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Welcome to the community page Scheveningen to Aalborg 2019

After a couple of days in port, where we will enjoy the first SAIL event in our homeport, we'll be looking again for some peace and tranquillity out at sea. We will set sail across the North Sea, through the Jammerbugt, past Skagerak to the Danish city of Aalborg, where we will meet the international fleet of tall ship for the match of the year.

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Rudolf · 2 weeks

To everybody I didn't had the chance to say goodbye to. Thanks, it was a great experience. Rudy and Adi

Roel · 2 weeks

playing Ian's selfie-stick...

Roel · 2 weeks

Close hauled. Nice to see how square and stay sails work together.

Roel · 3 weeks

Hi I'm Roel from the Netherlands, a last-minute-subscribers. Sorry to start talking about the way back already, but are there any other passengers who plan to travel back from Aalborg by train? And if so, did you book for the 7:46 or the 9:46 train. Looking forward to seeing you all this afternoon!

Richard · 4 weeks

hi I'm Richard from Australia, I am looking forwards to meeting you all soon!

Jon · 4 weeks

Hi, I'm Jon from Wales, looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday. Fran, my wife on the right, is also coming to Aalborg - she's sailing there on Lord Nelson.

Rudolf · 1 month

Hi, I am Rudolf from the Netherlands. Looking forward tot this sailing trip and meeting alle my fellow travellers

Sarah · 1 month

About time to be on a ship again, it has been four years. Looking forward to our trip.

Pieter · 1 month

hello my name is pieter i am from the Nederlands

Roger · 1 month

Hi, my name is Roger I am from the UK and looking forward to the trip.

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