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Ahoy Pollywogs

By: Douwe en Maurits

Ahoy pollywogs. Zo werden wij in ieder geval  genoemd voordat we de evenaar overgingen.  Nu zijn we inmiddels echte shellbacks en ingewijd in Neptunus zijn  koninkrijk. Na de wat vieze maar passende...

World Ocean Day

By: Jeremy Sterling

A new update from our science team on world ocean day!  Since St. Helena we’ve transitioned into the South Equatorial Current and noticed a significant shift in the amount of plastics we’ve sampled in the...

June 2018

Our first night trawl

By: Jess Fox

“On the morning of 11th June we decided to do our first night trawl and  deploy SaManta at 04:00! She plunged into and sifted through the calm,  tropical, surface waters for approximately 1 hour. The...

Al 12 dagen op zee

By: Douwe en Maurits

We zijn nu al 12 dagen varende op de zuidelijke Atlantische Oceaan. Het eiland St. Helena wordt geschat op nog maar een paar dagen varen en de voorbereidingen voor het bezoek zijn al op volle gang aan boord. Nu we de...


By: Jess Fox

After a little getting used to the ship (aka. seasickness) we got started on our plastic sampling. The very inventive crew built us a nice construction that allowed us to deploy the manta trawl on the leeward side of...

Europa is now gently rolling

By: Janke Kingma

32 16,7 S 011 48,1 E COG 310 SOG 6,5 Two days ago we departed Cape Town after a ship yard period of 3,5  weeks. Lots of work has been started and completed by many hands. Many thanks for everybody who helped us...

May 2018

170 NM to go to St Helena

By: Janke Kingma

At noon we had 170 NM to go to St Helena. Almost two weeks after departure from Cape Town everybody on board starts to get excited to see the island. Hopefully the lookouts can spot the 820 metre high island with dawn...

We gaan aan boord!

By: Douwe en Maurits

Na in drie dagen de high-lights van Kaapstad bezocht te hebben mochten we dinsdag 15 mei aan boord. Woensdag vertrokken we nadat we bij de Douane zijn uitgeklaard en met een zonsondergang voeren we de Zuid Atlantische oceaan...


By: Jordi Plana Morales

CAPE TOWN.  Day at anchor before going alongside  Last afternoon, after having a good look at the Cape Good Hope we turn northwards and slowly head to Cape Town. Clear skies, sunshine and calm seas were with us...

April 2018

South Africa welcomes us

By: Jordi Plana Morales

South Africa welcomes us with calm winds and sunny weather.  The good breeze that has been helping our progress until now, started to fade away during the night, but died almost completely in the early morning. ...