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Cape to Cape, 52 day expedition

Antarctica, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, Cape Town

  • 52
  • 5000
    nautical miles
  • cost Fully p.p.
    4/6 person cabin
  • cost Booked p.p.
    2 person cabin

This is the ultimate Cape to Cape voyage! After departure from Ushuaia, Argentina we make our way through the Beagle Channel to the Drake Passage for the sail to the Antarctic peninsula and all across the Atlantic Ocean towards Cape Town, South Africa

South Georgia & Tristan da Cunha

After leaving the Beagle Channel it is time to cross the Drake, visit the Antarctic Peninsula and depending on ice- and weather conditions the Weddellsea. The sails are hoisted for a serious sail to the beautiful island of South Georgia. We will spend about a week here and have a daily routine of moving the ship from one fjord to the other and make landings, enjoying the wildlife and hikes. We’ll find the remains of a former whaling station at Grytviken and see the grave of Shackleton, one of the most heroic pole travellers. It is an old tradition to drink a glass of whisky near his grave.

Heading back to sea course is set for Tristan da Cunha: the most remote island of the world. Here, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a small community lives on top of an active volcano. Let’s hope that the swell isn’t big enough to prevent a safe landing. On Tristan you can play golf on the most remote course of the planet or go fishing for lobster with the local fisherman. The final leg of this long voyage is a beautiful sail of about 10 days to Cape Town. Mid April the Table Mountain will appear on the horizon and the ship will be berthed along the quay in the V&A Waterfront. 

Sailing the bark Europa

This expedition is a real sailing trip that involves the crossing of the Drake Passage and the Atlantic Ocean, under sail whenever possible. During the many sailing days, you will be joining a watch system, keep Europa sailing 24/7 and take part in steering, lookout and sail handling. You will also enjoy the lecture program put together by our guides and crew for the whole trip. Some subjects covered during these talks are about the rigging, the lines, the different sails, navigation concepts and rope work. During the natural history talks we will learn to see the difference between various species of birds, including the mighty albatrosses, like the Black-browed, Wandering and Light Mantled Sooty Albatross. In this way, during the voyage, you will be developing sail handling skills and expanding your knowledge on wildlife, history, glaciology, meteorology and other topics related with our trip. The Southern Atlantic Ocean is infamous for its roughness, hence the names: “Roaring Forties”, “Furious Fifties” and “Screaming Sixties” corresponding with the degrees of latitude. Sailing from island to island may take around 10 days and you will be able to experience all the aspects of seaman’s life.

Guides on board

During the Antarctica expeditions there will be one or more a guides on board the Bark EUROPA. He/she knows the area we will be visiting well. The guide gives lectures on board the ship about the flora and fauna we will encounter, prepares you for the landings on shore and will guide you on the shore walks.

Photographs + Drones – You will have the possibility to see animals close by – while keeping your distance. To reach the best photo/video result we recommend you to bring a zoom lens next to your regular lens(es). Please keep in mind drones are prohibited entirely on South Georgia and Antarctica.

For a more detailed voyage decription you can read the brochure.

Antarctica schedule 2018/2019

We expect to announce the new schedule near the end of the summer. The newsletter keeps you updated on the exact dates on when the voyages are open for bookings.

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