

Dornford · 4 months

Hi, I'm Dornford from the UK, living in Wimborne, Dorset. While I've visited a couple of tall ships I've never sailed on one ,so this a first...Part of "Bucket List". Really looking forward to it. Am meeting my friend Paul in Halifax and we'll be sampling Canadian hospitality for a couple of days before getting to Lunenburg for our last night of shore leave!! Hopefully we can meet up with some of you before we board. Until then, best wishes...

Jesse · 4 months

Hi everybody, I'm Jesse and live in The Netherlands. I will sail from Salvador to Montevideo. From there I'll travel further to Argentina. THis will be my first sail experience. Hope to see you on the Bark Europa!

Martina · 4 months

Ok, I booked now an Airbnb-accomodation in Halifax for September 1st and 2nd and a room at "Spinnaker Inn" in Lunenburg for September 3rd. @ Paul: I would like to join for the taxi/minibus to Lunenburg on September 3rd, if possible. So we keep in touch, ok?! Martina

Paul · 4 months

Hi, I am Paul from the UK and I live in Canterbury. This will be my first voyage on the Bark Europa and I am very much looking forward to this ocean crossing and meeting the full time crew and all us voyage crew - I'm told there are 20 of us voyage crew, so still quite few to sign in here on the community board! I shall be arriving in Halifax at 19.30 on 1st Sept where I shall be meeting up with my friend Dornford. We have already booked rooms at the Common Inn for the 1st & 2nd of Sept, we plan to travel on the 3rd to Lunenburg and have booked room at the Smugglers Cove Inn. Our thinking is to take a taxi /minibus to Lunenburg on the 3rd , so that we have sufficient time to wonder round the town which sounds interesting and also allows us to board Europa at 10 am on the 4th without having to rush from Halifax. As there are 20 of us arriving in Halifax there are bound to be plenty of permutations - OMG who's good at spreadsheets !!!! - Lol . Cheers Paul +447932151313,

Martina · 4 months

Hi there, I am Martina from Switzerland and really looking forward to this trip with Bark Europa! I will arrive in Halifax on September 1st and would like to join the trip to Lunenburg/to share a taxi. I also plan to book a room in the Commons Inn in Halifax. Does anybody plan to stay in Lunenburg for one or two nights? Greetings from Lucerne, Martina

Jan · 5 months

Hello everybody, I wil arrive at Halifax Airport at September the 3rd at 16.15 hours. I did check in, in the Commons Inn in West Street in Halifax. Looking forward of meeting you all. Jan.

Michiel · 5 months

I am Michel, married with Christine. I have four adult children, Femke, Bart, Ellen and Erik. I live in Landgraaf, in the south of the Netherlands. I am (almost) 66 years old and retired a few months ago. For me it will also be my first trip on the Europa. I will arrive at Halifax the second or third of september, I didn't plan yet for my flight to Halifax, but I will do that soon. I would like to join Thijs (and Jan?) in the Commons Inn, downtown Halifax, and travel together to Lunenburg on the third of september(?). I already enjoy my embarcation on the Europa in Lunenburg, and the long voyage to Salvador seems a great adventure to me!!! Perhaps we can also have contact by phone, my mobile number is 06-15119292. Greets, Michel.

Jan · 5 months

Jan. Male 78 Dutch. It will be my first trip with the Europa. I do have experieince at sea. I will arrive at Halifax on the third of september. I would like to join you for the trip to Lunenburg. Thanks for all the work you did already Thijs. Greetings Jan.

Thijs · 5 months

From what i have found so far, the metroX line 320 goes from the airport to Halifax downtown. The fare is $3.20 More info on this link The Hotels in downtown are slightly cheaper compared to near the airport. That is why i have chosen to book a hotel in downtown, i'm staying in the commons inn. It looks to me like that is a good place to meet up and travel to lunenburg. I have sent an email to one of the shuttle services mentioned in the bark europa office mail. If i hear from them i will let you all know. The website looks a bit outdated so it is well possible that they have stopped the shuttle services. I have contacted my hotel about taxi service. They claim the taxi fare would be $200 but they can get us one for $150. It can all be arranged when checking into the hotel. Let's use this message to see how many people are staying in downtown halifax.

Ineke · 5 months

Hi, I'm Ineke from the Netherlands. I've been sailing with the Europa quite a few times. Thijs, I think it is a good idea to share a taxi with some people. I'm in Halifax on september the first and I haven't made exact plans where to stay september the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Maybe other trainees can join and let know what their timeschedules are? Ineke

Loek · 5 months

Hi! Does anybody already have plans for their stay in Salvador? It seems nice to me to look up a hostel on the mainland with a few!

Bark EUROPA · 5 months

Dear trainees, Welcome to the community page! This community page is for all of you joining us for one or more legs in our voyage from Lunenburg to Salvador and Montevideo. We hope that you will make use of this platform as an opportunity to get in touch before the start of the voyage and perhaps to share tips about clothes or equipment. We look forward to welcoming you on board!  

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