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Optional booking

If you are interested in a specific voyage and you cannot decide immediately or if you have to make any necessary arrangements we can block a bunk for you for two weeks. That way you will have some time to decide without the risk of losing your berth. Please let us know in which voyage you are interested and how many bunks (male or female) you would like to block and if you prefer a 2-person cabin (can only be booked by couples or duo’s) or a bunk in a 4/6-person cabin. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your optional reservation.

Are you 65 years old or over at the time of booking? We kindly ask you to fill in the additional health statement that needs to be signed by your physician/general practioner. While booking a voyage, you can email the document to: This statement will be discussed by our ships doctors to make a final decision, based on safety, fitness and health, together with our captains and shipping office.

Sailors over the age of 70 that want to sail an ocean crossing or an Antarctica voyage with us, we ask to book a shorter coastal voyage first. Our captains and ships doctor will on this coastal voyage decide if the sailor can sail an ocean crossing or Antarctica voyage in remote areas. After all, a voyage is fully enjoyed when you feel strong, fit and comfortable on board! 

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