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Ocean crossing from Lunenburg to Salvador

  • 38
  • 4500
    nautical miles
  • cost €2.975,- p.p.
    4/6 person cabin
  • cost €3.800,- p.p.
    2 person cabin

Have you always dreamt of crossing an ocean on board a square-rigged ship? Or have you perhaps sailed smaller boats for a long time and are eager to try something new? Maybe you have never sailed before but are looking for a new experience, far away from the routine of everyday life? There are many reasons why people choose to cross an ocean under sail. On board EUROPA, crew and trainees of different ages and nationalities, from different walks of life, come together, making each crossing unique.


This year, the EUROPA is spending the northern hemisphere summer in Canada, and will start her yearly voyage from north to south in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The first part of the journey back towards the white continent will take us across the equator to Salvador, Brazil, after which we will continue south to Montevideo, Uruguay. This voyage is the perfect opportunity to learn all the ins and outs about square rig sailing and how life at sea is really like. At the end of the voyage you and your fellow trainees will able to sail the ship with minimal help from the crew! The long periods at sea give you time to get away from all the fuzz in the “real world”. It gives you the opportunity to clear your head and live! 

The voyage will commence in Lunenburg, the biggest harbour town in Nova Scotia, Canada. The historic city centre with its bright coloured houses is included in the World Heritage Site what makes is a very interesting place for tourists. From here the EUROPA will set sail towards Salvador where the she will arrive around the 11th of October, also a city included in the World Heritage Site because of its rich history. 


EUROPA has been wandering the seas since the year 2000 and has a reputation for a ship that really sails. During this ocean crossing, you will experience that this reputation is more than true! The voyage’s main focus is on how to really sail a tall ship. You will enter another world hanging 100ft in the air when you climb the rig, high above the life on board. The most beautiful views will present themselves to you and they make it even harder for you to leave this little utopia. 

Perhaps you are wondering what an ocean-crossing voyage on a tall ship like the EUROPA actually entails? First of all, spending a few weeks at sea will give you the chance to really get to know the ship and the secrets of sailing a square-rigger. With enough time on our hands, the sail training on these voyages will go beyond the basics, giving you a deeper understanding of sail theory, navigation, and other aspects of life at sea. At the end of the voyage, you and your fellow trainees will be able to set, strike, and trim the sails without instructions from the permanent crew. 

A long ocean-crossing also involves being far outside mobile range and without internet connection for the larger part of the voyage. For many, this break from social media and constant connection comes to represent a well-needed breath of fresh air. Living and working closely together with your watch-mates will instead give you the opportunity to rediscover the human connection.

Spending weeks out on the open ocean will also give you the chance to witness stunning sunrises and sunsets, magical starry skies, and of course, the ocean in all its shapes and moods. Slowly travelling through the tropics from north to south, we will also be able to observe the changing night skies, climate and wildlife which the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. This unique experience will not only put you in closer touch with nature, but also allow for self-reflection and perspective.

Standing behind the wheel at sun rise; it is the best moment of the day! oh and i am blessed with many more days at sea to come!



A highlight on the voyage will be the crossing of the equator, where hopefully King Neptune will come on board to grant us passage to the Southern Oceans. Legend has it that at the moment you cross the equator, Neptune boards the ship to test everyone’s seaworthiness. Luckily, you have plenty of time to practice your sailing skills and become ready for your encounter with the God of the Sea!


On board the EUROPA you will find a collection of nationalities, and connects you to people with different cultures. Now you have friends all over the world who share the same experience with you and with whom you can exchange memories and new travel plans. All the sails and rigging have a Dutch name, but our crew will calm and patiently explain all the different lines to you and soon enough you read the once unclear collection of ropes as a child’s book. 

Continuing towards Montevideo or leaving the ship in Salvador

Salvador will be our first stop and gives you the opportunity to leave the ship if you can't stay longer or if you do have some extra time to stay on board and sail with us more South. The second leg of this voyage will take you from the historic city of Salvador to Montevideo, Uruguay. The first day(s) of this slightly shorter voyage (17 days) you will still enjoy the warmer North East trade winds, but further along the way ever changing weather systems will dominate the area. The Falkland-Current is responsible for this drop in temperature and rougher sea. The sailing will get more challenging and adventurous for what we need some serious hands on sailors!  

In Salvador, we will put the last hands on preparing the EUROPA for the Southern Seas. During this 3 day stay it is possible for you to use the B&B facilities. This option is only for the people joining us all the way towards Montevideo. It is also possible to sail with us to Montevideo when you already made the Lunenburg to Salvador voyage. This combined voyage also has a combined price. 

If you do leave in Salvador it is important to keep some extra days between the scheduled disemarbation date and your flight back home. Because of the adventurous and unpredictable nature of the ocean in this time of the year, this voyage is a bit more challenging than others regarding to planning. We have used our experience of the last years to make a good calculation of the days needed to undertake the crossing, but still we would recommended to book your flights 2 to 3 days after disembarkation, to make sure the captain can get most out of the voyage with sailing instead of using the engines. This will make sure you don’t miss your flight.

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