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Insurance ship

The Bark EUROPA is properly insured for possible legal liabilities during your stay on board. The Bark EUROPA does not cover possible damage while being ashore. Naturally you must have a healthcare insurance in your own country. Apart from that, you also need to have a travel insurance covering this voyage. We also advise you to have a cancellation insurance.

Travel and healthcare insurance

It might be possible that you already have a travel insurance. Please make sure beforehand if your insurance covers travels with the Bark EUROPA. Also keep in mind to check if your insurance policy has ticked the 'world coverage' box in case you are travelling to Ushuaia, Argentina for a voyage to Antarctica for example. Please also check your health insurance, does it cover medical costs and repatriation world wide?

Cancellation insurance

It often happens that you book your voyage with the Bark EUROPA a long time before the actual embarkation date. In between the time of booking and emabarkation anything can happen with you or your family. We strongly recommend you to think of arranging a cancellation insurance for the voyage fare but also keep in mind the flight costs. 

If you already have a cancellation insurance please check the amount of money covered on your policy or with your insurance company.