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Friends of EUROPA Charity event 5th August

In 2018 the Friends of EUROPA made it possible for five young sailors to join EUROPA from either Cape Town, the Azores or Stavanger. A charity event is organized on board EUROPA on the evening of 5th August in Harlingen to give as many new sailors as possible the chance to join.

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Ahoy Pollywogs

By: Douwe en Maurits

Ahoy pollywogs. Zo werden wij in ieder geval  genoemd voordat we de evenaar overgingen.  Nu zijn we inmiddels echte shellbacks en ingewijd in...

Our first night trawl

By: Jess Fox

“On the morning of 11th June we decided to do our first night trawl and  deploy SaManta at 04:00! She plunged into and sifted through the...

World Ocean Day

By: Jeremy Sterling

A new update from our science team on world ocean day!  Since St. Helena we’ve transitioned into the South Equatorial Current and noticed a...