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How to book

Do you want to join us on the sailing adventure of a lifetime? You can make a booking via our website. Fill out the booking form and reserve your place on board! If you need some more time to decide you can make an optional reservation and we will block a spot for you for two weeks without any obligations.

Optional reservation

If you are interested in one of our voyages but can’t decide immediately or need some more time to make necessary arrangements, you can make an optional reservation. We block a bunk for you for two weeks so you can take the time to decide without the risk of losing your place on board. Let us know in which voyage you’re interested, how many bunks (male or female) you would like to book and if you prefer a 2 or 4/6-persons cabin.

We will contact you with a confirmation of your optional reservation as soon as possible!

Make an optional reservation

Make a firm booking

Decided which voyage you want to book? You can make a firm booking by filling out the booking form on our website.

On the booking form we ask you for your personal details, such as a passport number, date, and place of birth and more. We need these details to make the crew list for immigration purposes. We also need a completed health statement with details about medicine dosages and names of the medicine to get a first insight in your overall fitness and health. As we sail to very remote areas it is important for us to determine any possible risks and for that reason, we might need to discuss it with our ships doctor. Of course, all your details will be treated confidentially.

When we have received your booking form, we will process this as soon as possible. We will send you a booking confirmation and corresponding invoice from the Ships office to confirm your place on board. Our payment conditions and bank details to make the transfer are mentioned on the invoice. Unfortunately, we don’t accept credit cards.

Ready to join us on the adventure of a lifetime? Book now to reserve your spot on board!

Or do you need a little bit more time to gather all necessary details? You can also download the booking form and send it to the shipping office by email.

Health statement

When making a voyage on Bark EUROPA, you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Therefore, it is important to feel strong, fit and comfortable on board, which makes medical health and fitness crucial when sailing. Having strength in your legs and arms is necessary to navigate the ship. When we are sailing and several days away from civilization, extensive medical care cannot be provided on board. This is also the reason that we unfortunately can’t welcome individuals with diabetes on board on one of our Antarctica expeditions or ocean voyages. However, in consultation with our doctor’s team, it might be possible to participate in one of our shorter coastal voyages.

Are you 65 years old or over at the time of sailing? We kindly request that you fill in the additional health statement twhich needs to be signed by your physician/general practitioner. You can email the completed document to at the time of booking. Our ships' doctors will review the statement in consultation with our captains and shipping office to make a final decision based on safety, fitness, and health. Please note that we may ask for additional information.

Age restrictions for voyages

Bark EUROPA is a ship that embarks on challenging voyages in tough conditions. Therefore, it is important to be fit enough for a remote and heavy voyage. This and the worldwide situation of covid had led us to reevaluate our policies for some of our sailing voyages. As it is very difficult for us to determine whether someone is able to travel with us across the sea solely based on a booking form and a health statement, it has resulted in challenging situations on board for our crew and passengers in the past, but also for the person him/herself. Despite our best efforts to make tailored decisions for everyone, we have learned through experience that health and fitness levels can vary greatly as people get older.

After careful consideration with our medical team and captains, we have decided to restrict our remote, long, and physically demanding voyages to voyage crew under the age of 73. This includes all Antarctica expeditions and ocean crossings. We understand that this may be strict and health situation can differ a lot between one person and another, but it is based on the number of medical issues that occurred, fatigue and the slower recovery time for injuries at a certain age.

For sailors between the age of 73 and 75 we have coastal voyages available to join us! Sailors of the age of 75 and over that have recently sailed with us before, are welcome to send in their booking form. Unfortunately, sailors over 75 who have never sailed on board EUROPA, we can't welcome on board. 

We understand that this decision may be disappointing for some, but we hope it brings clarity and the opportunity to enjoy equally beautiful coastal voyages aboard Bark EUROPA, where the Europa family and ambiance make our voyages truly special.


On board we live very close to each other and viruses can spread easily. To bear in mind the safety of you and your fellow sailors, we highly recommend to be fully vaccinated against COVID before starting your voyage. 

The COVID epidemic has taught the world a valuable lesson: minimizing close contact, wearing masks indoors (if needed), and practicing regular hand hygiene, effectively reduces the spread of infectious particles through the air. We highly recommend that our guests prioritize these personal care measures in the event of respiratory viruses occurring on board.

Please be advised that it is your own responsibility to check and meet the travel (and covid) requirements in the countries you will visit before, during and after the voyage.

We advise all sailors to arrive at least 2-3 days in the port of embarkation, to get on board well rested and have enough time in case of any delays during your flights. We advise everyone to get cancellation insurance that covers all COVID-19 related cases, such as not being able to travel to the city of embarkation due to travel restrictions or illness (COVID-19).

Confirmation and invoice

After we have received your booking form, verified your health statement, and confirmed availability, your booking will be carefully processed by our office team. It could be that our team will contact you for additional information upon request from our ship’s doctors, to ensure that our ship's medical staff are fully informed of any relevant health conditions or medications. As a result, the confirmation and invoice may take a few days to be sent to you. All necessary details for payment are mentioned on the invoice, including the total cost of the voyage, payment deadlines, and accepted payment methods

Once we have received the voyage fee, the preparations can begin! We’ll add you to the community page, where all guests of your trip can introduce themselves and find out more information about the trip, such as how to prepare, what to bring and what to leave behind. Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Cancellation policy

To secure your spot on our sailing adventure, we require a first down payment within 14 days after you’ve received the receipt of your invoice. By making a firm booking, you agree to our terms and conditions, which include our cancellation policy. Please take the time to review our terms and conditions carefully before making a booking.

If you need to cancel your booking, please let us know as soon as possible. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect against unexpected circumstances that may result in the need to cancel your booking.

If you have any questions or concerns about our cancellation policy or our terms and conditions, please don't hesitate to contact us.