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Antarctica photography expedition

With your camera at hand to the white continent

  • 22
  • 1200
    nautical miles
  • cost Fully p.p.
    4/6 person cabin
  • cost booked p.p.
    2 person cabin

This specific Antarctica voyage is meant for people who have an interest in photography. Basic of an expedition with the bark EUROPA is participating in helping to sail the ship however during this voyage there will be more additional focus on (wildlife)photography and on how to get the best picture under certain circumstances. There will be lectures about the places we visit and the animals you may encounter, but our team of natureguides will be completed with 2 professional photographers. Together they will guide you during your expedition through the white continent and with your own camera gear you will shoot the best pictures! The itinerary and timing will be planned the most suitable way for photographers. We will chase the best light, catch opportunities to observe wildlife and of course, use our beautiful Bark Europa as a perfect model among the beauty of Antarctica!

Southern summer

Some people become interested in the North and South Pole after reading about the voyages of Willem Barentz and Shackleton. Others are more fascinated by the rich wildlife or the beauty of the unspoilt natural environment. Antarctica is one of the oldest continents on our planet, but man has always been unable to live here because of its extremely cold climate. It is the last great wilderness on Earth. A couple of thousand researchers spend the southern summer living in several research stations. During the southern winter, that number dwindles to less than 1,000. When winter grips this great, white desert, tourist activity is no longer possible.

Sail Training
On this voyage, just as on any other voyage of the Bark EUROPA, sailtraining is a real part of the experience on board and life on board. During the crossing of the Drake Passage you will be assigned to the watch system and help on deck with furling or unfurling the sails, standing at the wheel or standing on lookout. Of course there will be ample time to take pictures of all activities on deck! Once in Antarctica the watch system will be dropped, though we look forward to all volunteer anchor watches! No sailing experience required. 

We work with our material at best light and make lectures on photography and wildlife. Do not expect a classic photo workshop or photo course. It will be an expedition and our goal is to make itinerary and timing best suitable for photographers, and help/assist you with your photography on board.

Photographs + Drones – You will have the possibility to see animals close by – while keeping your distance. To reach the best photo/video result we recommend you to bring a zoom lens next to your regular lens(es). Please keep in mind drones are prohibited entirely on South Georgia and Antarctica.

Guiding on board

During the Antarctica  photography expedition there will be nature guides and professional photographers on board the Bark EUROPA. They know the area we will be visiting very well. The guide gives lectures on board the ship about the flora and fauna we will encounter, prepares you for the landings on shore and will guide you on the shore walks. Photography guides (Daniel and Frits) will make lectures on photography, and adjust the itinerary the way we can catch the most amazing light. The crew will take groups ashore in the dinghies to see glaciers, mosses and lichens, seals, birds and penguin rookeries. Ashore, visitors will often be welcomed by different kinds of penguins, such as the Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adelie penguins. 

We know several aspects will be there for sure: the ship, the pinguins and the beautiful ice sculptures. A fourth aspect is the weather. The weather on Antarctica sometimes has the character of 'four seasons in one day'. And we know it is not blue skies everyday. The more gray days are a great challenge to set your camera right and still make the best photo's!

Get to know you
If you decide to join we definitely would like to get to know you! We look forward to know into what extend you have experience in photography and what you would like to learn. We will collect this information from every joining trainee and share this with our photographers prior to the trip. Furthermore you will get acces to a special part of our website where you can get to know your fellow travelers plus your photos published on instagram will be loaded on this page.

Upon booking this voyage you give Rederij Bark EUROPA permission to use the photos made during the trip for promoting the Bark EUROPA and her voyages. The authors details will be treated carefully and your credits will be mentioned. Furthermore we will try with our experienced photographers to get the best pictures of the voyage published.

Beating the elements in combination with experiencing the desolate nature made this voyage one of the best adventures of my life! 

Frits Meyst

Guide and photographer Jordi Plana Morales

Jordi has been crewing on EUROPA since 2009 as guide during the ships Antarctica season, starting as a guide for the ship voyages in the Chilean Channels. Jordi works worldwide as guide and scientist and is expedition leader at wild natural reserves such as Antarctica but also the Arctic, Greenland and Iceland. If he gets the chance he researches the biogenetics and distribution of kelp (large seaweeds) and the genetics and population of whales. He is a gifted photographer and most probably you have seen already many photos of him on our website and in our brochures.

Nature photographer Daniel Kordan

'I have been fascinated by the possibilities of photography since my early childhood. I grew up at beautiful lake region under Moscow exploring wild nature, spending most of my free time in the nature. I graduated the art painting school when I was a kid. Mix art, nature, constant activities and you’ll receive a summary – art of Landscape photography. Life started swirling me, pushing me into the rush. University, hard work on my quantum physics thesis, family and friends… But there is always a pleasure in the pathless woods: places I always returned and always admired. Nature is my inspiration, with all the beauty and variety of colors and compositions.'

'Lucky for me during my study at Institute of Physics and Technology I gained experience not only in physics, but also in mountain climbing and hiking, guiding tourist groups in winter and in summer. I became a guide of photo-workshops and chief editor of “Continent expedition” magazine. We wrote awesome articles travel and adventures all over the world competing even with National Geographic.'

Daniel won several awards in photography, is an official Nikon ambassador and has more than 500.000 followers on his instagram account. 

Adventure photographer Frits Meyst

Frits Meyst graduated in 1992 at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague as a documentary photographer. His career in freelance photojournalism brought him to some of the worlds hotspots. His images are published in major international newspapers and magazines.

Photographer and journalist Frits Meyst has done many bold things before and his travels took him all around the world, though antarctica was on top of his bucketlist:' I wanted to go there for years,' he says, 'but how? Flying is a possibility out of Punta Arenas to a base near the South Pole, but there is not much to see there. Out of Ushuaia many cruise ships depart, but i do not like these flaoting hotels. And then i came into contact with the Bark EUROPA. Sailing on this Tall Ship to antarctica is the ultimate adventure. There is nothing more spectacular then being on the top yard to make a photo of a breaking gletsjer the size of a building. It was a beautiful experience to be part of a group of people who are discovering the continent on places where only a few people have set foot ashore. I felt like a real explorer.' Frits Meyst published an article in the National Geographic about his adventure on board bark EUROPA.

"Trekking, climbing mountains, paragliding, sea kayaking and canyoning, makes me explore my limits. I want to know what my physical and mental limits are. Through my outdoor adventures I realize the strength of nature and that makes me humble. So, when I can conquer a mountain, surviving adverse weather conditions and improvising with daily living, I feel very much alive." says Meyst.

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