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As below map will show you our ship is currently on its way to Ushuaia. We are dealing with some technical issues due to a lightning strike. This caused technical defects in part of our navigational and communication systems. While the ship is for the rest in good condition, we do not want to take any risks by sailing into a very remote area.

The crew and voyage crew are healthy and safe and in good hands of our captain on board and a complete team of captains and office ashore who are in constant connection to help them where possible. The ship is in good condition and despite the setback of failing of part of our communication and navigational channels, our crew is more than experienced in sailing our sturdy lady EUROPA to Ushuaia.

The new equipment has been ordered and will be send down to Ushuaia. ETA of the ship to Ushuaia is December 6 which gives us after arrival 3 weeks to have the ship back in shape for the rest of our Antarctica season. 

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