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Oceancrossing from South Africa to Europe

After two years of ocean wandering the EUROPA will return to Europe, where she will be joining the 2018 Tall Ship Races. This voyage, the ocean crossing from Cape Town to Horta is a long and beautiful voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, with many nautical miles to cover and lots of experience and knowledge to obtain plus visits to some beautiful remote Islands. After arrival on the Azores we will set sail towards Stavanger where we will meet the rest of the international Tall Ships fleet.

Miles and miles of scintillating water, colorful mountains and islands afar, a sky full of magnificent cloud patterns and sun rays on day, and full of stars at night.

Raphael Houde Belle-Isle

2018 Tall Ship Races

Every year the international fleet of Tall Ships meets during the Tall Ship Races, which are helt along various ports in Europe and often also in another location around the world. Last summer (2017) the EUROPA was a guest in the Tall Ship Rendez Vous in America and Canada and raced from Boston, US to Charlottetown, CA. We have had an amazing summer, but we are happy to be sailing in European waters in summer 2018 and cannot wait to see the other Tall Ships again. We will meet them in the Norwegian harbour of Stavanger, and after the Sail Out we will race them to Harlingen in the Netherlands.

Mankind could take an example from the ocean and all its currents. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could surrender to a wave of warmth between people? That we would not withdraw from a honest spreading of warmth amongst ourselves. A warm and open attitude towards others is what the world needs now. Then eventually the cold undertow among humans will change for the better.

Joop van der Wal

Bark EUROPA's Summer parade

In July and August the bark EUROPA will participate in the Tall Ships Races and the ship will visit Norway and the Netherlands. During the Bark EUROPA Summer Parade we will have some special events for you, alongside in the port and some shorter sails. 

From the Netherlands to South-America

The voyage from the Netherlands to South America is a beautiful four leg voyage. We start our journey from our homeport in Scheveningen before we set sail towards the English Channel and Portugal. From Portugal the temperatures will rise and after twelve beautiful days at the deepblue ocean we will arrive in the colorful Canary Islands.

After Tenerife we will leave the European continent and head south towards the African Cabo Verde islands. The Cabo Verde Islands will be our last stop before crossing the Atlantic Ocean on our way to Montevideo, Uruguay.

Antarctica season 2018/2019

From November 2018 the EUROPA will set sail in Antarctic waters again. We will start our season with a 39 day voyage with plenty of sailing days and a visit to South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula. After this unique voyage we have scheduled two 22 day expeditions to Antarctica.

Antarctica is one of the most protected areas our world has to offer and because of this the natural habitat is almost completely preserved. Walls of ice with magical shapes and colours will surround the EUROPA, as well as thousands of penguins when you visit the main land. On board, you will be prepared by your guide before going a shore. 

Cape to Cape voyage 2019. Although the dates of the Cape to Cape are online, bookings will open on June 14th at 12.00 hrs (midday) CEST (Central European Summer Time). Please keep in mind the following notes:

  • Bookings will be accepted from June 14th from 12.00 hrs CEST and processed in order of receipt by email. Any bookings received before this time will not be processed.
  • Please send in a bookingform and health statement per person. Add the names of your fellow travellers in the remarks of your booking.
  • Please return a fully completed booking form back to our office ( Please find the form online: Book Online
  • Please keep in mind that only after the medical approval of your booking your reservation is definite.
  • Once your booking is confirmed our general conditions will apply regarding a possible cancellation and we will require a deposit of 30% directly after confirmation.
  • It is possible to make an optional reservation, but please be advised that complete booking forms and health statements will be prioritized. 

We're under sail in the vast and unpredictable Southern Ocean in a 56m tall ship doing 7 knots heading towards South Georgia. And for the next 20 minutes - I was at the helm! This is what I came for. This is what it feels like to be really alive!


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