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On our way to Cape Town

By: Jordi and Eduardo

A nice sailing day! During the afternoon we gradually start to brace a bit squarer, first just a little keeping the ship close-hauled, still doing great speed and heeling heavily to starboard and riding a moderate swell.

Laatste etappe

By: Peer

Tijdens de eerste landing op Tristan da Cunha gaat in de namiddag de scheepshoorn van de Europa. De mensen moeten terug naar het haventje lopen want de swells worden te hoog. Het schip deint als een opblaaseendje in een ligbad...

Arriving late at night at Tristan da Cunha

By: Jordi and Eduardo

In the early hours of the new day the wind died down to around 5kn breeze from the south. The swell also follows the same tendency, becoming gentle with waves not bigger than 1.5m. We keep on a 045º course under engine,...

March 2017

On watch

By: Jan

Nights, those dark companions and all the stories which they bear with pockets full of stars, a planet fog, rain and coldness too they bring or breathe a lazy warmth and damp They act as if they´re kings of time but...


By: Jordi and Eduardo

Overnight, we sailed towards Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, reaching the bay that marks the entrance to the unique settlement of Edinburgh of the Seven Seas at Tristan. We reached the proximity of the harbour at 03:35, time at...

Land in zicht!

By: Ingrid de Gilde

Na de enorme storm van 4 dagen geleden kwamen uiteindelijk in veel rustiger weer terecht. En dat was zeer welkom.