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Tall Ships Race from Boston to Charlottetown

Welcome in the voyage community: BOSTON, US - CHARLOTTETOWN, CA

It's time to race! This voyage will start with the Sail Boston Tall Ships Festival, giving us a chance to check out our competition before the race. During the voyage we will be busy with trimming sails, observing the weather to decide on the fastest route, and of course keeping an eye on our competitors via updates from the race committee. After crossing the finish line, there will be some time to relax and perhaps explore the canal up to Canso before arrival in Charlottetown in the company of the fleet of tall ships. 

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Bark EUROPA · 2 months

Dear all, We hope that you have had a wonderful time on board Bark EUROPA this summer. With this message we would like to inform you that at the end of October (2017) we will be taking this Community Page off line. If you would like to keep in touch with each other, please exchange contact details before the page is taken down. We hope to see you all again on board! Team Bark EUROPA

Lisa · 5 months

Thumb drive and chocolate: Last two things I need to get for the voyage. In past voyages the thumb drive has been invaluable for downloading a copy of shared file of crew photos and videos. Chocolate needs no explanation! See everybody in 2 days. Safe travels. PS: I will be working on Schooner When & If Wednesday afternoon and evening for their day sails. Stop by and say "hi".

Jack · 5 months

Looking forward to the trip!

Lisa · 6 months

Europa, welcome back to the USA, and especially to Boston. Let me know if there is anything you need while you are here. Looking forward to joining the ship on the 22nd.

Claude · 6 months

Hello Sailors! Can't wait to meet you all for the Boston to Chalottetown race. I will be documenting the trip, filming and broacasting some materials. If you speek french, I want to talk to you. And if you don't, I want to talk to you anyway. See you soon!

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear Sailors, We have had word from Sail Boston as to the location of the EUROPA during the festival. The ship will be in the Rowes Warf Birth 1 and 2. This is in front of the Port Boston Hotel. Attached is a photo of the EUROPA in the same spot several years ago. Embarkation is on June 22th, at 08:00. Please be on time, the race will start before noon that day! If there are any questions, please feel free to ask! Kind regards, Team Bark EUROPA

Glenn · 6 months

Hi, Glenn here, partner w/ Sherman. Looking forward to meeting fellow crew and sailing to Charlottetown!

Bark EUROPA · 6 months

Dear all, We would like to inform you that we have adjusted the final voyage information which can be downloaded from the Travel Information page. The document has also been sent to your email. Please read the document carefully, especially the Voyage Preparation Checklist. We will see you all soon! Best wishes, Team Bark EUROPA

Kelly · 6 months

Hello fellow crew mates! I'm so excited to be making this trip to Charlottetown! My husband is from the Boston area and we will be driving from Minnesota. I have sailed on several Tallships years ago as professional crew including the Re-enactment of Australias Bicentennial. My Great friend Penny Keally invited me to sail this leg and will be sailing mate! So 👀ing forward to fun in the sun and a lil friggin in the rigging- only hope I can get my buttock over the futtocks! I hold a USCG lisense Mate 1600 ton. This is going to be sooo much fun! There is a ferry shuttle from Logan to Boston! Cheers Kelly

Mary · 7 months

I will be sailing on the Boston/Charlottetown leg. Is anyone staying in Charlottetown for the day after arriving? I am traveling alone and will have to catch a flight probably the next day back to WV. Do we know when we arrive in Charlottetown?

Silke · 7 months

Hello, for me it is the second time on board Europa. I am looking forward to the ship, the sailing and meeting you all.

Kieran · 7 months

I am from Cape Cod and love sailing around on the bay but have never sailed on a vessel of this size. My cousin Jack and I are both going on this voyage and are looking forward to an adventure. Look forward to meeting you all!

Andy · 7 months

Does anyone have any advice on how best to travel from Logan airport into Boston? Cab, Uber, other...?

Kathleen · 7 months

Is anyone from this group remaining aboard for the next leg, from Charlottetown to Miramichi? We are doing so, currently making our plans after disembarking at Miramichi. Wondering about others' plans.

Lisa · 7 months = Has some deals on Boston Hotel rooms. I just booked at the Boston Park Plaza $217.00 per night. They also have other hotel deals.

Sherman · 7 months

Greetings everyone! I have followed Europa online for years and am so looking forward to being aboard! We do most of our sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, but sailing aboard a tall ship is an amazing experience and a rare treat. Racing makes it even more fun! Looking forward to meeting everyone. Won't be long now...

Jan · 7 months

Hi everyone. This is my first trip on a vessel like this. Sailed before on smaller ships. I am looking forward to meet you all and have a good trip.

Lisa · 7 months

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