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Mixed international voyage crew

We are very pleased that the ship enjoys the company of a very international crew and voyage crew. Not a voyage is the same. Having up to 14 different nationalities on board during a voyage is no exception. With all those differerent languages on board we have one common language; English. All communication and instructions are given in the English language. 

Mixed ages on board

Also the average age varies every voyage, we have voyage crew on board from the age of 15 but also voyage crew of up to the age of mid-60 years old. Most important factor to sign up for a voyage on board bark EUROPA is being healthy, having the strenght in arms and legs for the life and work on board and be willing to participate in the watch system. The level of participation will depend on your interest and physical condition, some are always high up in the mast while others prefer the duties on deck.

During Tall Ships Races 50% of the voyage crew needs to be in the age between 15 and 25 years old, the other 50% can be over 25 years old. During all other voyages (ocean crossings and Antarctica) all age goups are being represented on board in general.

Different backgrounds

Each and everyone has their own motivation to come on board, and the best of it, is that your social background doesn't matter anymore. On board you work together as one team to sail the ship. You will not be alone in your excitement, hopes and fear. On board we don't have internet and at the middle of the ocean you are for sure your phone won't work, this will give you the time to really connect with your fellow crewmates, yourself and the moment. 

Travelling as a couple or alone

Most of our sailors come as individuals and we welcome couples and groups of friends too. Some are used to solo travelling, while others are taking the plunge for the first time. What most sailors have in common is that they are sociable and happy to meet new people.