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Falklands Expedition 2020

One week of exploring the Falkland Islands making hikes and admiring its pure beauty

  • 8

  • nautical miles
  • cost € 1200,- p.p.
    4/6 person cabin
  • cost € 1440,- p.p.
    2 person cabin

The Antarctica season 2020/2021 opens on October 29, 2019 at 12:00 CET (noon). From that moment the voyages will be available for bookings on our website. Bookings received before this date will not be processed to give everyone a fair chance.

Experience the Falkland Islands on board Bark EUROPA during a one week sailing experience and explore the beautiful islands while making hikes ashore. This voyage will bring you around the islands and will be fully focused on admiring the beauty of the area and spotting its incredible wildlife. Surrounded by the many seabirds and magnificent albatrosses we will explore the area. We will make daily landings and our guides will take you on a tour telling you all they know about its flora and fauna. 

It is also possible to combine this one week voyage with our 34 day Antarctica expedition, that will start from Stanley one week later. You can find more information on this combination here.

Discover the Falkland Islands

Situated between the latitudes of 51° and 53° south and 57° and 62° west in the South Atlantic Ocean, these islands are something truly special. Imagine miles and miles of unspoiled breathtaking landscapes, where the main occupants of the land are thousands of birds, penguins, albatrosses, sterns and many more. You hear their calls and cries everywhere in this otherwise silent wilderness.

The steep cliffs of the island are home to the black browed albatross and the rockhopper penguin colonies. Located several hundred feet above the ocean, there is constant traffic of penuings going on, hopping from rock to rock as only a rockhopper knows how to hop. This island is not an easy place for many to live, but for the birds, this treeless landscape whipped by a biting Antarctic wind is the only place to bring up their chicks and prepare them for a tough life at sea ahead.

Spot Gentoo penguins, Magellanic penguins and a lone King penguin with their chicks in their natural habitat, standing guard over their burrows. Spot the everpresent seabirds like the Kelp Geese, White Tufted Grebes, oystercatchers, petrels, and of course, the magnificent albatross. During zodiac expeditions to shore, you’ll be accompanied by many playful and curious Commerson's Dolphins and seals.

The archipelago consists of over 700 islands. The two main islands are East Falkland and West Falkland, with other smaller islands of varying sizes around it. East Falkland is home to the capital, Stanley, where most of the islands' people live. 

The coastline varies from rugged coastal cliffs to long miles of undisturbed white sandy beaches interspersed with rocky headlands and large kelp forests. Many sheltered harbours are found around the coast. Mount Usborne on East Falkland is the highest peak at 705 meters (2,312 feet).

The Falklands have an oceanic climate with temperatures ranging from 25°c to -5°c. Prevailing westerly winds lower the temperatures and have created a notable difference between the east and west both in terms of climate and flora. The islands of the west are significantly drier and experience more sunshine than those on the east. Higher rainfall on the east encourages the growth of ferns and tussac grass. A typical summer day will be windy with a blue sky and sunshine.

Being 'voyage crew' on Bark EUROPA

Onboard Bark Europa we call our guests 'voyage crew'. This means that Europa's permanent crew will train you to be a sailor. Unlike going on a cruise, on Bark Europa you will be going on a hands-on, active sailing adventure. You will be divided into three watches; Red watch, Blue watch and White watch, named after the colours of the Dutch flag. You will be 'on watch' for four hours after which you have eight hours of free time. 

During your four hours on watch there will be different tasks that will be divided between the members of your watch. There will always be two people on helm duty. You will together, maintain a steady course on the helm. The crew will explain how to steer the ship and what to look out for. During the watch there will also be two people on look-out duty at all times. On the bow of the ship, you will stand look-out. The rest of the watch members will be on deck duty. The permanent crew will give you sail training and you will assist in all sail handling. This involves setting- and taking away the sails by hauling- and easing lines, climbing the rigging to furl or unfurl the sails. 

The crew will instruct you how to work on deck and you will learn how to trim the sails to the direction of the wind. During deck duty, there is also time to assist the crew with the maintenance of the ship. This way you will learn how to work with traditional tools and methods, such as woodworking, sailmaking, celestial navigation, and traditional rope- and rigging work. The captains and officers of Bark Europa are easy to talk to and like to get involved in your sail training. They will explain traditional- as well as modern ways of navigation. They will organize and run you through safety drills and procedures. 

During your eight hours 'off watch', there is time to rest and enjoy the scenery. You can read a book in the library or in the deckhouse. The bar will be open for a drink and a snack. The crew will be giving lectures on various subjects, from traditional sailors skills and knowledge to science and astronomy. During your time off watch, you can still assist the permanent crew and the voyage crew 'on watch' with sail handling and maintenance jobs. The galley team sometimes asks for a hand peeling potatoes or apples on deck so they can make yet another of their famous pies. In the deckhouse, there will be people playing games, reading books, listening to music, writing diaries and emails. Your off watch time is for you to fill in, you may do as little or as much as you would like. These hours are also for you to catch up on your sleep.

When you are setting sails, reading or working away on deck, in the galley they are always busy preparing meals to keep everyone well fed. Multiple course meals will be served three times a day with coffee and tea times in between, whatever the weather. In the evenings the crew prepares team challenges and pub quizzes to enjoy together with your watch mates. 

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