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South Georgia Safari

By: Annuka

Landing at the old Norwegian whaling harbour of Godthul was a funny experience. We landed close to a couple of old "jolle", whaling boats used for cutting up blubber next to the floating factory ships.

March 2017

Maiviken to Grytviken walk

By: Jordi

In the early morning we get free from our holding under two anchors at Husvik and motor our way towards the little cove Maiviken, tucked into the coastline of cliffs and scree slopes in Cumberland Bay.

Elsehul Bay

By: Jordi

Under winds with variable force we made our way to South Georgia. To get close to land on the North east side of the island we actually went through StewartStrait, in foggy conditions just with around 3.5 cables of visibility....

Closing in

By: Jordi

With the fair winds pushing us fast towards South Georgia, and despite the uncomfortable rolling as we sail over relative big swells, it really seems that our arrival time will be earlier than scheduled. That will allow us to...

February 2017

South Georgia!

By: Peer

Het begin van de reis begon al goed met stevige wind en dus goeie snelheden. Maar de onstuimige zee veroorzaakte ook stevige golven. Deze sloegen met grote regelmaat over het dek en op een bepaalt punt zo heftig en met zo veel...