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Your booking

If you want to make a firm booking, please complete the form below. On our booking form we ask for your passport details, date of birth and other personal details. We need these details to produce all necessary crew lists for immigration purposes. Additionally we need a fully completed health statement with details about medicine dosages and medicine names. This information will be used to get a first insight in your overall fitness and determine any possible risks of sailing in a remote area. Obviously these details will be treated confidentially. 

Completing the form will take about 10 till 15 minutes of your time. If you don't have all necessary information at hand and need some more time you can download a PDF version of our form. This will give you the opportunity to save the document on your desktop and send it via e-mail to our office. 

After receipt of your booking form we will process your booking as soon as possible. Your booking is confirmed after receiving our confirmation of your booking and a corresponding invoice. Our payment conditions and banking details are mentioned on the invoice. Good to know: we cannot accept cheques and credit cards. 

Are you 65 years old or over at the time of sailing? We kindly ask you to fill in the additional health statement that needs to be signed by your physician/general practioner. While booking a voyage, you can email the document to: This statement will be discussed by our ships doctors to make a final decision, based on safety, fitness and health, together with our captains and shipping office.

Sailors over the age of 70 that want to sail an ocean crossing or an Antarctica voyage with us, we ask to book a shorter coastal voyage first. Our captains and ships doctor will on this coastal voyage decide if the sailor can sail an ocean crossing or Antarctica voyage in remote areas. After all, a voyage is fully enjoyed when you feel strong, fit and comfortable on board! 

Trainee details for Customs and Immigration authorities
Address information
Books the following sail voyage on board the Bark Europa:
Please tick off your choice
Next of Kin (Emergency contact)
Dietary options
Please select vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Please note that due to the careful planning and stores purchased by our chefs, this choice applies to the entire voyage and it is not possible to change this diet choice during the voyage.
Food allergies
Please select if you have any allergies. Please list your allergies and give a brief explanation about your allergy.
Additional remarks


The shipping company Rederij Bark EUROPA makes every effort to ensure the safety of every person on board. Our trainees are expected as well to assume responsibility for their own safety. Insufficient mental or physical health may create undue risks, not only to yourself, but it is essential to realize that illness or accidents may also threaten the safety of other trainees and crew and may seriously disrupt the sailing program of the vessel.

Medical care
When undertaking a long ocean voyage where you are several days of sailing away from the inhabited world, it is important to realize that extensive medical care is not available. Transport to the mainland is often impossible. On board there are crew members with a medical training. If you are in doubt about your fitness for a sea voyage on a sailing and rolling ship you are requested to seek your doctor's advice first.
If you are in doubt about your fitness for a sea voyage on a sailing and rolling ship you are requested to seek your doctor's advice first.

To prevent misunderstandings please answer the questions below. Please keep in mind that a questions answered with 'yes' does not automatically mean you will be refused on board the ship. Please inform the office of the Bark EUROPA about any condition and keep in mind to bring your own necessary medication with you.

Because of the certain measurements of the safety hatches on board the ship we ask the following