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The Antarctic Peninsula : Sun, Sun and Sun.

By: Ghostwriter

Sometimes Antarctica is not what you imagined. Snow and ice and wind  and rain and cold are all understood well in advance. Three days of calm  weather and bright sunshine in a row come as a surprise for most of...

Dream Drake

By: Sarah Gerats

The weather during our change over days in Ushuaia was wet an windy.  Not a bit moist, like now, but wet. On the 9th of January - the day our  new voyage crew came on board, the deck was still covered by a tent...

January 2020

The Drake

By: Anonymous

We are heading North and this time we are crossing a Drake. We did on the way South off course, but he was in such a mood that we hardly could say we crossed the Drake. Did we hope for something similar? Were...

The silent day

By: Anonymous

The good weather continues – it is still warm and calm and sunny. Sonice is the weather the voyage crew had to be warned: when you come home and you start reading about all the expeditions that took placehere –...

The 14th of January

By: Ghostwriter

The last bit of the Drake and the discovery of Terra Australis   Incognita, the unknown southern continent. The last day on the Drake was just as nice as the others – next to the  term ´Dream...