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Fredrikstad - Amsterdam

  • 9

  • nautical miles
  • cost € 900,- p.p.
    4/6 person cabin
  • cost € 1170,- p.p.
    2 person cabin

From the beautiful Norwegian city Fredrikstad we sail back to Amsterdam in just over a week. We will travel through the Skagerak towards the North Sea. This part of Europe is a busy sailing area with a lot of freight shipments. But there will also be plenty of pleasure yachts thanks to the many small ports along the Norwegian coast. From Fredrikstad we will also see a number of other Tall Ships sailing. Before we arrive in Amsterdam we will first go through the locks at IJmuiden, after which we sail the North Sea Canal to get close to the Central Station of Amsterdam.


Explore the surroundings of Fredrikstad

Fredrikstad is surrounded by beautiful nature, especially to the south towards the Swedish border. There are many beautiful anchor spots and small places where the night can be spent. There is also the possibility to make an extra stopover on the way. There are several options for a visit. The Sont could be followed to the south, after which we arrive in Copenhagen. Hereafter, a logical option would be to go towards Kiel, and from there to the North Sea via the Kiel canal. Another option would be to go directly to the North Sea and visit the city of Esjberg, or a visit to the island of Helgoland. In short, many options for an adventure! 

Of course we hope for good weather during the trip, so that you can relax on deck in the sun. This would also mean that beautiful starry skies can be seen during the night watches, when you are on deck to steer the ship across the North Sea. In short, this trip is a great opportunity to fully separate yourself from everyday life and to enjoy life on board a Tall Ship.

Fredrikstad, NO

Fredrikstad is a Norwegian town situated at the beginning of the same fjord as Norway's capital Oslo. The city was founded in the second part of the 16th century and the location was picked for its access to sea and open land surrounding it. The city was build a fortress, but fortification, but during the 18th century a new city centre was formed in a suburb on the other side of the river Glomma.

In the 1840’s the city was known for the export of timber and modern technology was introduced to the city with the build of several steam powered saws along the river. With the decline of the timber industry as a result of modernization, Frederikstad developed into an important maritime industrial centre. The Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen was born in a small town which is now part of the city of Frederikstad.

Amsterdam, NL

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and for centuries the most important harbor city. During the Golgen Age, ships would come to the city loaded with exotic goods and spices, bringing wealth into the city. In the old city centre you can still see the old merchant warehouses, were the cargo would be delivered by smaller barges. Although the city was home of a large part of the Dutch merchant fleet, the ships had difficulty reaching the city. To solve this problem, the construction of the North Sea Canal started in 1863. It took 9 years to compleet the 17 kilometers of channel and the locks in IJmuiden.

Although the locks have changed a lot through the years, the one's we will pass through are still on the location of the original locks.

Voyage information

Op July 15th you will be welcomed on board by our captain and crew, who will bring you to your cabin to start you getting to know Bark EUROPA. We will sail in 9 days to Amsterdam where the voyage will end on the 23rd of July.

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