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Technical details


Build 1911
Home port Scheveningen, Netherlands
LOA 56 meter
Width 7.4 meter
Draught 3.9 meter
Hight 33 meter
Max. Sails 1250 m2
Engines 2 x 365 pk Caterpillar
Call Sign PDZS



As a three masted bark the EUROPA has quite a lot of sails. Once on board you will receive a sailors handbook with more details on the names of the sails and all the corresponding sails. If you want to have a look already please see the list of names below. 

A. Flying jib I. Fore Royal Q. Main Topgallant
B. Outer jib J. Fore Skysail R. Main Royal
C. Inner jib K. Main Topmast Staysail S. Main Skysail
D. Fore Topmast Staysail       L. Main Topgallant Staysail    T. Mizzen Staysail
E. Foresail / Forecourse M. Main Royal Staysail U. Mizzen Top Staysail
F. Fore lower topsail N. Main Sail/ Main Course   V. Mizzen Topgallant Staysail 
GFore upper topsail O. Main Lower Topsail W. Mizzen
H. Fore Topgallant P. Main Upper Topsai Z. Gaff Topsail


We have 12 cabins on board for voyage crew, four of them are 2-persons cabins, four are for 4 persons and we have four 6-persons cabins. All cabins are comforatble and have their own shower and toilet. During the Antarctica voyages or the long oceancrossings a maximum of 5 persons will be placed in a 6-personscabin. 

If you are travelling as a couple you can decide to book a 2-personscabin, but you can also be placed together with another couple in a 4-personscabin. Single travelers can find their bunk in a 4- or 6-personscabin (male or female cabins) We cannot guarantee any specific cabin or bunk to you, we can make a note of your preference, however the final cabin overview will be made on board by the captain.

Things you like to know about sailing with the EUROPA:


Maximum speed

The max hull speed is just over 13 knots. In reality 12.5 knots has been made 

All sails up

It takes about 45 minutes to hoist all sails

All sails down 

It takes about 5 minutes to take all sails down

Rope on board 

Including all sheets, halyards, clew and buntlines, brasses and mooringlines there is 5,5 kilometer rope on board

Close hauled

The EUROPA can sail on a 65 degrees close hauled course