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Welcome in the the voyage community for: Rendez-Vous 2017

The Rendez-Vous 2017 will start with the celebration of Canada Day on the 1st of July in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. From there, the EUROPA will partake in the Cruise-in-Company to Miramichi and onwards to Quebec, where we will join in the festivities before parting with the majority of the fleet and continue exploring some smaller ports on the Canadian East coast. Some of you may have been at sea for years, while for others, it is the first time you set foot on a sailing ship. On these voyages, you will all learn the basics of tall ship sailing from experienced crew members. These voyages also offer the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of the Canadian landscape, and a good chance to spot different kinds of whales. 

In this community, you can get in touch with fellow trainees before the start of the voyage, as well as share tips on what to pack, how to best get around in Canada and much more. 


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Bark EUROPA · 2 months

Dear all, We hope that you have had a wonderful time on board Bark EUROPA this summer. With this message we would like to inform you that at the end of October (2017) we will be taking this Community Page off line. If you would like to keep in touch with each other, please exchange contact details before the page is taken down. We hope to see you all again on board! Team Bark EUROPA

Steve · 4 months

Hi Fellow trainees,travelers I will be on board for the Corner Brook to Louisburg. I am flying from Palm Springs Ca a cool 110 today. I sail on the Europa in 2003 in Canada, and am very excited about rejoining the ship. I haven't sail much in the desert so this will be great treat, plus get out of the heat.steve holt

Chris · 4 months

Hi. I will be joining the cruise for the Corner Brook to Louisburg leg. I live near Boston, Massachusetts and spend most of my days "working" or commuting. I have only sailed on a couple smaller boats on fresh water so this will be a welcome break from the "working" and a new experience for me. My daughter Jannette will also be on this leg of the journey so hopefully she and I will have some time to catch up on our lives. Chris Hanna

Marion · 4 months

Hi fellow crewmembers on the leg Corner Brook to Saint-John, we're looking forward to meet you all. We're Nico Gans & Marion Bruijn from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We've sailed before with the Europa, including an unforgettable Antarctica adventure in 2013. If this voyage along the Eastern Canadian coast is what it takes to help celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, we'll gladly join the party! 'Sea' you July 24th in Newfoundland!

Bark EUROPA · 5 months

Next week the bark EUROPA will arrive in Quebec! All guests booked for the voyage from Quebec to Corner Brook have arrived the last voyage information in their email. Herewith a short summary in case you have missed it! Embarkation in Quebec - We are pleased to welcome you on board EUROPA on the July 22th, at 15:00. Please make sure to be on time, there are several details to go through with the crew for checking in. The organisation of Quebec City and the Rendez Vous will join us on board for a deck event with fireworks that will start at 20.00 and will end at 23.00. While they have their event on board you’re of course all welcome to stay on board. At the same time, you are all invited to enjoy other festivities in the city and the harbour and take the chance to visit some other tall ships, such as our Dutch tall ship sister 'Oosterschelde'

Gloria · 5 months

Hello everyone, I am Gloria joing EUROPA from Quebec to Corner Brook

Joan · 5 months

Hi fellow Voyage crew! We are upstairs at O'Donaghues for anyone who wants to join us on this side of the River! Joan and Gus ( If not, see you tomorrow)

Roz · 5 months

We are staying on the Newcastle side where I think the Europa will be docked, wont be able to make dinner at the Irish pub as is way up the other side of the river, hoping to bump into other on this side or see ya tomorrow, have fun

Monique · 5 months

Hello everybody, all ready to leave? I'll be enjoying the festivities in Miramichi Port Facilities in New Castle starting with the Parade of Sails. For the program of the events see Think about going canoeing tomorrow.

Johan · 5 months

I'm a retired maritime economist and try to make each year a tall ships trip, this year the Europa for the 3rd time. I'll arrive Friday in Miramichi by train from Montreal.

Richard · 5 months

Hello fellow crew members, it is Richard here from Northwestern Ontario in Canada. I will be joining the Europa in Corner Brook and sailing to Saint John. I am looking forward to this, my second voyage on the Europa, and being able to partake in the festivities in the ports that we will be visiting along the way. My first trip on the Europa was a delivery voyage from Chicago to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in 2010. I am looking forward to meeting those of you who will be on the ship during this time.

Deborah · 5 months

Trying again to add a photo.

David · 5 months

On 08.07 I am arriving by coach from Moncton at Circle K/Irving 186 King Street, Miramichi at 1600. This is aver 12km from where Bark Europa will be docked so I will need to getg a taxi. Is anyone else coming by the same route and wants to share a taxi? Too late for comfort but if the coach is on time I should be able to make it to the ship for 1700.

Bark EUROPA · 5 months

The ship has done a good job in the race! Now she is exploring the area with some nice daysails and anchorages. On Friday we will arrive in Charlottetown, see here an image send by the port with an overview of where all ships will be berthed

Teus · 5 months

The picture is of my first boat (rowboat with a sail) with a friend at the helm. This pic. Is in a dutch lock.

Teus · 5 months

Teus I will be joining the crew in Louisburg on Aug 4 and sail to Saint John. two days before departure. This will give me a chance to enjoy the Crab Fest there. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but now I am retired and live in Billings MT USA. I have been a dinghy sailor since I was a kid, but there is not much sailing going on here in Montana. Drifting down stream the shallow Yellowstone River in late summer is about the most exciting thing you can do here on the water. I have never sailed on a Tall Ship, so this voyage will be a dream come true. On June 2 Bark Europa posted a video of mine on Facebook. Has anyone seen It? Check it out. It isn't always easy to be excepted as a guest crew member, but this worked.

Joan · 5 months

Bud and I have been talking about a good place to gather for dinner on July 7 in Miramichi to get to know fellow voyage crew. We thought O'Donaghue's Irish Pub looks like a good bet...see you there about 7 p.m. anyone who can make it! (1696 Water Street)

Roz · 5 months

I have started packing, What type of power outlet / voltage is available on the ship and what currency is used for the bar tab?

Roz · 5 months

We are arriving in Miramichi on the 6th, keen to meet up with fellow sailors on the 7th, as Joan has suggested, maybe someone knows a place we could meet at? We are staying at Howard Johnson Inn

Leah · 6 months

Hi, my name is Leah, I'm 38 and very happy to be joining you from my hometown of Charlottetown to miramichi, I'm excited to see PEI from the water as we sail around, it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I don't have a lot of sailing experience and this will be my first tall ship adventure so I have a lot to learn! I will have a drive back to PEI if anyone is in need of a drive anywhere along the way.

Roz · 6 months

Hi, Roz and Phil from the Gold Coast, Australia. We are doing the leg from Miramichi to Quebec, we have no sailing experience but plenty of enthusiasm. We are hiring a car and going to Moncton and bus from there. We are light travelers and could someone suggest a suitable kit and footwear. Looking forward to the adventure and meeting fellow sailors

Louise · 6 months

Bonjour à tous! Je suis Louise de Sainte-Luce aux portes de la Gaspésie au Québec. Je serai de la portion Miramichi Québec. J'ai un petit peu d'expérience de voile, le mal de mer et le vertige. Mais puisque je suis fascinée par les grands voiliers, je réalise donc un rêve inscrit sur ma liste de choses à réaliser dans une vie. Hi I am Louise from sainte-Luce near Gaspésie Québec. I will be be on Miramichi Québec leg. I have a little sailing experience but I am sea sick and I have vertigo. But because I am fascinated by tall ships I am checking a dream from my bucket list.

Klaus-Dieter · 6 months

Hello Tall Ships Lovers, I'm Klaus from Germany and I plan to hit the deck of the Europe for the Lunenburg - Saint John leg. I'll arrive at 9th August in Hallifax Airport. It will be my first time on such a ship and therefore I'm very excited about the event itself but also to see you all. So looking forward having a good time. Take carre and enjoy the life. Klaus

Claire · 6 months

Hi everyone! Delighted to read all of your posts. My name is Claire and I live close to Quebec City. Have a bit of experience on Tall Ships (once every year for the last 8 years and crossed the Atlantic on one of them). Will be meeting you on the Miramichi to Quebec City voyage!!! If anyone is doing the trip by car, I would be interested to participate. Otherwise, the bus is the only option as it is sold-out on the train for that day... Bonjour, mon nom est Claire. Je demeure près de Québec (la ville!); je serai des vôtres pour la portion Miramichi-Québec. J'ai de l'expérience en voile (25 ans) donc 8 sur des grands voiliers; ai traversé l'Atlantique sur le Roter Sand (voir il y a 5 ans. Suis intéressée par un lift entre Québec et Miramichi. Tous les billets de train étant vendus, la seule autre option sera le bus... !Sera un placer de hablar con las personas que vendrán de España tambien!

Deborah · 6 months

Hello all. I'm Deborah Nichols from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I will be joining you for the voyage from Miramichi to Quebec. I have a little sailing experience but only once before several days on a tall ship (the Lynx, on the Great Lakes in 2010). I'm looking forward to learning a lot and meeting fellow shipmates. I'm arriving in Miramichi in the late afternoon of July 6th, by taxi from Moncton airport. I would like to meet with others who are coming in early and am interested in Bud's local road trip on July 7th. I'm staying at the King George B&B in Miramichi.

Gaston · 6 months

Bonjour à tous. Mon nom est Gaston et je suis de Longueuil près de Montréal. Je serai à bord du 8 au 19. Vol Montréal Moncton le 6, direction Miramichi le 7. Au plaisir de vous voir à bord de l'Europa. Bon vent.

Bernard · 6 months

Hello all, Once again, you can call me Bud. Anyway, as I have mentioned in my 1st post about 3 weeks ago, I will have a rental car for my 2 days in Miramichi. Once I arrive in Miramichi on July 6, I will pick up my car rental. My loose plans are to do a mini-road trip on July 6 by driving south on to Shédiac, and then back to Miramichi. On July 7, I am planning to drive North to the Shippagan, the Acadian Isles, Caraquet, and then back to Miramichi. Bernard from Moncton gave me a list of sites to see, and places to eat during my road trips. If anyone would like to join me on one, or both days, please let me know. Looking forward to sailing on the Europa and meeting all of you, Bud.

Bernard · 6 months

Hello, First of all, in order to limit confusion between Bernard from Moncton, any myself, you can call me Bud. Anyway, a few of you have mentioned that you have previously sailed on the Europa, or another tall ship. I am trying to limit the weight of my duffle bag so, can some of you give some advice on which kind of shoes to Pack? Do I need a thigh-high rubber boot. Or would a sandle style hiking shoe (good for walking through streams) be OK? Would a waterproof loafer with rubber soles be OK?

Monique · 6 months

Hello everybody, my name is Monique from Amsterdam. I’m joining the Europa in Miramichi for te leg to Quebec. I’m flying to Halifax the 5th and travel the next day by bus to Miramichi. It will be my third trip on the Europa. After arriving in Quebec got some time left on “the other side of the ocean” will be meeting an friend somewhere between Quebec and Philadelphia from where I’ll be flying back the beginning of august. Looking forward to sail again with the beautiful old lady!!!

Joan · 6 months

Hello fellow voyage crew! I will be sailing from Mirimachi to Quebec with my husband Gus who is sailing right now from Cape Town to Boston. We were on the 2015 Cape to Cape Antarctic voyage and have wonderful memories of that trip. Can't wait to be back on board in July. We are from the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Will be arriving by bus from Moncton on the 7th and would look forward to getting together with other crew members that evening.

Jannette · 6 months

Hi Everyone! I'm Jannette, I'll be sailing with my father (Chris) from Corner Brook to Louisberg. We'll be flying into Deer Lake and out of Sydney. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Bernard · 6 months

Vive le vent, vive le l'été

Bernard · 6 months

Vite vite vite, un voyage en mer

Bernard · 6 months

Bonne soir et good evening my dear brethren's and fellow sailors. On an administrative matter the least expensive way to get to Miramichi from Montreal and or Quebec City is via Via Rail. The fare from Montreal to Miramichi is about $ 140.00 including taxes in coach class. Just checking on the Via Rail web site a few minutes ago (Monday evening, May 22 at about 23h00) they are offering a fantastic deal. The Montreal to Miramichi train run leaving Montreal on Friday evening July 7 arriving Saturday morning July 8 is at $ 330.00 plus taxes in a two bed cabin including meals ! That is a steal, check this out asap (very limited seating available at this rate). The timing is perfect and the rate is fantastic. Called a local cab company in Moncton and they charge $ 225.00 taxes incl. from the Moncton airport to Miramichi for four persons at the time in July. This should be booked ahead, I guess they could find a driver with a mini van who could perhaps take on 5 or 6 persons for about the same fare.

Kathleen · 6 months

Hi every one! This is Kathie and Louis and I will be on board from Boston until Miramichi. We are looking forward to meeting you all! Is anyone from Moncton disembarking at Miramichi? We are trying to figure out how to get to Moncton and if we can get a ride, that would be great. We fly out on Sunday. Can't wait to sail! This is my first time and Louis' fourth time on Europa!

David · 6 months

Hi all, this is Dave from Montreal and I will be joining everyone on the Miramichi to Quebec voyage. A little administrative matter here: I am renting a car from Moncton airport at around noon on July 8 to drive to Miramichi. This method seems to be the most time-efficient. There is a coach bus that departs Moncton airport and arrives at Miramichi at 16:00, which is cutting it way too close for the 17:00 departure. If anyone is arriving at Moncton airport around noon on July 8 and is interested in hopping on my rental car (and sharing the rental costs) please kindly let me know.

Jorge · 6 months

Hello everyone!! I'm Jorge from Madrid (Spain) and I will be embarking on Europa with my wife Panagiota from Larisa (Greece). We are 34 and 33 years old, living currently in Amsterdam and will join you in the trip from Québec to Corner Brook. Looking forward climbing those masts!! :)

Jean · 6 months

Bonjour à tous, Andrée et moi allons nous joindre à vous tous pour la croisière de Miramichi à Québec. Depuis environ trois ans, je suis l'Europa qui bourlingue en Atlantique (nord et sud selon les saisons) et quand j'ai vu qu'il venait à Québec au cours de l'été, je ne pouvais pas passer l'occasion. J'ai la tête grise et j'ai passé ma vie professionnelle dans le domaine maritime (construction et réparation de yacht et navire). Alors, nous avons bien hâte de goûter à l'air du large et du Golfe à bord de l'Europa avec vous tous. Au plaisir, Jean G.

Bernard · 6 months

Hello all; I have been trying to reply to a few of you, but my messages do not post. So, I am simply going to post a new message. TO GEORGES; VIA RAIL has a train from Montreal to Miramachi on the night of July 5. It arrives in Miramichi the next day at 11:18am. There's also a daily flight from Montreal to Bathurst, NB. It arrives at 4:47pm. TO BERNARD; My name is also Bernard, but everyone calls me Bud. I will a car renta while in Miramichi. Iwas planning to go to the Shédiac Lobster festival and also to the North East tip of NB, can you give me some information? TO CLAUDE AND KIM; Do you know anything about Saguenay? Are there any "must see" tourist attractions in Saguenay?

Bernard · 6 months

Bernard, Et oui, un Acadien à bord (Miramichi à Québec) J'habite la région de Moncton et je me ferais un plaisir de vous parler de mon coin de pays si le cœur vous en dit. Mon loisir : un dériveur de 16 pieds sur la baie de Cocagne (entre Shédiac et Miramichi et face à l'Ile du Prince Edouard) Kim, j'ai déjà le mal de mer, peux-tu me donner une p'tit pilule pis une granule ???? Au p

Nicky · 6 months

I'm Nicky from Cornwall in the UK; I"m joining the ship from Quebec to Corner Brook along with my husband Alex and daughter Coralie plus our son Toby who will be one of the crew (from Boston). We've heard so much about life on the ship from Toby (he crewed for 8 months last year) that we couldn't resist this short trip. Hoping to spot some whales too.

Claude · 6 months

I'm from Quebec city and I'll be on the ship from Miramichi to Quebec. I couldn't miss the occasion to experience arriving in Quebec city on a square rigger like the bark Europa. It will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Peter · 7 months

I will be the Europa from Charlotte town to Quebec If you want to to tie turks heads on wrist or ankle brine cord Peter Davey

Bob · 7 months

Hi All! I'm Bob (Franco-Britannique) from Toulouse, France. Pascale and I will be joining for the short voyage from Louisbourg to Lunenburg. I've been dreaming about tall ships ever since reading Eric Newby's "The Last Grain Race" about life aboard Moshulu. We're both in our fifties and have been discovering coastal sailing over the past couple of years. We're looking forward to meeting our fellow crewmembers. We plan to travel from Lunenburg to Halifax on 11th August by shuttle, so if anyone is interested in sharing a ride, just let us know.

Kim · 7 months

Hi Guys! I'm Kim from Quebec. I'll be with you all from Charlottetown until Quebec. There, I'll be happy to show you around the best place in my City and be your translator for those who don't speak French ;). In the last 7 years, I've been working on many different kind of ships and did already 10 months on Tall ship. This was in 2011-2012, and I'm very happy to come back to this as it's the best kind of sea life!. Meanwhile, at the moment I'm working as a Nurse with Doctor Without borders. One of my last contract was a Search and Rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea to provide safe passage for the migrants who escaping Libya.

Peter · 7 months

HI Peter Davey from Australia over ten years as crew on different square riggers. for over ten years I produced/edited/wrote a square rig magazine and i have had a large number of articles published over the world relating to the same. I will bring a copy and leave in crew area. I have worked as an instructor of knotting and splicing, fancy knotting and marline spike knotting. During the 2015 race a large number of he crew wanted to tie turks heads on either their ankles or wrist. if you are interested bring some 1.5 or 2 mm cord. Peter

Cédric · 7 months

Hey folks! J'ai bien hâte d'embarquer à bord. Je fais le voyage de Québec à Corner Brook avec un ami. À partir de Corner Brook nous allons prendre l'avion à Deer Lake jusqu'à Montréal avec une escale à Halifax. Sommes-nous les seuls à faire cela? Au plaisir de vous rencontrer! Cédric Dessureault

Ineke · 7 months

Halo, I'm Ineke from The Netherlands. I sailed quite a few times with the Europa and I'm looking forward to the shifts from Québec to St.John and from Lunenberg to Salvador. I'm 70 year old. See you soon, Ineke

Bernard · 7 months

Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 63 year old retired teacher, who really enjoys traveling. I live in King of Prussia, PA, which is just outside of Philadelphia. I have had a desire to sail on a tall ship since 1995, when my wife and her 2 daughters sailed on the Gazela. I will be sailing on Bark Europa on July 8-19. My travel plans are set: Drive my car to Quebec City on July 5; park my car in the train station and catch the Via Rail train to Miramichi; stay in Miramichi for 2 days; board the Europa on July 8; disembark in Quebec City on July 19; stay in Quebec City for 4 days; drive my car to King of Prussia on July 23. Looking forward to meeting all of you, Bud

Georges · 7 months

Est-ce que quelqu'un prévoit faire le trajet de Montréal à Miramichi ? Si oui, comment ? Avion, train, bus, automobile ? Si par automobile et place de libre, je serais intéressé et je participe aux frais. Georges Lebel

Bark EUROPA · 7 months

Dear trainees, welcome to the community page! This community is for all of you joining us for one or more legs in Canada. From Canada Day in Charlottetown, to fireworks in Quebec and folk music festival in Lunenburg, this summer offers something for everyone. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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