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October 2021

Potassium Chloride (KCl)

By: Fran

Since the last update we have sailed down the East coast of Morocco and into the Canary Islands, allowing the hunt for potassium chloride (KCl) to begin. KCl is a type of salt and a supplement taken to allow proper...

Far away from home

By: Joop

Far away from home “I have never been so far from home” Benthe said when she realized we were already sailing off the coast of Africa. “Oh my…”, is Gjalts reply, “I hope this turns out...

No Man's Land

By: Joop

In the so called lounge of Europa a lot of travel guides are on display.  Going over the titles I saw Bolivia, New Zealand, Cuba, Australia,  Nomansland, France… now wait a minute: Nomansland? Yes...

Do Nothing

By: Joop

On a ship there is always something to be done: ropes hanging loose, a  shelf that rattles, a sail looking crooked… anyone can add chores to the  list. It is important however to take time to do nothing....


By: Joop

We human beings make our choices on the basis of what we know. In hindsight probably there will be regret if a decision could or should have been made differently. But what we know now very often is now what we knew when the...

September 2021

Scientific update

By: Regitze Andersen

I have finally embarked Bark Europa and started my journey from Scheveningen, the Netherlands and then crossing the Atlantic ocean to Montevideo, Uruguay crossing. The first couple of weeks conducting the research project has...

Research update

By: Fran

After a week and a half of conducting my research into the abundance of  bioluminescence in the English Channel and Bay of Biscay, I have made a  few scientific discoveries. Equally, as with any scientific...


By: Joop

Over a period of 24 hours temeratures change quite a bit. In the open  air at sea the feel of temperature is dependent on the wind. A canvas  over the main deck is sometimes necessary to provide some cool...

Ocean swell

By: Joop

For the greater part of my life I have been sailing. Lakes, canals and also, as the weather forecast calls them:'coastal waters and estuaries'. Moving water causes waves and wherever there are waves there is a...