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Scheveningen - Sevilla - Tenerife - Sal - Montevideo 2019

Welcome in the community for Scheveningen - Sevilla - Tenerife - Sal - Montevideo 2019

Welcome on board Bark EUROPA! 

Within four legs, from Scheveningen to Seville, Tenerife and Cabo Verde, EUROPA will sail the Atlantic Ocean towards Montevideo, Uruguay. This voyage is a unique opportunity to truly experience life at sea. The crew will involve all trainees as much as possible in running and sailing the ship. When sailing you take part in a watch system. You can steer, navigate, be lookout, climb the masts, set sail, brace, do rope and canvas work and on long voyages bake bread and assist with the maintenance of this beautiful ship.

In this community, you can get in touch with fellow trainees before the start of the voyage, as well as share tips on what to pack, how to best get around on the different stop overs and much more.

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