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Firm booking or option?

Bunk in option

Please contact us if you have a specific voyage in mind so we can check availability for you. We keep separate cabins for single travelling men and women. Furthermore we keep the 2-bunk cabins for couples or duo- bookers. As a couple it is possible to share a cabin with another couple. 

If you cannot book immediately we are happy to block a bunk for you. This allows you some time to decide or make any necessary arrangements.

Make a firm booking

Please return a fully completed booking form back to our office. If you have all your details at hand you can fill out the online booking form in one go. If you need a little bit more time to gather all information please download the file.

Book Online or Download booking form

On the booking form we ask for your personal details like passport number, date and place of birth etc. We need these details to make the necessary crew lists for immigration and customs procedures. Next to that we ask several questions on the health statement. Please answer these truthfully. Of course all details will be treated confidentially. 

Please keep in mind your booking is official as soon as you have received an official confirmation and invoice from the Ships office. 

Health statement

A voyage is enjoyed fully when you feel strong, fit and comfortable on board! Therefore, medical health and fitness is really important when sailing. Strength in your legs and arms are needed to be able to make your way on the ship. When we are several days of sailing away from the inhabited world, it is important to realize that extensive medical care is not available. 

Are you 70 years old or over at the time of booking? We kindly ask you to fill in the additional health statement that needs to be signed by your physician/general practioner. While booking a voyage, you can email the document to: This statement will be discussed by our ships doctors to make a final decision, based on safety, fitness and health, together with our captains and shipping office.

Sailors over the age of 75 that want to sail an ocean crossing or an Antarctica voyage with us, we ask to book a shorter coastal voyage first. Our captains and ships doctor will on this coastal voyage decide if the sailor can sail an ocean crossing or Antarctica voyage in remote areas. After all, a voyage is fully enjoyed when you feel strong, fit and comfortable on board! 

Confirmation and invoice

After receipt of your booking form, positieve assessment of your health statement and check on availability we will process your booking. Note! This is done by hand and with great care. It therefore might take a few days before you receive your confirmation and invoice. 

On the invoice all necessary details for payment are mentioned. Good to know beforehand: we cannot accept credit cards and cheques. Next to the invoice and confirmation we send a suggested packing list. This way preparations can start right away!

General payment conditions as found on the invoice:

First installment:  30% within 7 days
Second installment: 50% five months before the voyage starts
Third installment: 20% two months before the voyage starts  

Of course other conditions may apply when booking closer to the embarkation date.

Final voyage information

A few weeks before embarkation you will receive the final voyage information with more details on where to find the ship and contact details for your loved one at home. Next to that we will unveil a few details of the group of trainees and crew you can expect to meet on board!

We look forward meeting you on board!