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Sail op Scheveningen: Day Sail!

Experience a day at sea on board Bark EUROPA!

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  • nautical miles
  • cost € 100,- p.p.
    4/6 person cabin
  • cost € 100,- p.p.
    2 person cabin

Bark EUROPA is home!

This year EUROPA is visiting her home port! After a long journey from Cape Town, via the Azores and Rouen in France, Bark EUROPA returns home. For good reasons EUROPA is called a true ocean wanderer. She usually sails on the Atlantic Ocean, on her way to South America, to sail from there even further South to admire Antarctica. This summer we are sailing home to Europe and she will finally visit her home port, Scheveningen again. 

Together with many of her sister Tall ships Bark EUROPA wil be present at the Sail op Scheveningen Tall ship event. The harbour will, for a few days, be home to the most beautiful historic sailing vessels from around the world. The harbour will be bussing with activities and festivities, do you want to experience this event fully? Let's cast off our lines and hoist the sails! 

Bark EUROPA wil set sail for one day on the 25th of June and we invite you to step aboard! This day wil be perfect if you want to know what it would be like to sail a voyage or if you would like to show others what it is like to sail away on board Bark EUROPA. Come along and join the adventure!


Adventurers from The Hague

In the last three years, 10 young people from The Hague have been given the opportunity to sail on board and blog about their journeys on board Bark EUROPA through the Friend of EUROPA foundation. These adventurers from The Hague sailed from Cape Town to Boston in 2017, from Cape Town to the Azores and Harlingen in 2018 and this year they will sail all the way home from Cape Town and step off in Scheveningen!

Everyone who stayed 'a shore' was able to enjoy the many blogs and films made by these young people about everything they experienced at sea. This summer we are finally in Scheveningen and we can welcome our loyal followers from The Hague, the Netherlands and all over the world during a day at sea.

From 10:00 you are welcome on board for an unforgettable day including luch and drinks. Do you want to know more about what it's like to sail a voyage? Or have you ever been along and would like to let family or friends experience what it feels like to stand on deck and set sail? Book this trip aboard Bark EUROPA alone or with friends and family and experience the adventure!

Practical information

At 10:00 you are welcome on board, after the word of welcome by the captain we will take to sea.

One of the many special aspects of the port of Scheveningen is that we will be out at sea immediately after leaving the harbour. Time to set sail! Bark EUROPA is known to sail in full glory, carrying all her sail Bark EUROPA is in her element.  Our experienced crew will eagerly show you how to hoist and lower the sails and together you will show everyone on the quay what sailing Bark EUROPA is all about.

Included in the day are a lunch on board and your drinks. We expect to be back in the harbor at 15:00.

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