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We are thrilled to share that our beloved lady EUROPA is back where she belongs - in the water!

This achievement results from an incredible collaborative endeavor, and we cannot express our gratitude enough to everyone involved, from our dedicated crew to the expert salvage teams, and all of you who have stood by our side throughout this journey.

With EUROPA safely back in the water, we will continue the remaining tasks and organize shakedown sails to make sure all is inspected.

And very soon we will start our crossing over the Atlantic Ocean to South America, you can still join us on this 45-day ocean crossing starting on the 29th of September for a special sailing fare to celebrate EUROPA’s return to the ocean! Or sign up for the following adventures in Antarctica or for our new route through the Pacific in 2024!

Will you discover the Chilean Channels, Easter Island, French Polynesia, Fiji, and other remote destinations in the South Pacific with us? Bookings will open on September 25th at 12:00 CEST. Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures through our social media channels & website. We can't wait to welcome you back on board EUROPA!

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