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Explore Bark EUROPA

Day 2: A peek behind the sails of Bark EUROPA

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    nautical miles
  • cost 150,- NK p.p.
    4/6 person cabin
  • cost -- p.p.
    2 person cabin

Have you always wondered what Bark EUROPA looks like below her wooden deck? Or would you like to hear more about her ocean wandering adventures, or how cold it gets on the Antarctic voyages? 
This is your chance to find out! Come on board during our Peek behind the Sails and find out everything there is to know about sailing Bark EUROPA!

Please let the office know you would like to join at, and we will put you on the list. You can pay on board, but cash only.

Coffee, thee and cake will be ready to welcome you on board Bark EUROPA at 14:0. After a brief word from the Captain, the crew will take you on a tour of our decks!

On deck you will learn all the tips, tricks and secrets of sailing a tall ship! How many sails does EUROPA have, how many lines, what are the mast called and what is the story behind the bull headfigure?

In the deckhouse our crew will tell you all about our ocean adventures. Furthermore we will inform you on the results of the scientic research which is being conducted during our last oceancrossing from Cape Town to Azoren. With a Manta-trawl they took water samples to determine the amount of plastics in the ocean, and alter investigation will show their provenance. They also looked into the quality of the ocean water, the salinity and the amount of plankton in it. You are invited to ask all the questions you have and participate in the discussion on how to best protect our oceans.

Below decks you will visit the lounge, where we will introduce you a bit more to Bark EUROPA and our sailng expeditions to Antarctica.


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