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Follow the ship

Friends and family can follow your voyage on-line via internet. Under the button ‘follow the ship’ you will find a chart with a recent position of the EUROPA. On our ‘logbook’ the Captain or (voyage)crew updates the expedition log on a regular base. 

Contact per e-mail

On board you will be able to send a limited amount of text-only e-mails to shore for a standard fare per text line. Your loved ones can send you messages as well using this method. You will have your own digital pigeon hole where you can find your received messages and where you can edit messages you want to send. Sending and receiving e-mail costs around €1,- per kb.

Contact per satellite telephone

We have a satellite phone on board for emergency calls to the shore or vice versa. Please keep in mind there might be a time difference and keep in mind the costs involved are quite high. The average costs per minute are € 2,-. In the event of an emergency, the ship can be contacted via the Office of the EUROPA, Rederij Bark EUROPA. We are in contact with the ship on a daily basis via satellite connection.

Good to know

There is no internetconnection on board. Keep in mind to bring a list (paper) with all necessary e-mails of your loved ones at home; you cannot reach your emailbox or online address book once at sea.

Keep in mind your cell phone stops working while at sea.