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The Hague Youngsters Project

After the great success of last years’ project in 2017, Kees Gerritse decided to extend the project to two voyages where five youngsters from our homeport The Hague can encounter life at sea on board Bark EUROPA. This year two youngsters have embarked the ship in Cape Town and will cross the ocean to sail all the way to the Azores. From there, even three more youngsters will sail with us up north to bring our lady back home to the Netherlands.

Kees Gerritse: “A longer sailing voyage with a ship such as the Bark EUROPA is a life-long experience and will change you as a human being. I would like to give young people the opportunity to experience this amazing feeling and after the success of last year I simply have to continue this project in 2018.” 

We think this is a great initiative and we hope that many will follow his example to give even more youngsters the opportunity of a lifetime on board Bark EUROPA in the future!

Why The Hague?

The Hague is the homeport of Dutch Tall Ship Bark EUROPA. However, as a true ocean wanderer, EUROPA visits her homeport only once per two years. The last time that Europa has visited Scheveningen was in July 2016, but after two years of sailing the oceans EUROPA will return home in September 2018! 

By inviting youngsters from The Hague to sail with us, we help them to share their experiences at 'home' to make sure that everyone at home is involved in the adventures of EUROPA and her crew. 

Cape Town - Azores 2018

After a successful Friends of EUROPA project last year, Douwe (18) and Maurits (24) have been selected to sail with EUROPA on the ocean crossing from Cape Town to the Azores. 

Douwe has recently finished High School and is now enjoying a gapyear while he is working on the application for the Marine Corps. As a young boy from our homeport Scheveningen he watched EUROPA coming into port every few years and his longlived dream to cross the ocean on board Bark EUROPA has finally come true! 

Maurits has recently finished his study Maritime Techniques and what he wants to do after that is not clear yet. What he does know is that he loves to work with his hands, as he is always working on his own small open boat in his spare time. Since two years he is the proud owner of a s-bilge that he fully restored again. His dream is to sail beautiful voyages on his s-bilge, so what’s a better way than starting his dream by educating him the traditional sailing routes on board Bark EUROPA?

Maurits and Douwe are currently on board and are sending us the most spectacular updates and pictures. You can follow their stories and videos on Facebook!

Azores - Harlingen 2018

While Douwe and Maurits are still enjoying their time on board, the next youngsters will soon start their adventure on board Bark EUROPA sailing from the Azores to Harlingen. 

Pien (17) recently finished her exams and is now enjoying a long summer before she will start her study mechanical engineering. As a catamaran sailor and former organizer of the Model United Nations she is very looking forward to the international sailing voyage on board Bark EUROPA where she will get to know new people from all over the world. 

Daniel is only 15 years old and still in high school. As a child from a musical family he grew up with music around him. He plays bassoon and he performs with orchestras in the Netherlands. The voyage from the Azores to Harlingen is a big adventure for him and the first time far from home.