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Stunsails and Silence

By: Jelte Hibma

The final part of the Saint Lawrence around the headland of ‘Péninsule De La Gaspésie’, stars reflecting on the brackish water-mirror of the river. South of Ile D’anticosti the laurentian...

Farewell to the Niagara

By: Jelte Hibma

The Niagara sails back home to the lakes passing port of Quebec, to salute at 'Point à Carcy'. The Europa just saluted with the clear tone of her famous horn... Continuing her journey outward bound exploring the...

"Looking the cat out of the tree."

By: Monique

Arrived in Saguenay the Europa moors alongside her sistership the  Oosterschelde. Having a coffee I'm looking at the ship from the sailors  lounge. On the key there is a long row for the open ship this...

July 2017

It is like running a big house!

By: Raphael Houde Belle-Isle

The first impression I had when I got on board of the Bark Europa was  that of entering a movie scene. With its four decks all connected  together and wide open, its massive sails and its infinity of ropes,...

Midnight steering

By: Kathie Brosemer

Last night on the midnight watch, I steered Europa by the position of  Arcturus in the mizzen shrouds. I’ve been on board for two weeks now, and have seen dark skies, bright  gibbous moonlit skies, fog...


By: Kieran Norton (15) and Jack Mault (15)

Dangling off a wooden pole 100 feet in the air may seem dangerous to  some, but the Europa generates true beauty out of this experience.  Although we have only been on the Europa for about a week we feel...


By: Joop van der Wal

Every few hours the temperature of the seawater is measured on Bark Europa. From the measurements we conclude that now we have arrived in the Gulfstream. The warmth of the tropics, for a not clarified reason, is transported to...

June 2017

Getting ready for the race

By: Eric Kesteloo

After motoring into the wind out of Boston harbour with a respectable number of people waving and cheering, and us honking the horn in response, we could finally properly sail at the split into the...


By: Joop van der Wal

Low pressure areas like to chase each other. They come one after another right across our track from Bermuda to Boston. Captain lets the first and the second one pass. After the second one there is enough wind to proceed with...