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Special youngsters fare: South Africa to the Azores

A spectacular adventure after your exams or during your gap year

  • 54
  • 3440
    nautical miles
  • cost €2980 p.p.
    Age 15-25
  • cost N/A p.p.
    Age 25+

An ocean crossing on board Bark EUROPA away from it all. A more idyllic place to spend your gap year is almost impossible! While sailing from South Africa to the Azores we will visit two of the most remote islands in the world, St. Helena and Ascension, right on time to watch the new born little sea turtles crawling back to the ocean.

The travel destination of your gap year?

Together with our young and international EUROPA crew you will sail from Cape Town to the Azores in 54 days. Just after embarkation, you will be warmly welcomed into our EUROPA-family and you will be mustered as trainee which means that you will join the watch system on board. Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails and assist with manoeuvres, navigation or maintenance. No sailing experience is needed, the permanent crew will learn you everything you need. It’s all about working together, learning, experiencing while you go, but also about having fun, giving your self-esteem a boost and just enjoying the trip!

On a long sailing voyage such as this we make sure you will also learn a lot about marine life and the history of the seas and oceans around us. We find it important to create more awareness of climate change and to tell you everything about marine biology and oceanography. We will follow the path of the Portuguese, Dutch and English seafarers from the 15th until the 19th century and we will tell you stories about the expeditions and hardships they encountered at sea during those times.

Next to the lectures there is ample time to relax! Take a dive from the bowsprit into the water or help our crew fishing to get fresh fish for dinner. There will be barbeques, people will make music and enjoy a drink at the bar. Together with the other voyage crew from all over the world and of all ages you can conversations that will change your view on life, you will experience the real life at sea and you will be away from the inhabited world for almost two months.

Can you imagine yourself standing at the helm of our 106-year-old three master? Are you ready to make this spectacular journey and will you be the one that can proudly say to be a real ‘shellback’ after you have crossed the equator? We have a special youngsters fare for you of EUR 2980 (up to 25 years). Board and lodging are included, the only thing you need to buy is a flight ticket to the ship and to step on board!

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