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Antarctica Expeditions 2023/2024

This season we will have four Antarctica trips, including a 50-day Scotia Arc expedition and three 22-day Antarctica voyages. This season there will be no Cape to Cape expedition. The next Cape to Cape expedition will be early 2025. Nevertheless, we hope the 50-day Scotia Arc expedition, with a visit to the Falklands/Las Malvinas, South Georgia and Antarctica, will offer a great alternative this season with fantastic wildlife, hiking and sailing opportunities.

  • For the Antarctica season 2023/2024 our Covid-19 policy still stands. This means everyone needs to be fully vaccinated to be allowed on board, including booster.
  • Because of very limited medical care in the remote regions that we sail in, it is unfortunately not possible to sail with us on remote ocean voyages or Antarctica expeditions if you have diabetes.
  • Our meal options are 'vegetarian' and 'non-vegetarian'. All other dietary requests will have to be discussed with our cooks first before we can confirm your booking.
  • We kindly ask our sailors aged 65 or over to send in an additional health statement, signed by their general practitioner. The statement can be found here. Our Antarctica voyages are not available to sailors of 73 years or older.
  • On our sailing trips we ask a lot of our voyage crew: watchkeeping, climbing the rigging, hoisting the sails, helping with maintenance. We will encounter various weather conditions and being active on deck is a large part of the experience. Because of this we always aim to ensure that every trip has a nice range in ages and nationalities. It is precisely this division that provides interesting conversations on board, between the youngest and older guests among us. We therefore keep in mind the number of people in a certain age group on our voyages. This could mean that if the limit has been reached, we might have to add someone on the waiting list. At this moment we only have availability left for 60+ sailors on ANT 2 and ANT 4.

Scotia Arc voyage
On our longer sailing voyage to the Falklands Islands / Las Malvinas and South Georgia, please don't forget that sailing is a huge part of the experience. The Southern Ocean is infamous for its roughness and the amount of sailing days on the Scotia Arc voyage (+28 sailing days) should not be overlooked. It is a fantastic experience, where you'll learn more about all the aspects of seaman's life and get the chance to visit remote locations and experience its beautiful wildlife.

This trip hits you very hard in an emotional way. You may think that you understand what you are going through and seeing while you are on the trip -but that is not the case. In the weeks and months after the being on the Bark Europa you begin to fully realize that this kind of experience was unique to the point that it will probably not be duplicated ever again in your global travels. It is an over the top experience.


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