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Maybe you are preparing for a voyage on board the Bark EUROPA or you are just curious of what to think about when packing your bag.

What to bring

Keep in mind to bring the following: 

  • Certificates of medical and travel insurance
  • A valid passport. It is important that you check with your own embassy for visa requirements and vaccinations pertaining to each country you visit during your voyage
  • Toiletries and personal medication
  • For use on deck: watertight shoes with a flexible non-slippery profile
  • Swimming gear and sandals
  • Clothing for all types of weather

Layering is the best approach to be able to adapt to various weather conditions. Keep in mind that at especially at night it can be cold at sea.

Packing for Antarctica

For Antarctica expeditions please think about bringing:

  • Thermal underwear; long johns etc.
  • Water- and windproof clothing; rain gear or sailing gear
  • Binoculars for whale- and bird watching
  • Photo camera and/or video camera with spare batteries. Take enough film or memory cards with you; there will be no opportunities to buy these under way. Also spare batteries are recommended
  • Sunglasses and sun screen. The sun’s rays are particularly strong at sea
  • A small rucksack or shoulder bag is handy for walks ashore in port
  • Rubber boots for getting ashore out of the zodiac trough ankle deep icy water. We recommend simple rubber boots with a shaft of at least 28 cm high with soft (for better grip on deck) non-slippery heavily ridged/waffled soles.  If they are too tight they will give you cold feet, space for 2 socks is great. 

What not to bring

  • Your bunk has a comforter/duvet with cover, one pillow with pillowcase and a sheet
  • You do not need to bring a sleeping bag
  • Towels will be provided too
  • Suitcases take up a lot of space in your cabin and cannot be stowed, so we recommend you use soft luggage bags
  • It is not allowed to bring large amounts of food, drinks or any alcoholic beverages on board
  • Jewellery and other valuables

Other facilities

There is a washing machine on board. However, its use is limited. We can only use it if there is not too much swell. That means that you can only sometimes give a small amount of clothes to the crew to wash.

Books: on board there are many books about maritime history, but there is also a wide collection of novels (in Dutch and English).