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When you book your flights, please allow enough extra time in your schedule to avoid any problems with embarkation in case of delays, lost luggage etc. If you have to travel for more then 8 hours or if alternative transport is limited please plan to arrive (minimal) one day before embarkation. Please also keep in mind that you take enough time between disembarkation and your flight home, preferably a flight one or more days later. If you do want to fly the same day of disembarkation we advise you to book a flight end of the day.

flight itinerary

If you have trouble finding a good flight schedule please contact us for a proposal from one of our partners. We kindly ask you to send us your flight schedule so we can inform the ship about your arrival- and departure time.


It is your own reponsibility to arrange the correct Visa for all countries you visit during travelling to,from and on the ship. Please check with your local embassy of the countries you visit to see if you need to arrange any visa or permit.