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Scheveningen - Sevilla - Tenerife - Sal - Montevideo 2019

Welcome in the community for Scheveningen - Sevilla - Tenerife - Sal - Montevideo 2019

Welcome on board Bark EUROPA! 

Within four legs, from Scheveningen to Seville, Tenerife and Cabo Verde, EUROPA will sail the Atlantic Ocean towards Montevideo, Uruguay. This voyage is a unique opportunity to truly experience life at sea. The crew will involve all trainees as much as possible in running and sailing the ship. When sailing you take part in a watch system. You can steer, navigate, be lookout, climb the masts, set sail, brace, do rope and canvas work and on long voyages bake bread and assist with the maintenance of this beautiful ship.

In this community, you can get in touch with fellow trainees before the start of the voyage, as well as share tips on what to pack, how to best get around on the different stop overs and much more.

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Boris · 2 weeks

A few days not here, and the "Europa" passes the Noth-Eastsea Channel only 140 km from my home :(

David · 3 weeks

Hello my name is David or Dave and am from Minnesota USA. I sailed on a smaller version of the tall sailing ships on our Great Lakes in the USA /Canada in 2017. While in Quebec City , Quebec Canada I met some of the crew abroad the Europa and immediately inquired about the opportunity to do an ocean going sailing adventure. Other than that I have no real sailing experiences and very much look forward to this new adventure . I am very excited to meet everyone in this very international crew.

Françoise · 3 weeks

Sorry, I did not want to write : beautiful apartment but B and B !!

Françoise · 3 weeks

Hello everybody ! I have quite the same question as Barbara ! I am organizing my hotel nights in Séville and Tenerife. I would like to know that you have already booked something in a hotel or in a beautiful apartment, that it will be of course and more pleasant ! I am looking foreward to meting you. Boris, for the shoes, juste be confortable. It dépens if the weather: boots, baskets, ... You do not need shoes with special soles Of course it is important not to slip

Barbara · 4 weeks

Hi all does anyone have any advice on hotels and where to stay in Tenerife and Sal? Where is convenient to embarkation disembarkation? Barbara Sydney Australia

Françoise · 1 month

Je viens de Suisse, j'ai 63 ans et suis à la retraite depuis peu. Je parle français mais je me débrouille en anglais :) J'ai déjà eu la chance et le bonheur de passer un mois à bord, entre Cap Town et le Brésil en 2017 ! Me revoilà !!! Je me réjouis tellement !! A bientôt, de Scheveningen à Tenerife !

Boris · 1 month

Hi, a question to the expierenced ones on board, what kind of shoes make sense, rubber boots, or leather shoes ? How cold it gets after we've crossed the tropics ?

Jedro · 1 month

Hi everyone my name is Jerry from Liverpool, England I will be 56 by the time we set sail . I'm going all the way from Scheveningen to Montevideo really looking forward to sharing the trip of a lifetime with all my fellow shipmates See you soon

Boris · 1 month

Ahoi, I´m Boris 52 years old, from Germany, and it´s like all other said. I can´t wait sailing from Sevilla to Montevideo, the dream of my life. It will surely change my mind and probably my life. Never before at high seas, really excited what will happen. Looking forward to meet you all.

Colin · 1 month

Putting a face to the name, from a previous Europa trip with a son and daughter

Clement · 1 month

May I say that I think about the trip every day ? ;)

Kerry · 2 months

So excited to be sailing Tenerife to Montevideo...two items off the bucket list with a transatlantic and the Europa. Really looking forward to meeting you all

Marina · 2 months

Hi everybody! I'm Marina, 34 years old, and I'm Spanish. I'm sailing from Sevilla to Tenerife, which means that I'm in fact sailing from my hometown :) Nowadays I live and work in Madrid. I have no previous sailing experience except for small boats, but this is a long desired dream and I'm very excited about it, as well as about meeting you all! By the way, if you need any information related to Sevilla (how to arrive etc), I'll gladly try to help. See you soon!

Colin · 2 months

This is what awaits us, based on the 1519 experience.

Clement · 2 months

Hi There ! I am Clement, french, 34. I am really happy to be part of this awesome adventure on this boat. I never sail before except in small boats. I can say I am like Ahmad, I can look forward to meet other people in this "cruise" and be part of a whole crew together. See you soon.

Ahmad · 4 months

Hello everyone! I am Ahmad and I am thrilled for this experience. I love to travel to learn and explore new destination but sailing a tall ship has always been a dream that I think this experience might top all of my other experiences. Cannot wait to visit Sevilla and Tenerife. But most importantly I cannot wait to sail from one to the other.

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