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Ocean-crossing from Lunenburg - Salvador- Montevideo


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Visa and travel documents

All trainees will require a valid passport for the voyage. All passports will be collected upon embarkation, and returned at the end of the voyage.

Travelling into Canada: Most of you will require either an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), or a visa, depending on your country of origin. Check this website to find out if you need a visa.

Travelling into Brazil: All travellers into Brazil need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from entry date.  Tourist visa's are required for some countries, among others USA, Canada and Australia. Please check yourself if you need a visa: tourist visa exemption

Travelling into Uruguay: Most nationalities do not need a visa to travel into Uruguay. In case of any doubt please contact your local consulate.

In case you are traveling through Buenos Aires (Argentina) there is a reciprocity fee for Canadian citizens. 

Canadian Citizens arriving at any point of entry into Argentina will be required to pay the entry fee which MUST be paid online in advance. Fee: Canada USD 92,- (valid for 10 years, multiple entries or until one month prior to the expiration date of the passport).You can arrange the payment of the reciprocity fee on the following website:


As you will be leaving the country by sea we will send you a letter from the shipping company a few weeks before your trip to show to show to the crew of airlines or customs in case they want more information on your trip back home.

Lunenburg - Salvador

Embarkation in Lunenburg: September 4th, at 10:00
In Lunenburg the ship will be docked near the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg on Blue Nose Drive.
Please keep in mind Lunenburg is not that big and the EUROPA will be hard to miss!

Disembarkation in Salvador: October 10th, at 09:00
In Salvador the ship most probably will be anchored near the yacht club in the ‘Barra’ area in Salvador. 

For those staying on board untill Montevideo it is possible to stay on board during the stop with our B&B option. Please see our sailing schedule for booking these nights.
On the voyage from Lunenburg to Montevideo there will be a three-day stop over in Salvador (check-in October 11th, Check-out Ocotober 14th). It is possible to stay on board during these days in the B&B. The crew will be busy with maintenance these days. The ship will be anchored in the harbor. All guest will be brought to shore after breakfast and will be picked up in the evening, after dining on shore. During the day there is very limited possibility to return to the ship.

The voyage
You will embark in Lunenburg on September 4th at 10:00 hrs, this first day you will get the first instructions on board and you will have some time to get to know your fellow trainees and the ship. After the sail instructions we will depart port and set sail! 

Salvador - Montevideo

Embarkation in Salvador: October 14th, at 17:00
In Salvador the ship most probably will be anchored near the yacht club in the ‘Barra’ area in Salvador. 

Disembarkation in Montevieo: October 30th, at 09:00
EUROPA will be berthed at either the commercial port of MONTEVIDEO Puerto de Montevideo OR the port of PIRIAPOLIS, located between Montevideo and Punta del Este.  Piriapolis is situated 90 km east of Montevideo and 40 km west of Punta del Este. There is a bus service that brings you from Montevideo to Piriapolis in 1,5 hours. Please look at to find out more on all available bus connections.

Please take this into consideration with booking your return flight home.

Final voyage information

The final voyage information is be available for download in the top left corner of this page.

More information