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We zijn bijna in Montevideo

By: Fosse Fortuin

We zijn bijna in Montevideo. Nog een laatste nachtje op zee. Stel je voor.. Een verse bries drijft de zee voort en laat de golftoppen fel wit  krullen in het maanlicht. De hemel is een soort zwart blauw gevuld...

Neptune's Court

By: Rob Vos

Neptune and his court came already two hours after crossing the Equator  on board. Crossing the line means the initiation into the world of Ocean  going seamen and daring adventurers, the ceremony is presided by...

October 2017

Overall: Very comfortable and sunny

By: Fosse Fortuin

Moving South. We passed Ilha Santa Barbara last night, The light from the lighthouse  was visible on the horizon, It seems the Island has beautiful palm trees  and a white beach. Only the birds life there...

"Galley Thoughts"

By: Gjalt en Rensje

One of the many good things of sailing on the Europa is that her crew,  and Voyage Crew of course, come from all the corners of the world.  That  brings variety and diversity in daily shipslife, in music and...

Two weeks at sea!

By: Janke Kingma

24 39 N 040 22 W COG 125 SOG 5.8 14 days at sea. This night we could see the stars reflect in the water. A beautiful  sight, but it means that there was no wind at all. It has been on and  off with the wind...

10 days at sea

By: Robert Zant

It appears this route is hardly used by mammals. We see many flying fish  and even catch a few dorado’s, but we only see a human ship every few  days, an occasional dolphin and not a single whale so far....

"Garlic and Oranges"

By: Rensje en Gjalt

What?? What? Say again?? No Garlic?... Then we don’t leave the quay. You can’t  cross the ocean without any garlic on board, imagine all the evil that could come and visit us on board! Sailing...

September 2017


By: Robert Vos

GPS It has been a few years since I had a sextant in my hand for serious  navigation, I mean now it is playing as if there is no GPS, but there  was no way to ignore the question. At first I tried to avoid the...

Happy Birthday!

By: Jan van Zaanen

28 N  45W on board Europa Today I have my birthday and its really a warm bath. Maybe because it’s  about 30 degrees but also the crew is most kind. They even sang for me last night when I came off watch!...

How is the weather on board?

By: Rob Vos

Weather Today only six days at sea, but it feels like weeks. Since the start in  Lunenburg we had already quite a few weather changes. Cold and windy, a  shower at times and since we have reached the Gulfstream...