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Cape Town - Harlingen 2022

It’s time to go home! After an exciting year, full of uncertainties, tough decisions and brave moves, EUROPA will be finishing her Antarctica season in the Spring of 2022 in Cape Town. From there, EUROPA will set sail on a voyage up the Atlantic Ocean, finishing in Harlingen, the Netherlands. On our way, we hope to visit the remote Atlantic islands of St. Helena, Ascension and the Azores, before we meet up with the fleet of tall ships in Harlingen. Join us on one or more legs from Cape Town to Harlingen and help us bring EUROPA home!

The voyage was an experience few have or will ever have a chance to embrace. Doing such a long voyage brings so much more time to absorb the spirit of open ocean tall ship sailing as close as one can get historically.


TSR Harlingen - Antwerp 2022

In the middle of summer, with long days full of daylight, the Bark EUROPA sails from Harlingen across the Wadden Sea and the North Sea to Antwerp during the Tall Ships Regatta. Do you want to experience a fresh breeze, the salty sea air and night watchesunder the starry sky? We would love to welcome you on board! This summer trip on the North Sea is a pleasant trip with a lot of activity in the ports. Both Harlingen and Antwerp are Tall Ships Race ports and are full of beautiful square rigged ships and sturdy long rigged schooners. It promises to be an eventful Summer!

My journey on the Bark Europa, short as it may have been, was an amazing one. The trip was a nice combination of relaxation and exercise. I also learned a lot about the ship and sailing it. I owe this experience to the crew members that were always enthusiastic and eager to explain everything.


Scheveningen - Puerto Madryn 2022

Early September we shall set sail from Scheveningen to the Iberian Peninsula, Tenerife and across the Atlantic Ocean to Puerto Madryn. The waters of Puerto Madryn will be a new destination on this crossing, offering us a fantastic opportunity to spot marine wildlife on our trip, such as Southern Right Whales and Commerson's Dolphins. Will you join us on this ocean crossing South? 

Antarctica Expeditions 2022-2023

The voyages for Antarctica 2022/2023 will be open for bookings from the 11th of April at 12:00 noon CEST. Bookings submitted before this date will not be processed.

Good to know: 

  • All bookings will be handled in order of receipt. 
  • Bookings will be processed p​rior to optional reservations. 
  • Sailors of the age of 65 or over, please have a look at our additional requirements here.
  • The Antarctica expeditions will not be available for voyage crew of the age of 73 or over.

This trip hits you very hard in an emotional way. You may think that you understand what you are going through and seeing while you are on the trip -but that is not the case. In the weeks and months after the being on the Bark Europa you begin to fully realize that this kind of experience was unique to the point that it will probably not be duplicated ever again in your global travels. It is an over the top experience.


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